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Chafee Makes Odd Campaign Promise No One Else Has

Former RI governor says it'll be 'easy' to switch US over to the metric system

(Newser) - There are three countries in the world—the US, Burma, and Liberia—that still aren't on the metric system , but if Lincoln Chafee is elected president, he'll make sure America gets with the program. During his announcement yesterday that he'll run as a Democratic candidate for president,...

Europe Ends 40-Year Fight Against Pints, Miles

'Metric Martyrs' applaud EU decision to back off

(Newser) - Europe unlocked horns with the UK today, abandoning its fight to ban Brits who still sell by the pound, the Times reports. Calling the campaign a “pointless battle,” an EU official conceded that British use of imperial measurements did not interfere with trade; in fact old-fashioned inches and...

2 Stories