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Barney Frank to Retire
 Barney Frank to Retire 

Barney Frank to Retire

Says he didn't want to go through tough reelection campaign

(Newser) - Barney Frank has decided not to run for reelection next year, he announced today at a typically feisty press conference in Newton, Mass. “It would have been a rough campaign,” he said, according to the Boston Globe . “I don’t like raising money.” Frank has $760,...

Barney Frank Ridicules 'Outlandish' Gingrich

Former speaker should be blaming Republicans for financial mess, he says

(Newser) - Barney Frank is still firing back at Newt Gingrich's suggestion that Frank and Chris Dodd be jailed because of their roles in the financial mess. In a new statement, Frank reminds Gingrich that Republicans ran the show in Congress from 1995 to 2006, and he says the GOP did...

Gingrich: Throw Democrats in Jail

 Gingrich: Throw 
 in Jail 
GOP Debate

Gingrich: Throw Democrats in Jail

Chris Dodd, Barney Frank should pay for collapse, not Wall Street bigs: Newt

(Newser) - Newt Gingrich has an interesting idea for resolving political conflicts: Jail Democrats. That was the former House speaker's surprising recommendation in last night's GOP debate . The suggestion came up as he expressed sympathy for the Occupy Wall Street movement, saying protesters have every right to be angry. But...

Ron Paul, Barney Frank Team Up to Legalize Pot

Pair will introduce first such bill in Congress

(Newser) - Ron Paul and Barney Frank—surely Congress’ version of the Odd Couple—are set to introduce a bill today that would end the federal prohibition on marijuana, allowing states to legalize, tax, and regulate the drug. The bill would also “reprioritize federal resources” away from enforcing drug laws and...

Very Quietly, GOP Looks to Repeal Financial Reform

But Dodd-Frank law is more popular with public than health care

(Newser) - When House Republicans began efforts to repeal Obamacare, they did so with much fanfare. Not so for their efforts to repeal another major Obama effort: the financial reform Dodd-Frank law. Republicans quietly took the first step toward repeal yesterday, introducing the first five bills targeting Dodd-Frank at a lightly attended...

Politics Has Lost Its Bleeping Mind

It's not just the certifiable crazies—it's everyone

(Newser) - In case you hadn't noticed, American politics has flown off the handle, spun its head around crazily a la Exorcist, and sailed clear off the deep end. So to speak. Sure, we sort of took the battier candidates of both sides in stride (we're looking at you, Alan Grayson , Christine...

Chris Christie Confronts Heckler

New Jersey governor doesn't take any guff at rally

(Newser) - Barney Frank has his way of handling hecklers, and Chris Christie has his. In a video making the rounds, the New Jersey governor gets in the face of a heckler at a Meg Whitman rally in California. "Hey, listen. You know what. You want to yell, yell at me,...

Barney Frank Pitted Against Town Hall Foe in Primary

Rachel Brown, who Frank famously shot down, running against him

(Newser) - When a town hall protester asked Barney Frank why he supported a “Nazi” health care plan last summer, Frank became YouTube-famous for replying, “On what planet do you spend most of your time?” Now, that town hall protester is spending her time running against Frank in the Democratic...

Congress Moves to Re-Legalize Online Gambling

Move could bring in $42 billion in taxes

(Newser) - Online gambling might soon be legal again, just four years after it was originally banned. The House Financial Services Committee approved a pair of bills to re-legalize and tax Internet casinos yesterday, the New York Times reports. The ban has just driven gamblers to overseas sites, supporters argue, while legalization...

The Most Influential Gay Americans
 The Most 
 Gay Americans 
'PORTIA, i won!'

The Most Influential Gay Americans

Ellen tops 'Out' magazine list for 2nd straight year

(Newser) - Ellen DeGeneres and Barney Frank have switched places atop Out magazine's annual list of the most influential gay Americans, but the talk show host and American Idol judge probably isn't gloating about her win—she's that nice. To see the top five, check out the slideshow above. To see who...

