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One Automaker Rules the Most 'Made-in-America' Vehicles

Tesla takes up top 4 spots in ranking, starting with its Model Y

(Newser) - Looking for a new set of wheels that will make you feel extra patriotic? Buy a Tesla—at least, one of the models that dominate the top four slots in's most "American-made" vehicles index. Auto production in the US adds a big boost to the national...

VW: Nobody Should Ride Shotgun in Some Vehicles

Volkswagen recalls 143K Atlas SUVs

(Newser) - Volkswagen is recalling 143,035 Atlas SUVs for a pretty terrifying reason: The passenger airbags can fail to deploy during a crash. The impacted SUVs were manufactured between 2018 and 2021; 2020 Atlas Cross Sport vehicles are also included in the recall. The issue is a wiring flaw in the...

This Office Chair May Be a Stunt, Still Looks Pretty Cool

Volkswagen Norway's 'Star Trek'-like prototype cruises at 12mph

(Newser) - Move over, Aeron—you may have competition as the most enviable office chair around. Volkswagen Norway has developed a prototype that CNN Business notes "would make even a Star Trek captain jealous." The as-yet unnamed five-wheel seat is said to be able to cruise around the office at...

Electric Vehicle Sales Rise Faster Than Overall Market

Tesla's jump helps push US market share up, though it remains small overall

(Newser) - With Tesla out front, electric car sales have jumped in 2021, to more than twice that of the first half of last year. At the same time, Wards Intelligence data show total vehicle sales in the US up 29%, the Wall Street Journal reports. The Model Y crossover SUV, which...

'Voltswagen' Was a Joke, and Journalists Aren't Happy

Volkswagen comes clean

(Newser) - Er, scratch that: Turns out that "Voltswagen" story actually was an April Fool's joke. Volkswagen of America went all-in on the prank, in which the president and CEO of the carmaker's US business was quoted in a (fake) press release as saying Volkswagen of America would be...

Volkswagen May Be Changing Its Name in the US
Volkswagen May Be Changing
Its Name in the US

Volkswagen May Be Changing Its Name in the US

Two reports say news release about 'Voltswagen' was accidentally posted early

(Newser) - (Update: Volkswagen has confirmed this was an April Fool's prank. See update here . Original story follows.) Americans who buy a VW in the near future might be buying it from Voltswagen—with a t— instead of Volkswagen. Both USA Today and CNBC report that the automaker accidentally published...

VW Just Lost Another Major DieselGate Case
More Bad News for Volkswagen

More Bad News for Volkswagen

Company must buy back around 60K diesel cars from owners in Germany

(Newser) - A German court ruled that Volkswagen must buy back cars from owners of its diesel cars equipped with software that evaded emissions testing—but consumers must accept the current value of the car based on the mileage they drove since buying it, not the purchase price. Volkswagen said the decision...

A 10-Second Volkswagen Ad Spurs Outrage

Viewers found it racist in more ways than one

(Newser) - Germany's Volkswagen has pulled a social media ad for a new car and apologized after an outcry over its racist overtones. The 10-second spot posted on Instagram and Twitter shows a massive white hand pushing a black man away from beside a new yellow Volkswagen Golf parked on the...

It's the End of the Road for the Volkswagen Beetle
Say Goodbye to the 
Volkswagen Beetle

Say Goodbye to the Volkswagen Beetle

VW halting production of the iconic car this week

(Newser) - Volkswagen is halting production of the last version of its Beetle model this week at its plant in Puebla, Mexico. It's the end of the road for a vehicle that has symbolized many things over a history spanning eight decades since 1938, the AP reports. It has been: a...

SEC Is Going After VW's 'Ill-Gotten Gains'

Car maker says it will 'vigorously' defend itself

(Newser) - The SEC is going after Volkswagen. At issue: upwards of $13 billion in bonds and asset-backed securities issued here between April 2014 to May 2015—a period when, the SEC's lawsuit alleges, Volkswagen's upper echelons were well aware that its 500,000 diesel vehicles in the US were...

