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Someone Will Be Paid to Watch a Hallmark Movie a Day

BloomsyBox says it wants to pick the best

(Newser) - For the discerning Hallmark Christmas movie viewer—someone who finds Christmas Getaway, say, less predictable than Northpole but more predictable than A Royal Christmas—there's an opening. The online flower subscription service BloomsyBox wants to pay someone $2,000 to watch a dozen examples of the genre in 12...

Hallmark Channel Is Giving Us What We Need Right Now

A Christmas movie marathon

(Newser) - Some feel-good pandemic news from the company that pretty much invented feel-good: The Hallmark Channel is running a Christmas movie marathon this weekend, as the country hunkers down to self-isolate amid the coronavirus outbreak. It starts Friday at noon Eastern, and ends 27 movies later, at 6pm Sunday. The marathon...

Hallmark Channel CEO Steps Down After a 'Black Eye'

Bill Abbott's move comes one month after Hallmark pulled then restored same-sex ads

(Newser) - For nearly a dozen years, Bill Abbott has served as president and CEO of Hallmark Channel, which expanded its programming and enjoyed increased ratings and ad revenue during his tenure. So an announcement Wednesday from the channel's parent company that Abbott is resigning was somewhat surprising, per the Los ...

Hallmark Reinstates Ads With Same-Sex Couples

Company is 'truly sorry' for 'wrong decision'

(Newser) - The Hallmark Channel, reversing what it called a "wrong decision," said Sunday it will reinstate commercials featuring same-sex couples that it had pulled following a complaint from a conservative group . The earlier decision by Crown Media, the Hallmark Channel's parent company, to pull several ads for the...

You Won't See Gay Ads on Hallmark Anymore

The network bows to pressure from conservative group

(Newser) - Under pressure from a conservative advocacy group, The Hallmark Channel has pulled ads for a wedding-planning website that featured same-sex couples, including two brides kissing, the AP reports. The family-friendly network, which is in the midst of its heavily watched holiday programming, removed the ads because the controversy was a...

Lori Loughlin Will No Longer Be a Hallmark 'Queen'

Channel cuts ties with actress in wake of college admissions scandal

(Newser) - The Hallmark Channel cut ties Thursday with favored star Lori Loughlin, a day after her arrest in a college admissions scam put the family-friendly network and extended Hallmark brand in uncomfortable proximity to a national scandal. "We are saddened by the recent allegations surrounding the college admissions process,"...

Putting a Price on Our Love for Our Pets: $5.28

Survey finds that's what pet owners plan to spend this Valentine's Day

(Newser) - Showering our pets with affection no longer cuts it. A new National Retail Federation survey finds that a "record" 21.2% of Americans plan to buy their pet a Valentine's Day gift. The individual estimated spend isn't huge at an average of $5.28. But all told,...

Hallmark Yanks 'Swastika' Gift Wrap

Not ideal for wrapping Hanukkah presents

(Newser) - Hallmark has halted sales of wrapping paper with a swastika-like design and apologized to customers who may have been offended. California woman Cheryl Shapiro was looking at rolls of paper in a Walgreen's Hanukkah display last week when she noticed how lines in the trim formed the symbol. "...

Hallmark: Sorry We Edited 'Gay' Xmas Lyrics

Tree ornament says 'Don we now our fun apparel'

(Newser) - Hallmark is apologizing after some altered Christmas carol lyrics landed the company in hot water. A sweater-shaped tree ornament bears the words, "Don we now our fun apparel"—rather than the traditional "gay apparel" celebrated in "Deck the Halls." The item prompted CNN anchor Carol...

Hallmark Launches Unemployment Sympathy Cards

Cartoon creatures tell jobless to cheer up

(Newser) - If unemployment figures don’t depress you enough, try this news: Hallmark now has a line of sympathy cards specifically directed at those who’ve lost their jobs, Mediaite reports. One features a dog suggesting that the recipient not “think of it as losing your job.” Instead, “...

The Dark Past of Valentine's Day

Roman festival involved voluntary beatings for fertility

(Newser) - Valentine's Day may seem awash in saccharine, wine, and roses, but its origins are darker than its modern-day Hallmark reality—they lie partially in the pagan Roman celebration of Lupercalia, a fertility festival wherein bachelors sacrificed a goat and dog, ripped the skin off, and whipped women with them. Women...

Xmas Cards Reflect Country's Somber Mood

Glitzy cards picturing holiday excess are out; simple and traditional is in

(Newser) - Greeting card companies have noticed a big shift in what Americans want from their season’s greetings this year, the Wall Street Journal reports. As economic worries mount, glitzy holiday cards have fallen out of favor fast. Designers have made this year's cards more traditional, deepening reds and greens and...

Hallmark Introduces Gay-Marriage Cards

(Newser) - Hallmark has developed a line of four greeting cards themed for same-sex marriages, civil unions, and commitment ceremonies. The designs, in stores this summer, include two overlapping tuxedos, a cascade of rainbow-hued hearts, and a message, "Two hearts. One promise," reports Gaywire.com. "It's our goal to...

Paris Sues Hallmark Over Card
Paris Sues Hallmark Over Card

Paris Sues Hallmark Over Card

Heiress objects to use of her trademarked 'that's hot' catchphrase

(Newser) - Perhaps losing her cool, Paris Hilton is suing Hallmark for swiping her registered 'that's hot' catchphrase and plopping it, along with her face and name, on a greeting card. The heiress is demanding at least $100,000 in damages for the heist without her consent, CNNMoney reports, but Hallmark says...

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