Mount Whitney

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His Trek Up Mount Whitney Was 'a Hell of His Own Making'

The 'LAT' has the story of Jack Ryan Greener

(Newser) - We'll start with the story's end: Jack Ryan Greener, 26, did manage to summit Mt. Whitney in August. But the amazing part is everything that happened in the lead-up to that moment. In a piece for the Los Angeles Times , Mary Forgione writes that Greener, an avowed surfer,...

'It Just Sucks': Hiker, Mom of 2 Dies Hours After Rescue

Cassandra Bravo spent 2 nights in the cold after fall on Mount Whitney

(Newser) - An injured hiker managed to survive two nights out in the cold on Mount Whitney, only to die hours after her rescue. It was a heartbreaking end for friends and family of Cassandra Bravo, a California nurse and single mother of a 10-year-old son and 7-year-old daughter. She fell roughly...

What Could Be America's Most Brutal Race Is Underway

Badwater Ultramarathon covers 135 miles, takes up to 48 hours to complete

(Newser) - Right now, as you sit in your air-conditioned living room or office goofing off online, there are 97 people pushing their bodies to the limit in what has been billed "the world's toughest foot race." The 135-mile slog known as the Badwater Ultramarathon kicked off yesterday in...

Father, Son Missing on Mt. Whitney

Three other hikers in a separate group were rescued

(Newser) - Three hikers were rescued from California’s Mt. Whitney yesterday, but two more remain missing. Heavy snow and extreme weather battered the area, reducing visibility and dropping temperatures near the peak to 20 degrees, CNN reports. The two who are still missing, a father and son originally from Iran, were...

Oh Poop! Hikers Have to Pack it Out on Whitney

Outhouses dismantled, climbers supplied with sanitary kits

(Newser) - If you you brought it with you—even internally—you've got to pack it back down. That's the new policy on Mt. Whitney where officials have to deal with excrement left by thousands who take to the heights every year.  Air lifting bags of human waste from high-altitude outhouses...

5 Stories