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LAPD Detective Videotaped in Men's Room, Prosecutors Say

Officer charged with 75 misdemeanor counts

(Newser) - A Los Angeles police detective has been charged with secretly videotaping dozens of men inside a restroom at Angel Stadium of Anaheim. The Anaheim city attorney's office says 42-year-old Ryan Caplette was charged Friday with 75 misdemeanor counts, the AP reports. Prosecutors allege that Caplette was the man seen...

New on Mexican TV: Videotaped Confessions

Critics say made-for-TV interviews often coerced

(Newser) - Watched any Mexican TV lately? You may have seen the common ritual of law enforcement officers parading a "perp" before the news media—but now you can also watch his full videotaped confession. Or what authorities claim is his confession. "This is for the authorities, who want to...

DA Drops Case Vs. Woman Who Taped Cops

Emily Good plans lawsuit

(Newser) - Emily Good, the woman who made national headlines after police arrested her while videotaping a traffic stop, scored a victory in court today when the prosecutor dropped the sole misdemeanor charge against her. Good's actions simply didn't meet the definition of police intimidation required under the law, her...

Emily Good Arrested for Videotaping Rochester Cops From Her Yard
 Cops Bust Woman 
 for Recording Them 
 From Her Yard 

Cops Bust Woman for Recording Them From Her Yard

Even though that action is legal in New York state

(Newser) - A 28-year-old woman was arrested in upstate New York for the vile crime of videotaping cops from her own front yard. Emily Good started recording officers as they questioned a man and searched his car around 10pm on May 12—an action that, the Huffington Post notes, is perfectly legal....

Court: Naked Have Right Not to Be Taped

Man argued that nude lover had no right to privacy from hidden camera

(Newser) - Shucking off your clothes in front of somebody doesn't strip you of your privacy rights, a Wisconsin court ruled yesterday. The court ruled against a man who claimed that because his then-girlfriend was often nude in front of him, it was legal for him to secretly videotape her with a...

Belichick Needs to Be Suspended
 Belichick Needs
 to Be Suspended 

Belichick Needs to Be Suspended

ESPN columnist thinks Spygate will linger as long as coach goes unscathed

(Newser) - columnist Gregg Easterbrook is tired of Spygate, the Patriots videotaping scandal, but not so weary of it to forgive and forget. He argues that the NFL will have to deal with the imbroglio until New England coach Bill Belichick is properly punished. The $500,000 fine and forfeiture...

Patriots' Taper Disputes Belichick
Patriots' Taper Disputes Belichick

Patriots' Taper Disputes Belichick

He says the team knowingly broke rules to big advantage

(Newser) - A former cameraman for the New England Patriots who helped tape other teams’ signals gave the New York Times details on his experience—and they don’t match the claims of coach Bill Belichick. Matt Walsh insists the team knowingly broke the rules and gained a big advantage over opponents....

Ex-Patriots Staffer Turns Over Gridiron Spygate Videos

But Rams' Super Bowl practice tape isn't there

(Newser) - A former New England Patriots assistant has given the NFL eight videotapes showing that the Pats broke the rules by recording rival teams' play-calling signals—but the rumored tape of the St. Louis Rams isn't among them, the New York Times reports. There had been reports that the worker had...

NFL Will Push for 'Integrity'
 NFL Will
 Push for

NFL Will Push for 'Integrity'

Spygate has commissioner worried about cheating in football

(Newser) - Still red-faced from the Patriots' "Spygate" videotaping scandal last season, the NFL is searching for ways to rebuild fan trust and protect the "integrity of the game," reports the Washington Post. Commissioner Roger Goodell has outlined a plan aimed at stemming cheating that is expected to get...

New Spy Video Charge Hits Pats
New Spy Video Charge Hits Pats

New Spy Video Charge Hits Pats

New England stands accused of taping the Rams before Super Bowl XXXVI

(Newser) - Just when you thought the media had largely lost interest in Cameragate, Bill Belichick's New England juggernaut has been hit with a new allegation concerning spy videotaping. An unnamed source told the Boston Herald that a Patriots staffer hung around to capture the Rams on tape the night before 2002's...

Pats-Jets Forecast: Frosty in Every Way

Tension between Belichick and Mangini goes much farther back than Cameragate

(Newser) - When the videotaper and the whistleblower meet again tonight, a Boston snowstorm won't be the most bitter element in the air at Foxborough. Patriots head coach Bill Belichick and Jets helmsman Eric Mangini clashed most infamously over signal stealing during their last matchup in September, but the bad blood runs...

Videotaping Patriots Accused of Stealing Signals

NFL confiscates camera used on sidelines during game against Jets

(Newser) - In a move recalling previous incidents, the New England Patriots are facing allegations that they stole signals from the competition by illegal videotaping the Jets en route to Sunday's 38-14 rout, ESPN reports. "It's not their first time," said a source. NFL officials confiscated a camera after it...

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