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After Deaths, Macron Tells UK to 'Get Serious' on Migrants

France disinvites British official from meeting over unwelcome proposals

(Newser) - France and Britain are butting heads over how to address the migrant crisis in the Channel following the deaths of 17 men; seven women, one of whom was pregnant; and three children on Wednesday, per the BBC . French President Emmanuel Macron told Britain to "get serious" after Prime Minister...

UK Set to Acknowledge These Creatures Have Feelings

Crab, octopus, and other cephalopods, decapods, vertebrates to be classified as sentient beings

(Newser) - A bill designating octopus, lobster, crab, and other animals as sentient beings capable of experiencing feelings and sensations including pain and distress, now moving through the UK parliament , could transform how such animals are treated in the country. The bill, which would see the creation of an Animal Sentience Committee...

Cabbie in UK Bombing Being Praised as Hero

Liverpool mayor says David Perry, who survived, locked vehicle's doors on bomber

(Newser) - The UK has raised its terror level threat after Sunday's explosion in Liverpool as authorities work to suss out what happened. Authorities say one person—the bomber—was killed when an explosive device detonated in a taxi cab outside the city's Women's Hospital, reports the Guardian . One...

Taxi Blast Kills 1 at Liverpool Hospital
Taxi Explodes
at Liverpool Hospital

Taxi Explodes at Liverpool Hospital

Counterterrorism police lead investigation

(Newser) - Update: Three men were arrested under the Terrorism Act in connection with the incident that investigators initially thought might have been an accident. The men, 21, 26, and 29, were not identified by police.

Assange Fiancee Claims 'Sinister' UK Plot Against Their Wedding
Julian Assange
Can Now Get

Julian Assange Can Now Get Married

Stella Moris had said the couple was being blocked from wedding

(Newser) - Update: Julian Assange has been given permission to marry his fiancee in prison. The WikiLeaks founder and Stella Moris must pay all the costs themselves, with no taxpayer money involved, the BBC reports. Moris reportedly said she's "relieved that reason prevailed" and that she hopes "there will...

Christopher Walken Ruins an Original Banksy

On purpose: Actor painted over a rat in scene from BBC's 'The Outlaws'

(Newser) - In the series finale of BBC comedy-drama The Outlaws , a character played by Christopher Walken paints over an image of a rat below the name Banksy. And here is where fiction meets reality: Not only was the mural an original Banksy artwork, but Walken really did destroy it on the...

Venomous Sharks Prove London's River Is No Longer 'Dead'

Report finds River Thames is bustling with wildlife, despite pollution concerns

(Newser) - The Thames River was declared "biologically dead" in the late 1950s. But after decades of cleanup and conservation efforts and investments in sewage treatment, that's no longer the case. Indeed, the 215-mile waterway running through London is now home to hundreds of wildlife species, including seahorses, eels, seals,...

Terminally Ill Man's Bucket-List Action Ends in Arrest

Darrell Meekcom says officers treated him harshly after he mooned a speed camera

(Newser) - A terminally ill UK man who mooned a speed camera van so as to cross an item off his bucket list says he was forced to the ground during his arrest later that day. Darrell Meekcom was already suffering from heart disease, kidney failure, and Parkinson's Disease when he...

First Country Approves Pill to Treat COVID
UK OKs the First COVID Pill

UK OKs the First COVID Pill

UK aims to deploy molnupiravir 'as soon as possible'

(Newser) - Britain granted conditional authorization on Thursday to the only pill shown to successfully treat COVID-19 so far. It is the first country to OK the treatment from drugmaker Merck, although it wasn't immediately clear how quickly the pill would be available, the AP reports. The pill was licensed for...

This Rare STD Can Make Genitals 'Rot Away'

UK doctors warn of nasty donovanosis, which remains rare in developing countries

(Newser) - Doctors in the UK are warning about a rising number of cases of a sexually transmitted disease that can cause genitals to "rot away." Donovanosis, caused by the bacterium Klebsiella granulomatis and spread through unprotected sex or other skin-to-skin contact, doesn't eat the skin but is often...

