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Southwest Pilot's Warning Was an Odd One

It wasn't about turbulence or an overbooked flight, but a passenger sending nude pics

(Newser) - What happens in Texas apparently doesn't stay in Texas, because what took place on one Southwest Airlines flight getting ready to fly to Mexico is now making headlines all over the globe. That's thanks to a now-viral TikTok video taken by Teighlor Marsalis, who tells CNN she recorded...

Best US Airlines in 2022
The Best
US Airlines,

The Best US Airlines, Ranked

The Points Guy crowns Delta as king

(Newser) - The Points Guy website is out with its annual ranking of US airlines, and Delta comes out on top by a rather comfortable margin. The top-10 ranking takes into account all the factors you'd expect—on-time flights, cancellations, general reliability, cost, scheduling, frequent-flier perks, and more. Here are the...

Extra-Hard Landing Leads to Unusual Flight Attendant Injury

Crew member on Southwest flight suffered broken back during rough touchdown in California

(Newser) - A Southwest Airlines flight attendant suffered a compression fracture to a vertebra in her upper back during a hard landing last month in California, according to federal safety investigators. The National Transportation Safety Board said the impact of landing was so hard that the flight attendant thought the plane had...

Southwest Pilots Protest in Dallas Over Fatigue, Stress

It's the latest sign that all is not well in the airline industry

(Newser) - More than 1,300 uniformed Southwest Airlines pilots gathered at Dallas Love Field airport on Tuesday to protest working conditions. Per Business Insider, the pilots belong to the Southwest Airlines Pilot Association, a union representing nearly 10,000 aviators. They held signs that read, "Southwest’s operation: From first...

Sentencing in Flight Attendant Assault a 'Very Strong Message'

Vyvianna Quinonez gets 15 months in prison for punching Southwest crew member in face

(Newser) - A California woman who punched a Southwest Airlines flight attendant in the face during a flight, breaking her teeth, has been sentenced to 15 months in federal prison. Vyvianna Quinonez was also ordered Tuesday by the federal judge in San Diego to pay nearly $26,000 in restitution and a...

Airline Fills Fare Gap With New Category

Wanna Get Away Plus level is marketed toward business travelers

(Newser) - Southwest Airlines will add a fourth fare category as part of changes designed to attract more business travelers and boost revenue. The new fare level will be priced higher than Southwest's cheapest tickets but below the airline's top two fare categories. Southwest executives think this will fill the...

Flight Attendants' Union Peeved by Southwest Move

It doesn't want to see the resumption of alcohol sales on flights

(Newser) - Southwest Airlines will resume alcohol sales on most of its flights this month following a nearly two-year hiatus. COO Mike Van de Ven said last week that the resumption would likely come late in the first quarter or early in the next quarter, per CNBC . The date is now confirmed...

This Airline Is the Best of All Major US Carriers

'WSJ' puts Delta at the top of its annual list, JetBlue at the bottom

(Newser) - Between industrywide woes , unruly passengers , and sharing a name with a coronavirus variant, one could say the pandemic has not been kind to Delta Air Lines. Now, a bit of good news has come Delta's way, as it takes the top spot in the Wall Street Journal's annual...

Airlines Have a Dire Warning on 5G Rollout

They say it could lead to 'catastrophic' flight disruptions

(Newser) - Verizon and AT&T are set to deploy new 5G service Wednesday—and in a letter to federal officials Monday, major airlines warned there could be "catastrophic" consequences. As Axios notes, the dispute between the airlines and the wireless companies has been going on a while, with the aviation...

Woman Pleads Guilty to Attacking Flight Attendant

Vyvianna Quinonez expected to get 4-month sentence plus 3-year flight ban

(Newser) - Update: California woman Vyvianna Quinonez has admitted attacking a Southwest flight attendant earlier this year and is likely to face prison time—plus a long ban from flying. The Sacramento resident pleaded guilty in federal court Wednesday to interfering with a flight attendant, NBC San Diego reports. According to a...

