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Tokyo Is Giving a 'Gentle Push' to People Looking for Love

Japanese city to launch a dating app to help with the 'marriage hunting' process

(Newser) - In Japan, where birth rates are low , it's not unusual to see local governments hosting matchmaking events to encourage people to hook up and start a family. Now, the country's capital is taking things a step further and launching a dating app, expected to be released this summer,...

Bumble Tries to Appeal to 'Frustrated' Customers, Has to Apologize

Dating app says sorry for billboards slamming celibacy

(Newser) - Dating app Bumble got stung after running billboard ads that appeared to sneer at celibacy as an alternative to meeting people online. On Monday, the company backtracked and apologized for billboards that bore the message "You know full well a vow of celibacy is not the answer," juxtaposed...

Doctor Who Allegedly Poisoned Wife Quickly Hopped on Bumble

Search warrant seeks access to his data from the dating site

(Newser) - Poison specialist Connor Bowman is accused of fatally poisoning his 32-year-old wife last summer, and a new warrant filed Tuesday in the case reveals details of his alleged behavior on a dating app around the time of her death, CBS News reports. An autopsy showed Betty Bowman died on Aug....

The First Move on Bumble Is Anyone's Game Now

It's no longer required that women make initial contact after a match is made on the dating app

(Newser) - Ladies, the pressure is off. Women who are reluctant to make the first move after matching with someone on Bumble can now sit back and wait for their potential partner to send an initial message. The dating app's new "Opening Moves" feature allows women to create a question...

Hundreds of 'Good-Looking' People Lured for 'Love Scam'
They Were Lured In, Then Made
to Carry Out 'Love Scams'
in case you missed it

They Were Lured In, Then Made to Carry Out 'Love Scams'

In this case out of the Philippines, some of the scammers were victims themselves

(Newser) - What claimed to be an online gambling firm was, in fact, a scam center that had trapped hundreds of "good-looking" people, who were then forced to woo unsuspecting victims, according to police in the Philippines, who raided the center 60 miles north of Manila on Thursday. Authorities served warrants...

The New Frontier in AI? Helping People Get Dates
Now Infiltrating
Dating Apps: AI

Now Infiltrating Dating Apps: AI

Chatbots are being used to flirt, create profiles, and provide dating advice

(Newser) - If dating wasn't hard enough, AI has quite literally entered the chat. NBC News reports that people are now using artificial intelligence to flirt and send messages on dating apps to unsuspecting prospects. Now that singles must worry if they're being catfished by a robot in real time,...

Dating Apps Turn Users Into 'Compulsive' 'Addicts': Lawsuit

Tinder, Hinge, etc., encourage incessant use while making rewards 'elusive on purpose'

(Newser) - Stuck in a dating app loop with no date in sight? A lawsuit filed Wednesday against Match Group claims that's by design. As the AP reports, Tinder, Hinge, and other Match dating apps are filled with addictive features that encourage "compulsive" use, the proposed class-action lawsuit claims. The...

8 'Suspicious' Tourist Deaths Prompt Dating App Warning

US Embassy says the Americans died after meeting someone online in Colombia

(Newser) - Using a dating app in Colombia could be fatal, the US Embassy has warned Americans. In November and December, eight tourists from the US had what the embassy in Bogota called "suspicious deaths," the BBC reports. The alert posted by the embassy on Wednesday said criminals are using...

'Silver Singles' Guy Bilked Woman Out of $1.2M

Rotimi Oladimeji of Texas is now headed to prison

(Newser) - A Texas man who was part of a romance scam that bilked a Missouri woman out of $1.2 million was sentenced on Tuesday to three years in federal prison and ordered to repay the money, reports the AP . Rotimi Oladimeji, 38, of Richardson, Texas, was sentenced a year after...

Beige Flags Have Entered the Online Dating Chat

Dating profiles are now subject to 'beige flag' scrutiny

(Newser) - The latest TikTok obsession has added a new layer of stress to online dating. CNN explains the highly subjective conversation around beige flags, or benign preferences people observe in their relationships that aren't necessarily a deal breaker, but could be fatally irksome. Unlike red flags, clear warning signs...