Frank Bans Aide Who Joined Financial Industry

Staffer turned lobbyist after working on bank reform bill

(Newser) - Barney Frank has blacklisted a former aide who took a job as a lobbyist for the financial industry. Peter Roberson worked on the financial reform bill while on the House Financial Services Committee—then promptly took a job with Intercontinental Exchange, a derivatives trading firm. Roberson would already fall under...

Meet the GOP's Favorite Dems
 Meet the GOP's Favorite Dems 

Meet the GOP's Favorite Dems

Some of them may surprise you

(Newser) - Republicans and Democrats may seem farther apart than ever, but believe it or not, there are some people on the other side of the aisle the GOP respects. Newsweek names the five donkeys the elephants get along with best.

Dems Get Mojo Back: Here Comes Financial Reform
Dems Get Mojo Back: Here Comes Financial Reform

Dems Get Mojo Back: Here Comes Financial Reform

Suddenly, it looks like smooth sailing for Dodd's bill

(Newser) - Health care has given the White House and Democrats a serious dose of momentum, and it looks as though that will result in easy passage of a stronger-than-expected financial reform bill. Republicans are backing off, and Democrats are sticking together to fend off Wall Street lobbyists who assumed they could...

Health Bill Protesters Create 'Mass Hysteria': Frank

Mass. Democrat invokes witch trials as anti-gay slurs continue

(Newser) - Dueling groups of protesters created a chaotic scene on Capitol Hill today as opponents and advocates of the health reform bill made their voices heard in a scene Rep. Barney Frank called "mass hysteria." A protester who made it into a House office building yelled at Nancy Pelosi,...

Tea Partiers Hurl Slurs at Black, Gay Reps

'People have been just downright mean,' says one rep

(Newser) - Congressional Black Caucus members John Lewis and Andre Carson ran smack into a large crowd of protesters screaming "kill the bill"—and punctuating their chants with the N-word. The sentiment didn't appear to be a rogue one: As Barney Frank waded through a crowd of protesters, he was...

Chicago Outfit Readies Limbaugh Musical

Second City comedy troupe's kicks off Feb. 3

(Newser) - Chicago’s famed Second City comedy outfit might have just the cure for your winter blues (or reds, depending on how you tend to vote): Rush Limbaugh! The Musical. Opening next week, it will take “back to Rush’s humble beginnings and follows his ascent to conservative dominance buoyed...

Obama Has 48 Hours to Save Health Care Reform

He needs to make a 'clear statement,' quickly

(Newser) - The fate of health care reform is going to be decided in the next 48 hours, and with it the fate of the Democratic party. The only hope now of getting the bill through is for the House to bite the bullet and quickly pass the Senate bill, revising it...

Dems Plan 51-Vote Maneuver if Brown Wins

But Barney Frank says reform will be dead

(Newser) - If Scott Brown defeats Martha Coakley in Massachusetts to become the 41st Republican senator, Democrats say they can still pass health care reform. It just may be a scaled down version. Rep. Chris Van Hollen, a top House Democrat, tells Bloomberg television that Democrats are prepared to use the tactic...

Palin: If I'd Won, Biden Would Be Going Rogaine
 Palin: If I'd Won, 
 Biden Would Be 
 Going Rogaine 

Palin: If I'd Won, Biden Would Be Going Rogaine

Would-be veep cracks on herself at journalists' dinner

(Newser) - Sarah Palin poked fun at herself in a speech to the Gridiron Club last night, drawing laughter when she announced she "came down from my hotel room and I could see the Russian Embassy." Other knee-slappers:
  • The 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate joked that she had originally thought

Suddenly, Ron Paul Feels the Love

 Ron Paul 
 Feels the Love 

crank no more

Suddenly, Ron Paul Feels the Love

Libertarian's anti-Fed campaign draws mainstream support

(Newser) - Ron Paul is suddenly the belle of the ball on Capitol Hill, with legislators from around the political spectrum backing his decades-old crusade against the Federal Reserve. Paul’s been pushing an amendment to audit the Fed since the early '80s, but this time it attracted a whopping 313 co-sponsors....

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