Airline CEOs Say Masks Don't Do Much for Passengers

American, Southwest do some clarifying after backlash on testimony

(Newser) - While flight crews battle unruly passengers, most of whom refuse to put on a mask for their trip, the bosses of a couple of major airlines told Congress that the masks don't do much good anyway. "I think the case is very strong that masks don't add...

Southwest Agent Hospitalized, Passenger Taken to Jail

Accused attacker was already being kicked off the flight

(Newser) - In the latest update from the unfriendly skies, a Southwest Airlines operations agent was hospitalized after a passenger who was already in the process of being kicked off the plane hit her with a closed fist to the head. The agent, part of the airline staff that oversees boarding and...

Mixed-Race Family Accused of Human Trafficking on Southwest Flight

Mom says Southwest Airlines employee made racist assumption

(Newser) - After the sudden death of Mary MacCarthy's brother, the California woman and her 10-year-old daughter booked a last-minute flight to Denver to be with family. Upon arrival, two police officers met them on the jetway to question them, CNN reports. MacCarthy, in an email to Southwest obtained by the...

Pilot Cited for Assault After Mask Dispute

This one erupted between Southwest crew members at San Jose hotel bar

(Newser) - A Southwest Airlines flight crew was enjoying an evening at a hotel bar in California last month when a mask dispute erupted between a flight attendant and a pilot, who's now accused of assault. An airline rep told USA Today there was a "crew disagreement during an overnight...

Passengers Say They Heard Pilot Say 'Let's Go Brandon'

Southwest says it's investigating

(Newser) - A Southwest Airlines pilot seems to have said “Let’s Go Brandon,” a phrase that has taken hold with right-wing supporters of Donald Trump, and a lot of people are not happy. A TikTok video featuring audio purported to be from that flight is making the rounds. A...

Southwest to Workers: Get Vaxxed by Dec. 8
Southwest Won't Put
Unvaxxed Workers on Leave

Southwest Won't Put Unvaxxed Workers on Leave

Airline scraps its plan for December

(Newser) - Update: Southwest Airlines has dropped plans to put unvaccinated workers on unpaid leave in December, reports CNBC . The airline originally told employees they must get their shots—unless they have a medical or religious exemption—to comply with new federal regulations. But the company now says those who fail to...

Chaos Continues for Southwest Passengers
Chaos Continues
for Southwest
the rundown

Chaos Continues for Southwest Passengers

Airline cancels hundreds more flights

(Newser) - Southwest Airlines and its passengers had a rough weekend , and the problems spilled into Monday. The airline canceled about 2,000 flights from Friday through Sunday, amounting to a "meltdown in Southwest operations," per the Dallas Morning News . On Monday, it canceled about 365 more flights, or roughly...

Southwest, FAA Differ on Why 1.8K Flights Were Canceled

And there's lots of speculation elsewhere that something else entirely is to blame

(Newser) - Southwest Airlines canceled more than 1,800 flights over the weekend, and the Federal Aviation Administration begs to differ with the airline as to the reason. Southwest cited air-traffic control issues and "disruptive weather," but the FAA said in a statement, "No FAA air traffic staffing shortages...

Yet Another Airline Pulls Back on the Booze

United joins Southwest, American in limiting or suspending alcohol service over unruly passengers

(Newser) - A third airline has hopped on the "curtail alcohol" bandwagon after a slew of increasingly aggressive in-flight incidents, many related to unruly passengers balking at having to wear face masks. Airlines in general had suspended serving alcohol during the pandemic to limit passenger-flight attendant interaction and prevent spreading the...

Unruly Passengers Get Booze Banned on American Airlines
Another Airline Issues
Booze Ban

Another Airline Issues Booze Ban

American follows suit with Southwest

(Newser) - Another airline is suspending in-flight alcohol service in the wake of an attack that left a flight attendant with missing teeth. Per CNN , American Airlines has followed suit with Southwest, which delayed their planned return to alcohol service after the flight attendant was "seriously assaulted" by a passenger on...

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