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Polish Court: Go Ahead, Call Prez a 'Duck'

Twin pols railed against newspaper's rip on their name

(Newser) - Poland’s president and his twin brother, the head of the opposition party, called it slander when the press labeled them “ducks”—but a Polish court is letting it fly, Der Spiegel reports. The Kaczynski brothers' surname comes from the word for “duck,” and at first,...

Poles Oust Brothers, Vote in Center-Right

Voters seek new EU relations, troop withdrawal from Iraq

(Newser) - Poles ousted the conservative Kaczynski twins today and voted in a center-right party that vows better relations with the EU. The highest turnout in nearly 20 years backed Civic Platform by 44% over Law and Justice's 30%, setting up opposition leader Donald Tusk to guide parliament against President Lech Kaczynski....

Poles Vote; Twins' Ouster Likely
Poles Vote; Twins' Ouster Likely

Poles Vote; Twins' Ouster Likely

(Newser) - Poles headed to the polls today in larger numbers than usual, potentially ending the reign of the conservative Kaczynski twins, the Guardian reports. Exit polls weren't available, but opposition leader Donald Tusk had been expected to replace Jaroslaw Kaczynski as PM and lead a hostile parliament against President Lech Kaczynski....

Feeling Lucky? 'Google Bomb' Polish Prez

Computer-savvy critic faces 3-year jail term for insulting head of state

(Newser) - A Polish man who insulted the president by manipulating Google's search results may get a lot of time to think about what he's done—3 years behind bars. A hacker identified only as "Marek W." made president Lech Kaczynski's homepage the top match for a vulgar term for...

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