Facebook Whistleblower to UK Lawmakers: 'It's Making Hate Worse'

Frances Haugen speaks to committee preparing social media crackdown

(Newser) - Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen told British lawmakers Monday that the social media giant stokes online hate and extremism, fails to protect children from harmful content, and lacks any incentive to fix the problems—testimony that provides strong momentum for efforts by European governments working on stricter regulation of tech giants....

British MP Fatally Stabbed at Church
Charges in Murder of UK
Lawmaker Cite Terrorism

Charges in Murder of UK Lawmaker Cite Terrorism

Ali Harbi Ali accused of fatally stabbing David Amess

(Newser) - Update: A 25-year-old native of Somalia has been charged in last week's slaying of a UK lawmaker, reports the BBC . Ali Harbi Ali was arrested soon after the attack on MP David Amess while the lawmaker was meeting with constituents. "We will submit to the court that this...

UK Is Monitoring 'Delta Plus' Mutation

Country just had its biggest one-day jump in COVID cases in 3 months

(Newser) - Some 10 months after British authorities said they were keeping an eye on a COVID variant that became known as alpha, experts say they are now monitoring a mutation in the delta variant. The AY.4.2 mutation—also known as "delta plus," was first detected in India...

Man Used Fat Suit in Sneak Attack on Ex-Girlfriend
Man Attacked Ex With Acid So
Corrosive It Dissolved Paint

Man Attacked Ex With Acid So Corrosive It Dissolved Paint

Milad Rouf receives 15-year sentence in England

(Newser) - After his girlfriend broke up with him, a British medical student for weeks plotted his revenge. That included making a list of supplies, from a "fat suit," and "black morph suit" to a "wig" and "perfume," per the BBC . Finally, six weeks after the...

During Pandemic, This Nation's Economy Takes Top Billing

Switzerland is No. 1 on WIPO's Global Innovation Index for 132 economies around the world

(Newser) - To get through something like a pandemic, countries have had to innovate—especially when it comes to keeping their economies humming. And there are "reasons to be optimistic" on that front, according to one of the editors of the World Intellectual Property Organization's annual Global Innovation Index , which...

Prosecutor: Sarah Everard's Killer Performed Fake Arrest
Life Will Mean Life for
Sarah Everard Killer

Life Will Mean Life for Sarah Everard Killer

Wayne Couzens given whole-life tariff

(Newser) - Update: Former Metropolitan Police officer Wayne Couzens has been given the longest sentence possible under British law for the murder of Sarah Everard. After a two-day hearing that involved harrowing details of Everard's final hours and devastating victim impact statements from her family, the 48-year-old was sentenced to a...

Gas Situation in the UK Is a Little Crazy Right Now

Shortage of truck drivers so severe that troops may have to fill in

(Newser) - Lines of cars formed at British gas stations for a fourth day on Monday, as the government mulled sending in the army to help ease the supply disruptions triggered by a shortage of truck drivers. As unions called for emergency workers to be given priority for fuel supplies, Petrol Retailers...

Boris Johnson Finally Spills on How Many Kids He Has

British PM verifies he has 6 children, putting to bed years of rumors

(Newser) - There's probably a Johnson joke in here somewhere, but we'll just give it to you straight: Boris Johnson has six kids. We can finally say that with authority, because the British prime minister has cleared up the details of what the Guardian calls his "notoriously complex family...

Judge: Prince Philip's Will to Be Kept Under Wraps for 90 Years

Even then, it may not see the light of day

(Newser) - If you've been dying to know who's going to get Prince Philip's hunting apparel, 13,000 books , and autographed pictures of himself, you'll be waiting till around the year 2111. Andrew McFarlane, a judge at London's High Court, has ruled that the will of the...

Biden Announces Huge Deal With 'That Fella Down Under'

President appeared to forget Australian PM's name during AUKUS announcement

(Newser) - President Biden announced a new Indo-Pacific security alliance with Britain and Australia on Wednesday, and in doing so, appeared to forget Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison's name. "Thank you, Boris," he said to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson as the latter dialed in from London for the...

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