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Healthier Menu Items Boost Sales at Restaurants

Lighter offerings turn into big sellers

(Newser) - Turns out that offering patrons lower-calorie options isn't just a good move for waistlines, it's a "business imperative" for restaurants, says the lead author of a new study. The report from the Hudson Institute finds that sales were up 5.5% between 2006 and 2011 at restaurants...

Portions Too Big? Change Your Plate Color
Portions Too Big?
Change Your Plate Color

Portions Too Big? Change Your Plate Color

Dish colors that match food lead to larger meals

(Newser) - Trying to cut back on calories? Pay attention to the color of your plate. A new study reveals that people who use a dish that matches the color of the food they're eating will pile on more grub than if the plate is a different color, reports Scientific American...

Dear America, Eat Less. Sincerely, Feds

New federal guidelines urge limits on salt, saturated fat

(Newser) - Not only are the feds picking on how many Twinkies vs. how many carrots you eat, but the New York Times reports that now they're picking on how much you eat, period. The newest federal nutrition guidelines, revised every five years, predictably admonish Americans to eat more fruits and vegetables...

Regular Portions Really 'Super-Sized'

Think twice before ordering that 12-oz steak

(Newser) - Diet experts have been saying it for years, and now an official study confirms: That “single serving” meal you’re served at a restaurant is actually a double portion—or more. “Eating half of what the restaurant serves is often just about right,” says the nutrition director...

To Lose Weight, Just Eat in the Dark?

What we see affects how full we feel

(Newser) - Out of sight, out of mind? And stomach? A new study suggests that our sense of feeling full has more to do with our eyes than our belly. A Swiss psychologist decided to test the sensory experience of eating by having 64 participants dine in a pitch-black restaurant; they were...

Last Supper Portions Super-Sized Over Centuries

Research finds portion growth isn't new phenomenon

(Newser) - Painters have been piling increasingly generous portions on the plates of Christ and the apostles over the centuries, according to new research. The size of the main dish grew 70% and the size of the plates grew 66% between the years 1000 and 2000, researchers who analyzed dozens of depictions...

How Thin People Make Other People Fat

New study shows we mimic habits of those whose bodies we aspire to

(Newser) - Existing research suggests those trying to control their food intake should avoid dining with hefty companions with heaping plates. Not quite, says a new study. While the "I'll have what she's having" effect was confirmed in this experiment with college-age women, it was much more pronounced if the person...

Americans Have Less in Their Shopping Carts

Downsizing on the rise, whether consumers notice it or not

(Newser) - Food prices are rising, but thanks to some chicanery on product labels, many Americans may not realize it. Instead of raising prices, manufacturers are slimming cereal boxes, juice cartons, and bars of soap, and they’re doing it very quietly. If asked, they’ll say it offsets rising fuel and...

Bigger Portions Weigh Down Healthy Choices

That sub may have less fat than a Big Mac—but not with that cookie

(Newser) - Choosing Subway over McDonalds doesn't help if you eat more when you're there. A new study shows that people underestimate calories when eating relatively healthier food, leading them to eat more and get just as fat. "We have to move away from thinking of food in 'good food/bad food'...

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