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Turkish &#39;Hacktivists&#39; Deface Trump Site
Turkish Hacker Hit
Trump Website

Turkish Hacker Hit Trump Website

'Do not be like those who forget Allah,' message said

(Newser) - The "action" section of Donald Trump's website carried an unusual message in English and Turkish on Monday: "Do not be like those who forget Allah, so Allah made them forget themselves. Here they really went astray." The page had been defaced by Turkish hacktivist group RootAyyildiz,...

In Florida Hack, Planes Needing Maintenance Were Cleared

Lauren Lide, 26, has been arrested in connection with the Jan. 12, 2020 hack

(Newser) - On Jan 12, 2020, the CEO of a Florida flight school logged into his computer; what he saw didn't make sense. Derek Fallon of Melbourne Flight Training said that planes he knew to have been shelved for maintenance were cleared, meaning aircraft that might not have been safe to...

Hacker Behind $610M Crypto Theft: I Had Good Intentions

Almost all of the stolen funds have been returned by 'Mr. White Hat'

(Newser) - It seems pleading worked. Poly Network, which urged hackers to return more than $610 million in cryptocurrency stolen from its decentralized finance platform this week in one of the largest ever cryptocurrency thefts, says almost all of the assets have been returned. In a Thursday tweet, the platform said the...

Cryptocurrency Platform to Hackers: Please Return $600M

Crypto heist at decentralized finance platform Poly Network may be largest ever

(Newser) - Hackers have stolen more than $600 million worth of cryptocurrency in what is "likely to be one of the biggest cryptocurrency thefts ever," reports CNBC . In a message to the hackers, Poly Network, a platform allowing users to transfer tokens between different blockchains, said "the amount of...

DOJ: Russians Hacked Dozens of Federal Prosecutors

More than 2 dozen US attorney offices had emails breached, per Justice Department

(Newser) - The Russian hackers behind the massive SolarWinds cyberespionage campaign broke into the email accounts some of the most prominent federal prosecutors' offices around the country last year, the Justice Department said. The department noted that 80% of Microsoft email accounts used by employees in the four US attorney offices in...

US Blames China for Huge Microsoft Hack

Other nations join in finger-pointing over breach that hit computers worldwide

(Newser) - The Biden administration on Monday blamed China for a hack of Microsoft Exchange email server software that compromised tens of thousands of computers around the world earlier this year , per the AP . The Justice Department announced charges against four Chinese nationals who prosecutors said were working with the Ministry of...

Hackers Post Phone Number of Iran's Supreme Leader

They also disrupt rail service in the country

(Newser) - Hackers were blamed for disruptions in Iran's rail service on Friday, with a state broadcaster reporting "unprecedented chaos at railway stations across the country." The national railway website, ticket offices, and cargo services were affected, per Reuters , causing trips to be delayed and canceled. Boards in stations...

The Bank Was on Jupiter St. That Fact Ruined Their Plot

BBC explains how a North Korean hack was foiled because street name set off alarms

(Newser) - Remember the giant hack of Sony Pictures in 2014? A lengthy piece from the BBC makes the case that it was merely a "dry run" for a much larger hack two years later, one resulting in perhaps the most brazen bank heist in history. The FBI has long blamed...

Hacked CEO: 'It Was a Complicated Password'

Colonial chief executive is grilled by Senate panel over last month's pipeline hack

(Newser) - It may not be the strongest of defenses, but it was the best that the CEO of Colonial Pipeline had to offer on Tuesday. Addressing a Senate panel over the hacking that shut down the flow of gasoline to parts of the US last month, Joseph Blount acknowledged that hackers...

Feds Seize Payment Made to Pipeline Hackers
Feds Seize Payment
Made to Pipeline Hackers

Feds Seize Payment Made to Pipeline Hackers

FBI led operation to recover Colonial Pipeline ransom payment from crypto wallet

(Newser) - The hackers who targeted the operator of a vital US pipeline system in a ransomware attack have lost most of their ill-gotten gains, the Justice Department says. Officials said Monday that a new FBI ransomware taskforce led an operation to recover ransom paid in cryptocurrency by Colonial Pipeline, the AP...