Volkswagen Boss Sorry About Nazi Gaffe

Herbert Diess used phrase 'EBIT macht frei'

(Newser) - Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess is in hot water for what he's now calling "definitely an unfortunate choice of words" he used at a company event Tuesday: "EBIT macht frei." If that sounds familiar, it's because it echoes "Arbeit Macht Frei," or "work...

Looks Like VW Is in Trouble Again
Looks Like VW Is
in Trouble Again

Looks Like VW Is in Trouble Again

The carmaker may be helping vehicles avoid emissions standards

(Newser) - Volkswagen may be in trouble all over again for allegedly installing software in cars to help them duck emissions standards, Reuters reports. German authorities are investigating whether 1.2-liter engine Volkswagens, including the Polo, received a software update allowing them to trick emissions tests. Germany may also file charges against...

Here Are 14 Cars That Are Getting the Ax

Say goodbye to the Volkswagen Beetle, the Ford Focus, and a dozen others

(Newser) - If you think you're seeing more SUVs and crossovers on the road, you're not imagining things. That's because automakers are making what USA Today calls a "sweeping shift" into those types of vehicles—which also means they're dumping more-traditional passenger cars from their lineups. The...

Volkswagen Doing Away With Its Iconic Beetle

Will end production of the car next year

(Newser) - Volkswagen says it will stop making its iconic Beetle in July of next year, the AP reports. Volkswagen of America on Thursday announced the end of production of the third-generation Beetle by introducing two final special editions. The Beetle was developed in Nazi Germany in 1938 and came to the...

Farmers Want Volkswagen To Stop Using 'Hail Cannons'

They say the cannons are causing a drought

(Newser) - Volkswagen is facing new accusations. But they have nothing to do with cheating on emissions tests . Instead, farmers in Mexico are accusing the carmaker of causing a drought. Volkswagen uses so-called hail cannons to protect newly manufactured cars parked outside at its Puebla factory. The cannons shoot sonic booms into...

Add Audi CEO to List of Busted VW Execs

German authorities detain Rupert Stadler in 'Dieselgate'

(Newser) - German authorities on Monday detained the chief executive of Volkswagen's Audi division, Rupert Stadler, as part of the investigation into the manipulation of emissions controls. The move is an extension of the emissions scandal that has rocked Volkswagen since 2015 and led to billions in fines, the arrest of...

Former Volkswagen CEO Charged in 'Dieselgate'

Martin Winterkorn indicted, though chances are slim he'll return to US

(Newser) - A federal grand jury in Detroit has indicted former Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn on charges stemming from the company's diesel emissions cheating scandal in a plot that prosecutors allege reached the top of the world's largest automaker. The four-count indictment unsealed Thursday charges Winterkorn, 70, with three counts...

As Cartoons Played, Monkeys Forced to Breathe Diesel Fumes

Other experiments involved humans

(Newser) - Could carmakers replace cable companies in the battle for the title of Most Reviled Industry? This news out of Germany could certainly help. The BBC reports German carmakers funded research that involved having humans and monkeys inhale diesel exhaust fumes to gauge the health impact. The research was done at...

US Sentences VW Exec for Role in Emissions Scam

Oliver Schmidt gets 7 years

(Newser) - A judge has sentenced a Volkswagen senior manager to seven years in prison for covering up a scheme to evade pollution limits on US diesel vehicles, calling it an astonishing fraud on American consumers. Oliver Schmidt, who is the second person to be sent to prison over the scandal, was...

Volkswagen Has Been Kicked Out of No. 1 Auto Sales Spot

Renault-Nissan is the new king of the cars

(Newser) - Results are in for the first six months of worldwide car sales, and Volkswagen has been, as CNNMoney notes, "dethroned." The German carmaker came in with about 5,155,600 vehicles sold in the first half of the year, followed by Toyota at 5,129,000. But it...

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