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Mega Millions Has Its Newest Billionaire

Winning ticket for $1.58B Mega Millions jackpot was purchased at a Publix in Neptune Beach

(Newser) - Someone in Florida won a $1.58 billion Mega Millions jackpot Tuesday night, ending a stretch of lottery futility that had lasted for nearly four months. A Publix grocery store in Neptune Beach sold the winning ticket, according to the Florida Lottery. The winning numbers drawn were: 13, 19, 20,...

Tuesday Could Be Huge for Mega Millions

Jackpot jumps to estimated $1.55B, which could end up being largest Mega Millions prize ever

(Newser) - Since mid-April, the Mega Millions kitty has been slowly inching up, with no tickets sold that claimed all of the winning numbers. That includes Friday night's drawing, the 31st since that April drawing, which similarly came up short. Now, the amount waiting to be transferred to someone's bank...

After 30th Drawing With No Winner, Mega Millions Hits $1.25B
Mega Millions
Jackpot Hits $1.25B

Mega Millions Jackpot Hits $1.25B

After the 30th drawing without a winner

(Newser) - The Mega Millions jackpot increased to an estimated $1.25 billion after no one beat the odds Tuesday night and won the massive lottery prize, the AP reports. The winning numbers drawn were: 8, 24, 30, 45 ,61, and the yellow ball: 12. No one has won the Mega Millions...

Want to Be a Billionaire by Wednesday? Try This

Tuesday's Mega Millions jackpot is now $1.05B after no one drew all 6 winning numbers on Friday

(Newser) - No ticket claimed all six winning numbers in Friday night's Mega Millions drawing, which means the pot for the next one is especially massive. NPR notes the completed drawing was worth an already impressive $940 million, but since no one took home the big prize, Tuesday's drawing now...

Mega Millions Jackpot Hits $820M
Another Lottery Jackpot
Is Still Growing

Another Lottery Jackpot Is Still Growing

Mega Millions hits $910M

(Newser) - The Mega Millions jackpot climbed to an estimated $910 million after Tuesday night's drawing produced no big winners, extending a stretch of bad luck dating back to April, the AP reports. The numbers drawn were: 3, 5, 6, 44, 61 and the yellow ball 25. The absence of a...

$1.35B Mega Millions Winner to Collect a Lot Less Than That

The person, remaining anonymous, will receive roughly $500M after taxes

(Newser) - The winner of the $1.35 billion Mega Millions jackpot has come forward to collect the prize, but their identity remains a mystery. The Maine State Lottery said Wednesday that the winner chose a lump-sum payment of $723.5 million before taxes through a limited liability company, LaKoma Island Investments...

Mega Millions Jackpot Now 5th-Largest in History
Mega Millions Jackpot
Now 2nd-Biggest Ever

Mega Millions Jackpot Now 2nd-Biggest Ever

It's swelled to $1.35B

(Newser) - The Mega Millions jackpot keeps moving in one direction: way, way up. Officials say no ticket matched Tuesday night's winning numbers of 7, 13, 14, 15, 18 and the Mega Ball 9. That means Friday night's drawing—the 26th in this run—will be for an estimated $1....

Friday Night Drawing Offers A Chance at $940M
Mega Millions Tops $1B

Mega Millions Tops $1B

No one won on Friday night; top prize for Tuesday is now third largest ever, at estimated $1.1B

(Newser) - If your tired brain at the end of this workweek forgot to remind you to buy a Mega Millions ticket for Friday's drawing, no worries—you've got another chance to try to win the massive jackpot. USA Today reports there was no winner last night for the $940...

6th Largest Jackpot in US History Up for Grabs
It's Now 23
Straight Misses
for Mega Millions

It's Now 23 Straight Misses for Mega Millions

$785M prize was not claimed on Tuesday

(Newser) - And the pot keeps growing. The first Mega Millions drawing of 2023 returned no winner, as has been the case for the 22 drawings before it. CNN reports that means the next drawing, on Friday, will be for a jackpot that's estimated at $940 million. Should someone win and...

