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Hit-and-Run Victim Is a Pedestrian Safety Advocate

Stephen Grasty, who fronted a 2013 Street Smart campaign, suffers broken leg, vertebra

(Newser) - You could once see Stephen Grasty's face, with a thick black tire mark running from top to bottom, on billboards and buses across Washington, DC. In 2013, Grasty became the face of Street Smart, a pedestrian and bicycle safety campaign that urged drivers to yield to walkers and cyclists...

Lamborghini Drivers Decided to Race. It Didn't End Well

Driver of one of the luxury cars is detained by California cops after slamming into innocent victim

(Newser) - The driver of a Lamborghini hit an innocent driver while racing another Lamborghini, sending himself to the hospital, and the police on the hunt for the second Lamborghini driver. KTLA reports that the incident took place around 6:30pm local time on Friday in Murrieta, California, in Riverside County, on...

Driver Crashes Into Denny's, Injuring 23

Man at the wheel of the SUV wasn't hurt

(Newser) - A driver plowed through a wall of a busy East Texas restaurant on Monday, injuring 23 people. Police in the Houston suburb of Rosenberg said a man crashed his SUV into a Denny's restaurant just off the Southwest Freeway. The vehicle slammed into the restaurant's south wall, leaving...

A Stolen Vehicle Crashed Into a Cop Car. Inside, a Surprise

The owner, a juvenile, fled the crash site and was later arrested; suspect never mentioned the cat

(Newser) - Connecticut police who found a kitten in a stolen car say they've located the animal's owner: a juvenile suspect who fled and was arrested after the car crashed. The Meriden Police Department said on its Facebook page Thursday that the gray-and-white male cat, believed to be about 7...

Ex-Cop Who Hit Man, Took Body Home Is Sentenced

Former Newark officer Louis Santiago apologizes for 'inexcusable' actions

(Newser) - A former police officer in New Jersey who was off-duty, drunk, and still wearing his Halloween costume when he hit a pedestrian with his car in the early hours of Nov. 1, 2021, has been sentenced to five years in prison. Prosecutors said that instead of rendering first aid, Louis...

It's a Site Known for Crashes. This One Just Killed Dozens

At least 51 die after truck hits market traders, other vehicles in Londiani, Kenya

(Newser) - A truck rammed into several other vehicles and market traders in western Kenya, killing dozens, police said. The Friday evening accident occurred at a location known for vehicle crashes near the Rift Valley town of Londiani, which is about 125 miles northwest of the capital, Nairobi. Officers at the scene...

Crash Survivor, 18, Saved in White-Knuckle Rescue

Helicopter crew members pull woman from rocks below Pacific Coast Highway after crash

(Newser) - Late last year, California's Ventura County acquired a new state-of-the-art helicopter to be used in search and rescue operations by the county's Aviation Unit. As a heart-stopping video that emerged last week shows, that chopper is already paying off big time. The footage originally released on the division'...

After This Famous 1967 Crash, Little Has Changed
After This Famous 1967 Crash,
Little Has Changed

After This Famous 1967 Crash, Little Has Changed

ProPublica reports that the US has failed to stop underride crashes involving semis

(Newser) - It's a sad piece of Hollywood lore: In 1967, the actress Jayne Mansfield was killed when the car she was in slid under a semi on the highway. Mansfield’s three young children survived, including Mariska Hargitay, now of the Law & Order TV franchise. The accident is mentioned...

'Miracle' No One Is Hurt During Indy 500 Crash

Tire flew off Kyle Kirkwood's car before it flipped during race, barely missing crowd

(Newser) - "Talk about a miracle." That was one take after a terrifying crash and car flip during the Indianapolis 500 auto race that sent a tire from one of the competitors' cars sailing over spectators' heads. Fox News reports there were fewer than 20 laps left in Sunday's...

Tragedy Strikes Family of 9 Traveling in California

3 were killed, 6 others injured in highway collision

(Newser) - A Chevy Suburban carrying nine members of a southern California family collided with a Tesla sedan Sunday near Palm Springs, killing three members of the family and injuring the other six, four of them seriously. The occupants of the SUV included parents, their children, and some cousins, all from Anaheim,...

