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Henry Kissinger Turns 100, and the Celebration Is Mixed
Kissinger's 100th Marked With
Tributes, New Accusations

Kissinger's 100th Marked With Tributes, New Accusations

Ex-secretary of state's sway over foreign policy isn't questioned, but calls of 'war criminal' still haunt him

(Newser) - Former diplomat and presidential adviser Henry Kissinger marks his 100th birthday on Saturday, outlasting many of his political contemporaries who guided the United States through one of its most tumultuous periods, including during the Vietnam War and his eight years as national security adviser and secretary of state under Richard...

Ukraine Does Not Like Kissinger's Advice

The former secretary of state said Ukraine needs to cede land to Russia

(Newser) - Henry Kissinger thinks Ukraine should cede land to Russia to end the war, but a Ukrainian official suggests the 98-year-old former diplomat is living in the wrong century. "I think Mr. Kissinger still lives in the 20th century and we are in the 21st century, and we are not...

Trump to Meet With Kissinger
 Trump to Meet With Kissinger 

Trump to Meet With Kissinger

It's a 'rite of passage' for GOP candidates

(Newser) - Donald Trump, following the footsteps of earlier GOP candidates, including Sarah Palin , will hold a face-to-face meeting with Henry Kissinger on Wednesday, sources tell the Washington Post , which calls the meeting "a rite of passage for many ambitious Republicans." A senior Trump aide tells NBC News that the...

McCain to Protesters: Get Out, 'Low-Life Scum'

Group disrupted hearing with Henry Kissinger

(Newser) - John McCain uttered today's most memorable phrase on Capitol Hill, telling a group of protesters to "get out of here, you low-life scum," report the Hill . He was speaking to protesters from the group Code Pink, who disrupted the start of a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing...

Papers: Kissinger Made Plan to 'Smash' Cuba

Infuriated secretary of state sought airstrikes because of Angola incursion

(Newser) - The co-author of a new book about negotiations between the US and Cuba says Henry Kissinger was the secretary of state who tried the hardest, in secret, to establish normal relations with Havana, NPR reports. So when Castro launched a military mission in Angola in late 1975, Kissinger was "...

Cruz on ISIS: Obama Should 'Take Them Out'
 Cruz on ISIS: 
 Obama Should 
 'Take Them Out' 

Cruz on ISIS: Obama Should 'Take Them Out'

GOP has lots of advice, even Feinstein says action 'overdue'

(Newser) - With President Obama's speech outlining his ISIS "game plan" coming Wednesday, there was no shortage of opinion today on the talk shows about what he should do. "What we ought to have is a directed, concerted, overwhelming campaign to take them out," Ted Cruz told ABC...

Kissinger: To Fix Ukraine, Make It More Like Finland

It's independent, but cooperates with both West and Russia

(Newser) - Henry Kissinger weighs in on Ukraine in the Washington Post , delivering up heaps of criticism for all the major players. Russia, the US, Europe, and Ukraine itself are all "posturing" and turning this into a dangerous all-or-nothing showdown. By their misguided thinking, Ukraine must end up either with the...

NRA: Navy Yard Lacked 'Good Guys With Guns'
 NRA: Navy 
 Yard Lacked 
 'Good Guys 
 With Guns' 


NRA: Navy Yard Lacked 'Good Guys With Guns'

Meanwhile, Manchin says he won't renew push for gun control

(Newser) - The NRA's Wayne LaPierre is taking on renewed debate over gun control in wake of the Navy Yard shooting, telling NBC today that the "outrage" of "the elite media and the politicians trying to stir this toward firearms ... ought to be placed on an unprotected naval base....

Daft Punk Snubs Colbert ... Then Things Get Awesome

...or, more accurately, things 'Get Lucky'

(Newser) - Stephen Colbert scored a major coup in snagging so-hot-this-summer Daft Punk to appear on his show last night . Except the duo bailed (apparently at 2pm Monday) because of some legalese related to their upcoming "surprise" MTV Video Music Awards appearance that prevented them from showing up on TV before...

House Panel to TSA: Stop Patting Down Beyonce

Celebs like her are not terrorists: Rep. Mike Rogers

(Newser) - House officials have some words of wisdom for the TSA: Don't pat down Beyonce. Seriously. After all, "she's not going to blow a plane up," says Rep. Mike Rogers, who heads the House Homeland Security Transportation Subcommittee. "There are certain people that are just so...

