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Movie Popcorn = 3 Quarter Pounders, Plus Butter

It's as unhealthy as it was 15 years ago

(Newser) - Figure 1,600 calories, 60 grams of saturated fat, and 980 milligrams of sodium—that’s what you’re eating when you scarf down a medium helping of movie popcorn at the nation's biggest theater chain. Add a soda and it’s the equivalent of eating a pound of baby...

Overwrought G.I. Joe 'Everything You Could Want'

(Newser) - Most critics—who didn't have access to advance screenings, normally a huge red flag—agree that G.I. Joe: the Rise of Cobra isn’t anything but a popcorn flick. For some, that’s enough. For others, not so much.
  • "It’s all put together with such verve and

Movie, Munchie Sales Shrivel
 Movie, Munchie Sales Shrivel 

Movie, Munchie Sales Shrivel

Cash-strapped moviegoers forego snacks, according to latest sales stats

(Newser) - Some Americans seeking a break from economic news may be sitting in the dark in movie theaters—but they're apparently not eating their Raisinets. That's the news from two cinema companies reporting a major munchie drop off. Conventional wisdom holds that people can always afford a movie. Not so. Admission...

Physicist: No, Cell Phones Can't Pop Corn

Far-fetched YouTube videos smell like viral marketing campaign

(Newser) - YouTube videos showing three people popping corn with their cell phones have taken the Internet by storm, but apparently aren’t for real, Wired reports: A physics professor says the feat just isn’t possible. Instead, the videos look like a viral marketing campaign. The phones seem to be the...

Slumping Popcorn Sales Will Pop Ticket Prices

Film fans who balk at $6 popcorn will be coughing up more at the door

(Newser) - Movie tickets have long been partly subsidized by popcorn sales, but that business model is set to pop as the price of corn soars, Advertising Age reports. As moviegoers pass up the pricey snack, cinemas will need to hike ticket charges to cover the difference. One expert on the movie...

As Global Temps Rise, So Do ... Popcorn Prices

As farmers plant more crops for biofuels, moviegoers feel pinch

(Newser) - The movie stars driving flex-fuel SUV are driving up popcorn prices at the nation’s nickelodeons, and it’s not because of their salaries: A move toward planting crops for alternative-fuel production has made popping corn more scarce—and therefore more expensive, the Los Angeles Times reports. Moviegoers shouldn’t...

Doc Links Lung Disease, Popcorn
Doc Links
Lung Disease, Popcorn

Doc Links Lung Disease, Popcorn

Too much 'buttery' microwave popcorn may have caused a man's illness

(Newser) - A Colorado man's two-bag-a-day popcorn habit may be the cause of his mysterious respiratory illness, says a top lung specialist in Denver. Previously seen only in factory workers, the disease known as "popcorn lung" appears to arise from overexposure to a common flavoring chemical called diacetyl, the New York ...

Popcorn Company Bans Butter Powder
Popcorn Company Bans Butter Powder

Popcorn Company Bans Butter Powder

Chemical diacetyl causes lung trouble in workers who breathe it

(Newser) - Weaver Popcorn has stopped using diacetyl, the powder that gives microwave popcorn its buttery flavor, after allegations that the chemical causes lung disease in workers who inhale it at factories, the Indianapolis Star reports. "We want to take our brand out of any potential controversy," says Michael Weaver,...

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