Next Mega Millions Jackpot Hits $565M
Mega Millions Jackpot
Balloons Again

Mega Millions Jackpot Balloons Again

Friday night's jackpot is $640M

(Newser) - The Mega Millions jackpot is climbing again . After nobody struck gold on Tuesday, the jackpot for Friday night's drawing has grown to $640 million, reports the AP . Someone who opted for the cash payout upon winning Friday would get about $328 million. In the current run, no winner has...

Winners of $1.34B Mega Millions Jackpot 'Over the Moon'

Illinois pair finally steps forward to claim prize, is choosing to stay anonymous

(Newser) - Update: Mystery solved—kind of. Until this week, it wasn't clear if the person(s) who'd won the second-biggest Mega Millions lottery ever, a staggering $1.34 billion jackpot, knew they'd purchased the winning ticket in Illinois, let alone who that was. Now, at least the first half...

Our Wild Mega Millions Ride Is Over
Our Wild
Mega Millions
Ride Is Over

Our Wild Mega Millions Ride Is Over

Winning ticket was sold in Illinois

(Newser) - The next Mega Millions drawing is on Tuesday, and the jackpot will be a measly $20 million. That's because someone did indeed choose the six winning numbers for Friday night's drawing, and it's a singular someone, reports the AP . Only one ticket was sold with the numbers...

Mega Millions Jackpot Is Now 2nd-Largest in Its History

Prize has swelled to $1.1B

(Newser) - The Mega Millions jackpot for Friday's drawing has swelled to an estimated $1.1 billion, the second-largest in the game's history. It's second only to a $1.54 billion prize in 2018 and is the third-largest jackpot in American lottery history. The $1.1 billion would be...

10 Biggest Lottery Jackpots in History

Current $1.1B Mega Millions prize would come in at No. 3, but it's still growing

(Newser) - The Mega Millions jackpot has soared to $1.1 billion , making it the nation’s third largest lottery prize (and counting). The next drawing will take place Friday night. The prize has grown so large because it's been more than three months since anyone matched the game’s six...

Mega Millions Does Something It Has Only Done Twice Before

Jackpot crossed $1B mark for third time in game's history

(Newser) - A giant Mega Millions lottery jackpot ballooned to $1.02 billion after no one matched all six numbers Tuesday night and won the top prize, the AP reports. The new estimated jackpot will be the nation’s fourth-largest lottery prize. Per NBC Chicago , the top three US jackpots are: a...

Fast Food Owner Buying 50K Mega Millions Tickets

That's one for each of his employees

(Newser) - The Mega Millions jackpot is now at its fourth-highest amount ever: $810 million. Among those hoping to cash in on the massive winnings is the entire workforce of Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers. The owner of the fast food company is buying the equivalent of one ticket for each of...

Mega Millions Jackpot Climbs to $790M

No one has matched all 6 numbers in the past 27 drawings

(Newser) - Lottery officials on Friday raised the Mega Millions grand prize to $790 million, giving players a shot at what would be the nation's fourth-largest jackpot. The next drawing is on Tuesday, the AP reports. The jackpot has grown so large because there hasn't been a winner in three...

You Had One Job, Lottery Ball Caller

Mega Millions suspends payments after host mistakes a 9 for a 6

(Newser) - The man calling the winner numbers in this week's Mega Millions jackpot made a very public mistake, one that has resulted in temporarily suspended payouts. John Crow mistook a 9 for a 6 in his televised announcement, reports CNN . As you might expect, that caused quite a bit of...

Man's Fortune Cookie Pays Off Bigger Than Anticipated

NC's Gabriel Fierro used numbers inside cookie to play Mega Millions, won $4M

(Newser) - Some fortune cookies predict good fortune. Others apparently directly deliver it. That was the case for North Carolina's Gabriel Fierro, who won a $4 million Mega Millions prize after playing the numbers he found inside a fortune cookie, WSLS reports. Per the North Carolina Education Lottery , Fierro—a 60-year-old...

$3M Prize in Spam Folder Turns Out to Be Real
Woman Checks Spam,
Finds a $3M Treat

Woman Checks Spam, Finds a $3M Treat

Michigan's Laura Spears was a big winner in Mega Millions draw; notice went to spam folder

(Newser) - Usually when an email in your spam folder announces you've won millions of dollars, it's a scam. Luckily for Michigan's Laura Spears, she believed the email in her spam folder that appeared to have come from the Michigan Lottery and is now $3 million richer as a...

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