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Halt AI Learning Indefinitely, or 'Everyone Will Die'
AI Founder: 'Shut It All Down'

AI Founder: 'Shut It All Down'

Eliezer Yudkowsky calls for 'indefinite' moratorium on AI learning to save humanity

(Newser) - Eliezer Yudkowsky, regarded as a founder in the field of artificial intelligence, has big concerns about where that field is headed. Yet he refrained from joining Elon Musk, Steve Wozniak, and others in signing an open letter calling for a six-month halt on AI systems learning. As he writes at...

Ads Enter Bing Chat Responses, to Much Confusion

Tech journalists question if chatbot is now giving sponsored answers

(Newser) - Microsoft is slipping more ads into the AI-powered Bing chatbot , which could add to the "already difficult cognitive load of determining whether you can trust a given response," writes Jay Peters at the Verge . Ads have been appearing within the Bing interface since its launch in February. In...

Open Letter Demands AI Labs Pause Sophisticated Work

And if they can't, governments should institute a moratorium, tech bigwigs say

(Newser) - If you've wondered what tech bigwigs like Elon Musk and Steve Wozniak think about the rapidly changing AI landscape, wonder no more: They want the brakes applied. An open letter signed by hundreds of tech luminaries calls on the world's top AI labs to pause all training of...

Fake Pope Images May Be First 'Mass-Level' Dupe
Fake Pope Images
May Be First
'Mass-Level' Dupe
the rundown

Fake Pope Images May Be First 'Mass-Level' Dupe

The pontiff was not wearing a stylish puffer jacket, despite those viral photos

(Newser) - Pope Francis sure looked stylish over the weekend, with viral photos showing up on Twitter of him wearing a white puffer jacket. The problem is that the pontiff wore no such coat. The images were fakes, but they were high-quality fakes that fooled a lot of people.
  • The origins: As

Public's Wait for 'Ernie Bot' Will Be a Bit Longer

China's Baidu decided last second to nix chatbot's public launch in lieu of 'closed-door' meeting

(Newser) - Monday was set to be the day when Baidu, China's largest search engine operator, showcased its new "Ernie Bot" via livestream to the media and general public, focusing on how the AI-driven chatbot worked with a smart cloud product. The South China Morning Post reports there was an...

FTC Warns of 'Terrifying' Phone Scam Driven by AI

Agency says voice cloning can make caller sound like a loved one begging for money

(Newser) - Many of us have heard of the old hoax in which victims receive phone calls from "police" or a "doctor" (actually scammers) saying that a loved one is in trouble and needs money sent stat. Now, in what NPR says "sounds like a plot from a science...

Writers Guild Would Allow AI in Scriptwriting

As long as human credits and residuals are unaffected, the WGA is OK with it as a tool

(Newser) - The latest organization to address the question of AI's place in the arts and media is the Writers Guild of America—the union for TV, movies, news, documentary, animation, internet and new media writers. Variety reports the WGA is proposing to allow the use of tools such as ChatGPT...

Eyebrow-Raising Bug Shuts ChatGPT Down for Day

OpenAI temporarily shuttered AI chatbot after user reports of seeing others' chat history titles

(Newser) - If you were playing around in ChatGPT on Monday before it experienced a major outage , you may have noticed something unusual in your user-history sidebar on the left of your webpage: the titles of a complete stranger's chats. That's exactly why OpenAI temporarily shuttered the artificial intelligence-driven chatbot...

Microsoft Adds AI Tools to Its Office Software

Google is doing the same with its Workspace applications

(Newser) - Microsoft is infusing artificial intelligence tools in its Office software, including Word, Excel, and Outlook emails. The company said Thursday the new feature, named Copilot, is a processing engine that will allow users to do tasks like summarize long emails, draft stories in Word, and animate slides in PowerPoint. Microsoft...

10 Jobs Most 'Exposed' to Artificial Intelligence

Telemarketers and teachers are prominent on the list

(Newser) - A tech and cultural revolution centered on tools powered by artificial intelligence is upon us—just look at the controversy over ChatGPT and the Bing chat function. Lots of people are understandably worried if their own jobs will be affected, and a new study from researchers at NYU, Princeton, and...

