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After Bison Ruins Proposal Plans, Man Improvises

Asked his partner at the hospital instead, where she said yes

(Newser) - An Arizona woman who suffered fractured vertebrae and collapsed lungs after being gored by a bison in Yellowstone National Park has said "yes" to her boyfriend's hospital proposal, the AP reports. Chris Whitehill said he planned to propose to Amber Harris during their vacation in the park this...

Yellowstone Bison Gores Woman
2nd Woman
Gored by Bison

2nd Woman Gored by Bison

This woman was visiting Theodore Roosevelt National Park when she was charged

(Newser) - A second woman was gored by a bison inside of a week in one of America's national parks, reports the New York Times . In the incident on Saturday, a Minnesota woman was visiting Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota when she was attacked by a bison on the...

Man Punished After Bison Calf He Tried to Help Was Killed

Hawaii man pleaded guilty in Yellowstone incident

(Newser) - The man who tried to help a bison calf in Yellowstone, causing its herd to reject it and resulting in it ultimately being euthanized, pleaded guilty to a federal charge involving disturbing wildlife. The man, who was visiting the national park from Hawaii, was ordered to pay $1,000 to...

Advocates Object to Mass Bison Hunt

Prompted by disease outbreak, culling of Yellowstone herd has killed 1.5K animals

(Newser) - A large-scale, sanctioned hunt of bison at Yellowstone National Park, prompted by an outbreak of disease among the herd, has culled a record number while meeting with more opposition than past efforts. More than 1,530 bison out of a herd of about 6,000 have been killed over four...

13 Yellowstone Bison Killed in Road Accident

Authorities say a semi struck the animals on a highway just outside the park

(Newser) - Thirteen bison from Yellowstone National Park were killed after being struck by a semi-truck, reports NBC Montana . The animals were apparently on or near a highway just outside the park—probably because of deep snow inside the park—when the truck hit them after dark on Wednesday, per the AP...

Hiker Shares TikTok Video of Bison Goring Her

Rebecca Clark was trying to sneak past a group of them in Texas when one spotted her

(Newser) - A hiker from Texas is lucky to be alive after being gored by a bison, and the clip of her attack is now going viral on TikTok. The Houston Chronicle reports on Rebecca Clark's ordeal last week during a solo trek in Caprock Canyons State Park and Trailway, where...

On Day 2 of Monthlong US Road Trip, UK Teen Attacked by Bison

Amelia 'Mia' Dean was left partially paralyzed

(Newser) - On the second day of what was supposed to be a monthlong US road trip during her gap year, UK teen Amelia Dean was attacked and left partially paralyzed by a bison in a South Dakota nature reserve. Dean, 19, was walking with a friend and the friend's dog...

Bison Attacks Family in Yellowstone Incident Caught on Video
Woman, 71, Gored
by Bison in Yellowstone

Woman, 71, Gored by Bison in Yellowstone

It's the second such attack this week in the park

(Newser) - Update: Another visitor to Yellowstone National Park has been gored by a bison. Park officials said a 71-year-old woman and her daughter inadvertently approached the bison Wednesday on their way back to their vehicle at a Yellowstone Lake trailhead. The woman, who is from West Chester, Pennsylvania, was taken to...

She Got Within 10 Feet of Yellowstone Bison, With Horrifying End

Ohio woman gored and tossed Monday has died of her injuries

(Newser) - A woman got far too close to a Yellowstone bison this week. "Consequently, the bison gored the woman and tossed her 10 feet into the air," park officials say in a release . The unnamed 25-year-old woman from Grove City, Ohio, died of her injuries, said to include a...

Hiker in Yellowstone Has a Bison 'Encounter'

30-year-old woman flown to Idaho hospital after being injured by bison

(Newser) - A 30-year-old Michigan woman on a weekend hike in Yellowstone National Park ended up in the hospital after an unexpected "encounter." Park spokeswoman Linda Veress says in an email to Jackson Hole News that the Ann Arbor resident was hiking on Sunday afternoon with a partner along the...

