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Subway Ponders $10B Sale: Report
Subway Eyes $10B Deal: Report

Subway Eyes $10B Deal: Report

It would be 'one of the most expensive deals for a restaurant chain in history'

(Newser) - Subway, a fast-food company that has remained in the hands of its two founding families for more than 50 years, is exploring a possible sale. The restaurant chain with more US locations than any other has retained advisers to explore selling the company for as much as $10 billion, the...

Traveler's Half-Eaten Subway Sandwich Costs Her $1.8K
Costly Mistake:
Not Declaring Her
Subway Sandwich
in case you missed it

Traveler's Costly Mistake: Not Declaring Her Subway Sandwich

Australia is strict when it comes to entering the country with meat and vegetables

(Newser) - A woman forgot to declare one half of a Subway sandwich after flying home to Australia and now has to pay a nearly $2,000 fine. Jessica Lee took to TikTok to describe what she calls "the most expensive sandwich ever," which is somewhat accurate considering Guinness World...

Judge: Plaintiff Can Try to Prove Claim About Subway's Tuna

Chain slams 'meritless' suit

(Newser) - A lawsuit alleging that there's something fishy—or not fishy enough—about the tuna subs at Subway can proceed, a federal judge in San Francisco has decided. US District Judge Jon Tigar ruled that the chain can be sued over claims that its tuna sandwiches are not "100%...

Cops: Subway Worker Killed Over Mayo Complaint

Woman in Atlanta was fatally shot and a co-worker wounded

(Newser) - A fatal shooting at a Subway restaurant in Atlanta comes with a hard-to-fathom quote from the shop's co-owner: "It breaks my heart to know that someone has the audacity to point a weapon and shoot someone for as little as too much mayonnaise on a sandwich," Willie...

Physicist Who Co-Founded Subway Dies
Nuclear Physicist Who
Co-Founded Subway Has Died

Nuclear Physicist Who Co-Founded Subway Has Died

Billionaire Peter Buck has died at age 90

(Newser) - Peter Buck, whose $1,000 investment in a family friend's Connecticut sandwich shop in 1965 provided the genesis for what is now the world's largest restaurant chain—Subway—has died. He was 90. Buck, a nuclear physicist who was born in Portland, Maine, in 1930, died at a...

Subway: Stick a Fork in This Lawsuit, It's Done
Subway Tuna Lawsuit
Has Taken a New Turn

Subway Tuna Lawsuit Has Taken a New Turn

3rd version of complaint claims sandwich chain's tuna contains cattle, pork, chicken DNA

(Newser) - Update: The first version of a lawsuit against Subway claimed its tuna wasn't really tuna. The second, which was dismissed, said the tuna wasn't the right kind of tuna. Now, in a new amendment to that proposed class-action complaint, the plaintiffs say testing has found animal proteins in...

What's Going On With Subway's Tuna Sandwiches?

One lab said it couldn't find tuna DNA

(Newser) - We already know that Subway’s bread isn’t bread—it’s cake. Now DNA testing can’t confirm the tuna is tuna. What’s going on? Is it time to freak out? Well, actually, probably not. It’s true that two people in California started a class-action lawsuit accusing...

Subway's Tuna Isn't Tuna, Alleges Lawsuit

2 California residents file claim against the chain, which denies the allegation

(Newser) - At least one court doesn't think Subway's bread is actually bread . Now, a new lawsuit alleges that Subway's tuna isn't actually tuna. As Law and Crime reports, two California residents are bringing a class-action suit that asserts the chain's tuna sandwiches "are made from...

Election Day Have You Stressed, Hungry? Check Out the Freebies

Doughnuts, chicken, and massages are gratis

(Newser) - Once you've voted, head to the gym for a free workout and massage, then reward yourself with a free doughnut. Still waiting around for election results early Wednesday? You can snag a free coffee, too. It's all possible with perks offered by various businesses this Election Day, which...

Court: Subway Bread Doesn't Qualify as Bread

Sugar content is way too high, Irish court says

(Newser) - Subway bread doesn't qualify for a value-added tax exemption because it doesn't meet the legal definition of "bread," or indeed "food" under the relevant law, Ireland's Supreme Court has decided. The court ruled that all six varieties of bread used in the company's...