Prime Minister Rolls Out First AI 'Adviser'

Romanian leader says 'Ion' will tell government what people want

(Newser) - Romania's prime minister, apparently unfazed by the strange behavior of artificial intelligence chatbots elsewhere, has rolled out what he says is the first government adviser to use artificial intelligence. Politico reports that Nicolae Ciuca surprised members of his cabinet on Wednesday when he introduced them to Ion, an "...

If AI Is Right, a New Raphael Painting Has Been Found

Quest to prove painting's origin continues 3 decades after it was spotted in antiques shop

(Newser) - A cabinetmaker from Chicago was on vacation in England in 1995 when he spotted a painting tucked behind an armoire in an antiques shop. Anthony Ayers, an amateur artist, couldn't afford the $30,000 painting, which the shop owner suggested was from the Renaissance, but he also couldn't...

Sci-Fi Publisher Shuts Down Submissions After AI Spam

'Robot-generated literature' is filling Amazon's Kindle store, too

(Newser) - The Hugo Award-winning magazine Clarkesworld is one of the few paying publishers to welcome open submissions for science fiction short stories from new writers, per the Guardian . But it's now put an end to that practice, at least for a while, after receiving a flood of AI-generated pitches, which...

Microsoft: We're Working on Fixes for 'Belligerent' Bing Bot

Company says too many questions can 'confuse' the AI-driven search tool

(Newser) - The reviews are in on the upgraded Bing search engine, now powered by artificial intelligence, and they've ... definitely been mixed. While there's been some praise for Bing's capabilities, this week saw a slew of reviewers (even some who'd initially offered that praise) alarmed at what they'...

Tech Columnist Has Trouble Sleeping After 'Chat' With Bing

Search tool powered by artificial intelligence leaves Kevin Roose 'deeply unsettled'

(Newser) - Microsoft rolled out a test version of its upgraded Bing search engine last week to rave reviews . Tech writer Kevin Roose, for example, declared in the New York Times that the tool powered by artificial intelligence surpassed Google. In his latest column , Roose writes that he already has changed his...

Surprise: Long-Ridiculed Bing May Out-Google Google
Reviewers Are Stunned
at How Good Bing Is
tech reviews

Reviewers Are Stunned at How Good Bing Is

Techies test the new AI search engine, which is still being rolled out

(Newser) - Kevin Roose is a tech columnist for the New York Times , and he's as surprised as you are that he concludes his latest column like so: "I'm switching my desktop computer's default search engine to Bing. And Google, my default source of information for my entire...

Google's AI Chatbot Delivers Wrong Answer in Demo

Bard flubbed question on James Webb Space Telescope

(Newser) - If AI chatbots could feel embarrassment, Google's Bard might be blushing. In a demo tweeted Monday by Google ahead of a launch event, Bard confidently delivered a wrong answer, the Telegraph reports. In response to the query, "What new discoveries from the James Webb Space Telescope can I...

Google Unveils Rival 'Bard' to ChatGPT

Company hopes to keep up in the AI race

(Newser) - ChatGPT has been making headlines lately, but now it's going to have to share that media real estate: On Monday, Google owner Alphabet announced its new chatbot service, Bard, as well as plans to pump more artificial intelligence into its search functions and open up some of its AI...

AI-Generated Seinfeld Parody Is Halted Over Trans Jokes

'Nothing, Forever' is suspended on Twitch, as creators blamed a content-filter glitch

(Newser) - A parody of Seinfeld generated by artificial intelligence and intended to run endlessly on a Twitch stream has been stopped in its tracks because of transphobic lines. On Monday, the Jerry-like animated character in Nothing, Forever likened being trans to having a mental illness, among other lines, and Twitch pulled...

BuzzFeed Goes Big on Artificial Intelligence

Site will use chatbot to generate some content, and stock soars

(Newser) - The media company BuzzFeed says it plans to aggressively ramp up content generated by artificial intelligence instead of humans, and investors sound thrilled with this brave new world. The company's stock soared nearly 200% on Thursday to a seven-month high after the news broke, reports Forbes . For context, however,...

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