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After a Terrible 1995 Theft, the Samaritans' Search Began
Inside the Samaritans'
Quest for What Is Theirs

Inside the Samaritans' Quest for What Is Theirs

2 Torahs were taken from a synagogue, launching an international hunt for them

(Newser) - The Good Samaritan still exists or, at least, his people do. The religious sect adheres to the word of God as written by Moses—they still slaughter sheep on Passover, for instance—and was once 1 million people strong. The current count has them down to 810 members, who straddle...

Oldest Torah Scroll Found
 Oldest Torah Scroll Found 

Oldest Torah Scroll Found

Researcher in Bologna, Italy, finds it in university library

(Newser) - An Italian researcher has found what is believed to be the oldest scroll from Judaism's most important text, and he didn't have far to look. The professor at the University of Bologna found the 850-year-old Torah scroll in the school library, where it had been mistakenly labeled a...

Osama Tape 'Sophomoric' and Bizarre

'I expect more from a terrorist mastermind,' says National Review

(Newser) - Osama’s latest tape is “a great disappointment,” as sophomoric as it is bizarre, says James Robbins in the National Review. The terrorist’s invitation for Americans to convert to Islam – which would force “warmongering corporations” to spend energy converting people back – is as odd...

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