Cop Narrowly Avoids Getting Crushed by Speeding Car

Crash in Fairfax County, Virginia, involved teen going 'well over 120mph," officials say

(Newser) - A Virginia police officer is shaken but lucky to be alive after narrowly escaping being crushed by a speeding car in Fairfax County. WUSA9 reports on the accident on the southbound Fairfax County Parkway, where the officer had made a traffic stop just after noon on Monday. A dashcam video...

Limo Crash Killed 20. 5 Years Later, a Trial

After plea deal rejected, operator of stretch limo goes on trial in upstate New York

(Newser) - Nearly five years after a stretch limousine packed with birthday revelers careened down a hill and off a road in rural upstate New York, killing 20 people, the operator of the company that rented out the vehicle is going on trial. Nauman Hussain, who ran Prestige Limousine, is charged with...

3 Charged With Killing Woman by Throwing Rock at Windshield

Alexa Bartell died in random Colorado attack, with other cars targeted as well

(Newser) - Three teenage men have been arrested in the death of Alexa Bartell, a 20-year-old woman from Arvada, Colorado, who was killed on her way home last week by a landscaping rock thrown through her windshield. As CBS News reports, Joseph Koenig, Nicholas "Mitch" Karol-Chik, and Zachary Kwak, all 18,...

Cops: 'Extremely Fast' Car Makes Extremely Odd Landing

Authorities are trying to figure out how vehicle made its way onto roof of California home

(Newser) - A speeding car took flight Sunday and ended up on the second-story roof of a home in Northern California. The story "would seem unbelievable if not for the photo evidence backing it up," per SFGate . Photos shared by authorities show the vehicle resting on the roof of a...

Traffic in Palm Beach on Friday Was a Bit Weird

Police: Woman drove Rolls-Royce through a yard, onto beach

(Newser) - A Florida resident's evening drive last week in her Rolls-Royce didn't end well. Palm Beach police say a 66-year-old woman hurtled through someone's backyard in her luxury car on Friday, then crashed through a seawall before ultimately coming to a halt with its nose in the sand...

6 Girls Killed in Tennessee Car Crash

Victims ranging in age from 1 to 18 were ejected from vehicle on Interstate 24

(Newser) - A car crash killed six young girls, including a 1-year-old infant, after they were ejected from their vehicle early Sunday on a freeway in middle Tennessee, per the AP and NBC News . Two adults were injured, one of them critically. Emergency crews found a car upside down with extensive damage...

Dick Van Dyke Offers a Post-Crash Update

Actor, 97, tells paparazzi he's fine but 'sore all over' after March 15 accident in Malibu

(Newser) - A spoonful of sugar may be helping the medicine go down after all, because Dick Van Dyke seems to be doing A-OK after his California car accident earlier this month. "[I'm] pretty good—I'm sore all over," the 97-year-old actor, known for classic '60s films...

Driver in Horrific Crash That Killed 5 Kids Was 16, Had No License

Police say 16-year-old was behind wheel of Nissan Rogue that veered off New York highway, hit tree

(Newser) - Police say the 16-year-old boy who was driving when an SUV crashed in New York Sunday, killing five of the six children aboard, did not have his license or a driving permit. The children were all related, and the group included two sets of siblings, the AP reports. They've...

'Complete Shock': Podcaster Captures Crazy SUV Crash

Nobody was injured in the Houston accident

(Newser) - Podcaster Nathan Reeves was wrapping up an interview in Houston from a cafe when he spoke some unintentionally ironic words: "It got so quiet in here," he said—just as an out-of-control SUV barreled into the cafe right behind him. The startling video is here , via Reeves' "...

The Rock Got the Call 'We Never Want to Get'

Actor's mom, Ata, survives Wednesday car crash in Los Angeles

(Newser) - Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson got the 3am phone call "we never want to get." It was the LAPD telling him his 74-year-old mother, Ata, had been in a car accident in Los Angeles late Wednesday, though "she's ok," Johnson wrote on Instagram Thursday, sharing...

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