Not So Fast on Syrian Intervention

 Not So Fast on 
 Syrian Intervention 
henry kissinger

Not So Fast on Syrian Intervention

We might cause more problems than we fix: Henry Kissinger

(Newser) - Henry Kissinger thinks the US and the world should slow down any movement toward military intervention in Syria. In a Washington Post essay, he raises a series of questions about this type of "humanitarian intervention," a doctrine he says has emerged in the wake of the Arab Spring...

TSA Pats Down Henry Kissinger
 TSA Pats Down Henry Kissinger

TSA Pats Down Henry Kissinger

While he was in a wheelchair

(Newser) - It seems absolutely no one is immune from the indignity of TSA pat-downs—not even a former secretary of state in a wheelchair. None other than Henry Kissinger was singled out for special screening on Friday, according to freelance journalist Matthew Cole , who, unlike TSA personnel, recognized the Nobel laureate....

Henry Kissinger Is a 'Vile Creature': Christopher Hitchens
Nixon Tapes: Kissinger
Is a 'Vile Creature'
Christopher HItchens

Nixon Tapes: Kissinger Is a 'Vile Creature'

When will people stop paying to listen to him speak?

(Newser) - Ever since Watergate, Henry Kissinger has deserved to be “shamed, ostracized, and excluded”—yet, for some reason, people still pay him to speak and have “dinners in his honor,” complains Christopher Hitchens on Slate . Well, the new Nixon tapes should finally change that: quotes reveal that...

Kissenger, Powell, et al: Ratify New START
 Powell, et Al.: 
 Ratify New START 

Kissinger, Powell, et Al.: Ratify New START

Kissinger, Powell, Baker call on Senate for 'essential' vote

(Newser) - The New START treaty got some serious firepower behind it this morning, with the past five Republican secretaries of state writing a Washington Post op-ed in its support. "Although each of us had initial questions about New START," write Henry Kissinger, George Shultz, James Baker III, Lawrence Eagleburger...

Nixon 'Considered Nuking N. Korea'

Pilot reports he was prepared to drop bomb

(Newser) - President Richard Nixon considered using nuclear weapons against North Korea after its fighter jets shot down an American spy plane in 1969, killing all 31 people on board, according to NPR . A former US pilot also reports that he was ordered to be prepared to drop a nuclear bomb on...

Henry Kissinger Hospitalized
 Henry Kissinger Hospitalized 

Henry Kissinger Hospitalized

86-year-old has stomach pains while in South Korea

(Newser) - A hospital official says former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger is recovering after being hospitalized in the South Korean capital with stomach pains. He is expected to be released tomorrow. The 86-year-old Nobel Peace Prize laureate arrived in Seoul earlier in the week to attend a security forum. He...

Hey, Obama: In Iraq Exit, Don't Forget Strategy

US withdrawal or not, the country still has 'geostrategic significance'

(Newser) - Iraq is centrally important to the Middle East region, and the Obama administration does the country and the world a disservice by focusing on troop withdrawal without considering the future, writes Henry Kissinger. “The outcome in Iraq will influence the psychological balance in the war against radical Islam, specifically...

How General Tso's Came to America

General never tasted dish but Kissinger was a big fan

(Newser) - The Qing dynasty military leader General Tso never tasted the chicken dish that bears his name, Francis Lam finds in a journey into Chinese food history. Classically trained Hunan chef Peng Chang-kuei created the dish and named it after his province's hero after fleeing to Taiwan with the Nationalists in...

Obama Can Lead a Peaceful World: Kissinger
Obama Can Lead a Peaceful World: Kissinger

Obama Can Lead a Peaceful World: Kissinger

Former secretary of state admires president's early moves

(Newser) - Former secretary of state Henry Kissinger has warm words for President Obama, whom he describes as "like a chess player who has opened his game with an unusual opening" in an interview with Der Spiegel. "I have no quarrel with the opening move," he adds. "I...

Astor Witness List Is Star-Studded

Kissinger, Walters, Annan could testify

(Newser) - The Brooke Astor trial could be a who’s-who of New York hotshots: The list of possible witnesses includes Henry Kissinger, Kofi Annan, David Rockefeller, and Barbara Walters, the Times reports. Vanity Fair boss Graydon Carter said he felt “very privileged” to be on the list, provided by the...

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