Tinder's Invite-Only Club Costs Nearly $500 a Month

The app's '1%' can shell out to join Tinder Select

(Newser) - Tinder has rolled out an invite-only subscription plan to its super-users, but opting in will cost a pretty penny. Tinder Select, Bloomberg reports, runs up a $499 monthly bill and is being offered first to the site's most active users who fit certain profile criteria (multiple photos and interests,...

Here's One 'Dorky' Way to Make Better Love Matches

'Date-me docs' are online shareable documents that are similar to newspaper personal ads of yore

(Newser) - If you're not getting the quality matches you want on your dating apps of choice, you might want to try something a little more "dorky." The New York Times reports on the trend of "date-me docs," shareable and view-only online documents (some with just text,...

He Got Engaged. Cops Say She Went to 'Online Killers Market'

Tennessee woman accused of hiring hit man to take out wife of man she'd met on

(Newser) - A Tennessee woman has been arrested after cops say she tried to hire a hit man to take out the wife of a guy she'd met through a dating site. ABC News reports that 47-year-old Melody Sasser allegedly sent about $10,000 in bitcoin to a dark web site...

Tinder Just Dumped Russia
to Russia:
We're Done

Tinder to Russia: We're Done

Parent company Match Group is going to be out by June 30

(Newser) - In addition to not being able to get their Pepsi , McDonald's , Netflix , and Starbucks , Russians now won't be able to swipe right or left on Tinder. As Quartz reports, the Match Group—which runs dating sites like, Tinder, Hinge, and PlentyofFish—has decided to call it...

Cops: Torture Suspect Is Using Chilling Way to Avoid Capture
Cops: Standoff With
Torture Suspect 'Resolved'

Cops: Standoff With Torture Suspect 'Resolved'

Oregon police say Benjamin Foster has been taken into custody

(Newser) - A standoff on Tuesday involving a man suspected in a violent kidnapping in Oregon who was barricaded underneath a home has been “resolved,” police said, per the AP . Grants Pass Police Lt. Jeff Hattersley told KTVL-TV Tuesday evening that Benjamin Obadiah Foster, 36, was underneath the house in...

Fake Astronaut Wooed Woman to Pay for Return Ticket to Earth
Woman Duped Out of $30K
in Out-of-This-World Scam

Woman Duped Out of $30K in Out-of-This-World Scam

Online lover convinced 65-year-old in Japan he was astronaut who needed cash to return to Earth

(Newser) - Nigerian prince scams are so 1990s—welcome to the 21st century and the Russian cosmonaut scam. Kyodo News reports that police are looking into the claims of a 65-year-old woman in Japan's Shiga prefecture who said she fell in love with a man online who tricked her into...

Modern Dating Is Awful, and It's Time to Fix It
Modern Dating Is Awful,
and It's Time to Fix It

Modern Dating Is Awful, and It's Time to Fix It

Essay in 'New York Times' suggests going retro in 3 fundamental ways

(Newser) - The advent of online dating should in theory have made it so much easier for people to find partners. Then why are so many suffering from what Michal Leibowitz calls "dating app burnout" in a New York Times essay? By that, she means countless "dead-end interactions" despite an...

Conservatives Get Their Own Dating App

Sister of Kayleigh McEnany announces the 'Right Stuff'

(Newser) - A conservative dating app with some big names behind it is launching next month, reports the Hill . In a promotional video for the Right Stuff, Ryann McEnany—sister of former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany—announced the site "for all of us conservatives." She said it's...

Romance Scammer Posed With Wads of Cash in Photos

New Jersey's Rubbin Sarpong is sentenced to 14 years in prison

(Newser) - A New Jersey man just got sentenced to 14 years in prison over an online scam in which he tricked about 40 women on dating websites into sending him money. Prosecutors say one of the women killed herself after wiring him $93,000 and realizing she'd been duped, reports...

Broken Hearts, Empty Wallets: Seniors Catfished for $139M

FTC report says there was a 'surge' in 2020 in romance scams bamboozling Americans 60 and over

(Newser) - Last month, the Department of Justice announced money laundering and wire fraud charges brought against nearly a dozen "romance scammers," and that's only scratching the surface of what the Washington Post calls a "surge" in such deceptions made worse by the pandemic, especially for the senior...

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