Judge Orders Subway to Pay Big Bucks in Chicken Lawsuit

But it's unclear whether the chain did anything wrong

(Newser) - A CBC report on Subway's chicken sandwiches is going to cost the chain fairly big bucks—regardless of the report's accuracy, the CBC reports. A judge has ordered Subway to reimburse the CBC $500,000 in legal costs after the chain tried to sue over the eye-grabbing 2017...

One Step Back, Two Steps Forward for Beyond Meat

Tim Hortons ends partnership, while KFC and Denny's expand theirs

(Newser) - Canada's largest coffee chain is giving up Beyond Meat products after just seven months. Tim Hortons served up an imitation sausage breakfast sandwich, and later added the Beyond Burger to the menu at many of its nearly 4,000 locations last year. But most had dropped the faux meat...

Cops: She Got Hired by Subway, Wanted to Party. Her BF Didn't

Kathy Jones accused of trying to set beau on fire because he wouldn't celebrate with her

(Newser) - Getting a new job is certainly worthy of celebration, but one Arizona woman's alleged response to a lukewarm reaction from her live-in boyfriend appears to have crossed the line. Court documents cited by KHOU and KPHO note that 46-year-old Kathy Jones was charged with aggravated assault and criminal damage...

Subway to Franchisees: Sell $5 Footlong Only If You Want To

Complaints over slim margins on cheap sandwich has led to pullback on program

(Newser) - Customers love Subway's $5 Footlong deal; franchisees, not so much. That's why the chain's CEO has decided to let individual owners decide whether they want to offer the sandwich at that price to their customers, per USA Today . Trevor Haynes tells the paper that, after hearing complaints...

A Subway Near You May Be Closing Soon
A Subway Near You
May Be Closing Soon

A Subway Near You May Be Closing Soon

Fast-food chain says it's closing 500 US stores, but opening 1K internationally

(Newser) - Sandwich lovers may soon have to drive a few more miles more for their footlongs. Bloomberg reports that Subway Restaurants will be shuttering 500 or so of its US stores, leaving about 25,400 open. (No specifics yet on which locations are closing.) This latest round of closures follows...

Cop Said Subway Drugged His Lemonade. Now a Lawsuit

Owners say false claims from police have ruined their business

(Newser) - The owners of a Subway in Utah are suing for more than $250,000 after police claimed—falsely, it turns out—that a restaurant employee had drugged an officer's lemonade , the Washington Post reports. The arrest of an 18-year-old in Layton made international headlines last August after police accused...

Subway Is Traveling in Wrong Direction in US

The restaurant closed 359 locations in 2016

(Newser) - Last year, for the first time ever, Subway closed more US restaurants than it opened, shuttering 359 locations in 2016, Bloomberg reports. While that still left Subway with 26,744 locations in the US—more than any other restaurant in the country—it also came along with a 1.7%...

Woman Tracks Down Stranger Who Saved Son
Woman Tracks Down
Stranger Who Saved Son
in case you missed it

Woman Tracks Down Stranger Who Saved Son

He stopped boy from choking in Chicago Subway

(Newser) - It took days of trying, but Chicago mom Mary Graham was able to track down the stranger who saved her son's life in a Subway and took off before she could thank him. Indiana man Patrick Kissane was a customer in the restaurant Tuesday night when Graham's 2-year-old...

Subway Sues Broadcaster for $210M Over Chicken Story

CBC stands by accusation that chain's product is half soy

(Newser) - Subway and the CBC are continuing their game of chicken, and neither side looks to be swerving. The latest in the fast-food drama: The restaurant chain says it will file a lawsuit against the broadcaster for a story that claims Subway's chicken isn't 100% chicken , but halfway made...

Subway: We Tested Our Chicken, and No, It's Not Soy

Chain refutes 'false' CBC report, says its own tests show only 'trace' amount of soy

(Newser) - Subway says lab tests it commissioned show its chicken contains only trace amounts of soy. This after a CBC show reported that tests showed only about half the DNA from Subway chicken samples was from chicken. The rest was mostly from soy. After calling the report "false and misleading,...

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