After 'Exhaustive Search,' a Reveal on Colonial Pipeline Breach

Cybersecurity expert: Compromised password was plugged into dormant VPN account to gain access

(Newser) - It all came down to one password. That's the finding of a cybersecurity expert commissioned by Colonial Pipeline to find out how hackers were able to shut down the nation's largest fuel pipeline, reports Bloomberg . According to Charles Carmakal of Mandiant, part of the FireEye cybersecurity firm, hackers...

City: We Know Who Hacked Us
City: We Know Who Hacked Us

City: We Know Who Hacked Us

Cyberattack is similar to the one against Colonial Pipeline, Tulsa says

(Newser) - A cybersecurity attack on the city of Tulsa's computer system was similar to an attack on the Colonial Pipeline, officials said Thursday. The hacker is known, the AP reports. "I can't share anything other than we know who did it," Mayor G.T. Bynum said, adding...

Colonial Pipeline CEO Confirms Ransom Was Paid

'It was the right thing to do for the country'

(Newser) - The CEO of Colonial Pipeline has confirmed that he made the "highly controversial decision" to pay ransom to hackers who breached the company's systems , causing major problems with the East Coast's gas supply. "I didn’t make it lightly. I will admit that I wasn’t...

See If Your Phone Number Was in the Facebook Hack

Zuckerberg's was. Find out with 2 easy-to-use tools

(Newser) - There's an easy way to find out whether your phone number was leaked along with Mark Zuckerberg's over the weekend . Hacked data from more than half a million Facebook users was posted for free to a website frequented by hackers on Saturday, CNN reports. That included names, locations,...

Mastermind of Massive Twitter Hack Is Sentenced

Graham Ivan Clark, who was 17 at the time, gets 3 years, plus probation

(Newser) - A teenager who hacked the Twitter accounts of Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Apple, and Uber as part of a Bitcoin scam last year has agreed to prison time. Graham Ivan Clark, 18, of Florida will serve three years in prison for the scam to...

South Korea Has New Accusation Against North Korea

It says its neighbor tried to hack Pfizer; no word on whether the attack was successful

(Newser) - The North Korean regime tried to hack US drugmaker Pfizer in an effort to steal information on the company's coronavirus vaccine, according to South Korea's National Intelligence Service. Lawmakers were briefed on the findings during a closed-door session of the National Assembly's intelligence committee on Tuesday, per...

Cyberpunk 2077 Maker on Hackers' Extortion: We Will Not Negotiate

Ransomware creators steal, threaten to release source code from CD Projekt Red

(Newser) - "You have 48 hours to contact us." That was the ransom note left Monday after a cyberattack against Cyberpunk 2077 maker CD Projekt Red, which has posted the note online and said it's not in the mood for negotiations. The hackers' message indicated that they stole the...

Warning for iPhone Users: Update Your OS Right Away

Apple says the same goes for iPad users, after security flaws 'may have been actively exploited'

(Newser) - Apple products are known for being fairly resistant to security issues. But on Tuesday, the company released a handful of new security patches, part of its new iOS 14.4 software, and the company is now strongly encouraging its iPhone and iPad customers to update to the new OS ASAP....

Calif.: Criminals Raided Unemployment Funds to Tune of $11.4B

State's labor secretary says hackers, other criminals may have stolen an additional $20B

(Newser) - From March of last year to the middle of January, California paid out some $114 billion in unemployment benefits. Now, the state's labor secretary, Julie Su, has some alarming news on about $11.4 billion, or 10%, of that figure—those payments were fraudulent, stolen by hackers, identity thieves,...

Tasked With Security, He Spied on 'Most Intimate Moments' Instead

Ex-ADT tech admits he hacked into home security systems to watch people get undressed, have sex

(Newser) - In Animal House, John Belushi's Bluto used a ladder to spy on women undressing. The modern-day (and perhaps creepier) version of a peeping Tom has a more high-tech method: hacking into home surveillance feeds. That's what Telesforo Aviles, a former employee for home security company ADT, has admitted...

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