45K Apply to Shoot Grand Canyon Bison. There Are 12 Spots

'Just keeping my fingers crossed that I'm one out of 12'

(Newser) - More than 45,000 people are vying for one of a dozen spots to help thin a herd of bison at Grand Canyon National Park. The odds aren't as good as drawing a state tag to hunt the massive animals beyond the boundaries of the Grand Canyon, but they'...

Denver Addresses 'Wrongs of the Past' With a Gift of Bison

Parks department is giving surplus bison to indigenous tribes over 10 years

(Newser) - The city of Denver was in the game of selling bison. But in a new move, it's opting to gift bison to indigenous tribes across the country as a form of reparations. Denver Parks and Recreation keeps two bison herds descended from a small number of Yellowstone bison, and...

Angry 'Beefalo' Still on Run Weeks After Escape

Cross between bison and cow escaped slaughter in Connecticut

(Newser) - An 800- to 900-pound beefalo remains on the loose in Plymouth, Conn., weeks after it escaped while being loaded off a truck for slaughter, per the AP . The beefalo—a cross between a bison and domestic cattle—escaped from a meat-processing business on Aug. 3, the Hartford Courant reported. Authorities...

Bison Ripped Woman's Pants Off. That Likely Saved Her

Biker attacked in South Dakota after approaching calf

(Newser) - A female motorcyclist was attacked by a bison Wednesday night in South Dakota's Custer State Park—and was likely saved because the animal ripped off her pants. Witnesses say the 54-year-old Iowa woman got off her bike and started approaching a bison calf when the adult bison charged her....

As Bison Charged, Woman Tripped
As Bison Charged,
Woman Tripped

As Bison Charged, Woman Tripped

Montana woman escapes 'without a scratch' after playing dead

(Newser) - A woman narrowly escaped a charging bison at Yellowstone National Park, apparently by playing dead. A video viewed more than 1.7 million times since it was shared on YouTube on Friday shows a man and woman running from a pair of charging bison. One bison appears to slow, but...

After 6K Years, a Big Beast Is Returning to the UK

Wild bison will be reintroduced to forestland

(Newser) - The last time a wild bison roamed what it is now the United Kingdom, the world was a much a different place—and 6,000 years younger. But an ambitious new program aims to reintroduce the animal to a forest near Canterbury in Kent, reports the Guardian . One male and...

'Multiple Goring Wounds' After Woman Gets Too Close to Bison

California woman got within 10 feet of bison at Yellowstone

(Newser) - If she wanted to get up close and personal, then success: A 72-year-old California woman was trying to snap a photo of a bison at Yellowstone National Park on Thursday when she was gored. The unidentified woman "sustained multiple goring wounds" before being flown to an Idaho hospital, the...

2 Days After Reopening, a Bison Attack at Yellowstone

Woman 'knocked to the ground' when she got too close

(Newser) - Yellowstone National Park had been shut down for almost two months as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, so naturally people were excited to flock back there when it partially reopened Monday. The animals there—maybe not so much. Officials report that on Wednesday, a female visitor to the park...

Reporter Provides Some Comic Relief
Reporter Provides
Some Comic Relief

Reporter Provides Some Comic Relief

Thanks to a herd of bison in Yellowstone

(Newser) - A reporter for NBC Montana has given the internet its favorite new meme, with some help from a herd of bison at Yellowstone National Park. Deion Broxton was at the park shooting a story about the coronavirus shutdown when he spotted the bison getting a little too close for his...

Yellowstone's Bison Slaughter Effort Begins

Officials want to reduce the population by as many as 900 animals

(Newser) - Yellowstone National Park has started capturing bison migrating outside the park and will hold them in pens for possible slaughter as part of a population reduction program, officials said Monday. The annual operation began Sunday and by mid-day Monday six bison had been captured as they entered the Gardiner Basin...

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