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North Korea Weighs In on US Help to Ukraine

Biden administration is 'further crossing the red line' by sending tanks, says Kim Jong Un's sister

(Newser) - North Korea has condemned the decision by the United States to supply Ukraine with advanced battle tanks to help fight off Russia's invasion, saying DC is escalating a sinister "proxy war" aimed at destroying Moscow. The comments Friday by the influential sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong...

Deadly Cold Rushes Over Asia
Freezing Temps
Wreak Havoc in Asia

Freezing Temps Wreak Havoc in Asia

Parts of Japan could see coldest weather in a decade; more than 100 are dead in Afghanistan

(Newser) - Snow, wind, and freezing temperatures are wreaking havoc across Asia, and in some places it's turned deadly. Earlier this week, more than 120 people died in Afghanistan from the cold, while in China's northernmost city of Mohe, known as "China's North Pole," record lows of...

Kim Jong Un Has Grim 2023 Resolutions

North Korean leader wants to expand nuclear arsenal 'exponentially,' orders more powerful ICBM

(Newser) - North Korean leader Kim Jong Un ordered the “exponential” expansion of his country’s nuclear arsenal and the development of a more powerful intercontinental ballistic missile, state media reported Sunday, after he entered 2023 with another weapons launch following a record number of testing activities last year, the AP...

Military Expresses Sorrow for Not Shooting Down Drones

South Korean leaders promise changes after overflight

(Newser) - South Korea's president on Tuesday called for stronger air defenses and high-tech stealth drones while the military apologized for failing to shoot down North Korean drones that crossed the border for the first time in five years. South Korea's military scrambled warplanes and attack helicopters on Monday, but...

South Korea Sends Fighter Jets After Drones

Defense officials say they responded to breach by North Korea

(Newser) - South Korea said its military fired warning shots and deployed fighter jets and attack helicopters after five North Korean drones breached its airspace Monday. The Korea Times reported that one of the drones reached Seoul before turning back, per the Hill . South Korea did not try to shoot the drone...

Dogs Gifted by Kim Jong Un Are Now in Zoo

There was a dispute in South Korea over who should pay for the care of the Pangjun dogs

(Newser) - A pair of dogs gifted by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un four years ago ended up at a zoo in South Korea after a dispute over who should finance the caring of the animals. Kim had given the two white Pungsan hunting dogs—a breed indigenous to North Korea—...

Trump Hid a Big Loan While President: Forbes

$19.8M debt with Daewoo, firm with ties to N. Korea, should've been listed in financial disclosures

(Newser) - Donald Trump had a foreign creditor he didn't disclose while running for president, with a debt that was quietly paid off a few months after he took office. Forbes has the documents from his Trump Organization, which were obtained by New York Attorney General Letitia James and/ show the...

What Did Debut of Kim's Daughter Mean?

Kim Jong Un's move could signal break from family's patrilineal rule, pundit says

(Newser) - Speculation is swirling about North Korean leader Kim Jung Un's decision to debut his daughter at Friday's launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile. Photos released Saturday by state media show the father and daughter walking hand in hand next to the huge missile, inspecting the Hwasong-17 with Kim'...

North Korea Debuts Kim's 'Beloved Daughter'

It's the first time pics of the child, who's never been mentioned, have emerged

(Newser) - North Korea has unveiled the little-known daughter of its leader Kim Jong Un at a missile launch site, attracting keen attention to a fourth-generation member of the dynastic family that has ruled North Korea for more than seven decades. The North's state media said Saturday that Kim had observed...

North Korea Test-Fires ICBM Capable of Hitting US

Missile landed near Japanese waters

(Newser) - North Korea fired an intercontinental ballistic missile that landed near Japanese waters Friday in its second major weapons test this month that showed a potential ability to launch nuclear strikes on all of the US mainland, the AP reports. The United States quickly condemned the launch and vowed to take...

North Korea Promises Serious Threat, Then Fires Missile

US, South Korea respond with missile defense drills

(Newser) - Hours after calling US efforts to increase its security presence in the Asia Pacific a "gamble it will regret," North Korea on Thursday launched what South Korean officials say was yet another short-range ballistic missile, fired eight days after the last . Launched Thursday from the eastern city of...

Biden Agrees With South Korea, Japan on Missile Provocations

President says the alliance is more important than ever

(Newser) - President Biden and the leaders of Japan and South Korea on Sunday vowed a unified, coordinated response to North Korea's threatening nuclear and ballistic missile programs, with Biden declaring that the three-way partnership is "even more important than it's ever been" when North Korea is stepping up...

North Korea on That Barrage of Missile Tests: We're Practicing

To attack South Korea, US, says Pyongyang

(Newser) - North Korea’s military said Monday its recent barrage of missile tests were practices to “mercilessly” strike key South Korean and US targets such as air bases and operation command systems with a variety of missiles that are likely nuclear-capable, the AP reports. The North’s announcement underscored leader...

NK's 'Outrageous' ICBM Launch Malfunctioned: South Korea

US-South now extending military exercises that irked North in the first place

(Newser) - Pyongyang launched at least three missiles Thursday morning, one of them believed to be a long-range intercontinental ballistic missile, but now defense officials in Seoul are saying that latter one may have been a dud, per the Guardian . "North Korea's ICBM launch is presumed to have ended in...

Japanese Told to Take Shelter as North Korea Launches Missile

Though missile did not ultimately fly over the country

(Newser) - Evacuation warnings were triggered in Japan amid North Korea's latest round of missile launches. Pyongyang fired at least three ballistic missiles Thursday, the first a presumed long-range missile that triggered warnings in the northern Miyagi, Yamagata and Niigata prefectures urging residents to shelter at home or go underground, Fox...

White House: N. Korea Is Secretly Funneling Weapons to Russia

But the arms won't 'change the momentum of the war'

(Newser) - The White House says North Korea is covertly supplying Russia with a "significant" number of artillery shells for use in Ukraine. John Kirby, the National Security Council coordinator for strategic communications, tells CNN that while Pyongyang denied reports in September it was selling weapons to Russia, intelligence indictates that...

A North Korean Missile Hasn't Done This Since Korea Divided

Missile lands near disputed maritime border, possibly crossing it

(Newser) - Hours after threatening to use nuclear weapons in response to the US-South Korea joint military drills, North Korea fired a short-range ballistic missile that crossed the sea border separating North and South Korea—the first time that's happened since the two countries divided in 1948, the BBC reports. Other...

N. Korea: US, S. Korea Will Pay 'Horrible Price'

Pyongyang threatens to use nukes over joint military drills

(Newser) - North Korea issued a veiled threat Tuesday to use nuclear weapons to get the US and South Korea to "pay the most horrible price in history," an escalation of its fiery rhetoric targeting the ongoing large-scale military drills between its rivals. Animosities on the Korean Peninsula have been...

North, South Korea Exchange Warning Shots

South Korea says North Korean merchant ship violated sea boundary

(Newser) - North and South Korea exchanged warning shots Monday along their disputed western sea boundary—a scene of past bloodshed and naval battles—in a development that raises worry of possible clashes after North Korea’s recent barrage of weapons tests. South Korea’s navy broadcast warnings and fired warning shots...

South Korea Scrambles Fighter Jets After North's Move

North Korea fires ballistic missile, artillery shells, and flies warplanes near border

(Newser) - North Korea early Friday fired a ballistic missile and 170 rounds of artillery shells toward the sea and flew warplanes near the tense border with South Korea, further raising animosities triggered by the North’s recent barrage of weapons tests, the AP reports. The North Korean moves suggest it is...

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