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Health Groups on Philip Morris Move: 'Reprehensible'

Big Tobacco giant has scooped up UK pharma company Vectura, which makes asthma inhalers

(Newser) - If it seems odd to you that a Big Tobacco giant would be getting into the asthma inhaler business, you're not the only one. NPR notes that "health groups are suspicious" after it was announced Thursday that Philip Morris International has become the majority stakeholder of Vectura, a...

Tobacco Firm CEO Says He Wants a Smoke-Free World

Philip Morris chief says company aims to stop selling cigarettes in UK by 2030

(Newser) - Philip Morris International chief executive Jacek Olczak spoke out against his company's best-known product Sunday, telling British newspapers that he fully supports a government plan to eliminate smoking by 2030. He said the government should ban smoking and the company would like to "see the world without cigarettes...

Philip Morris Says It Is Giving Up Cigarettes

But it's not going cold turkey

(Newser) - Tobacco giant Philip Morris says it is giving up cigarettes—and its customers should, too. In full-page ads placed in British newspapers, the Marlboro maker says its New Year's resolution for 2018 is to work toward stopping selling cigarettes in Britain and to replace them with products like e-cigarettes...

Philip Morris' International War on Tobacco Controls
Leaked Documents Reveal
Tobacco Company's Secret War

Leaked Documents Reveal Tobacco Company's Secret War

Philip Morris International is working to undermine WHO tobacco control treaty

(Newser) - Philip Morris International—the largest publicly traded tobacco firm in the world—"is running a secretive campaign" against a World Health Organization treaty credited with saving millions of lives in what could be "one of the broadest corporate lobbying efforts in existence," Reuters reports.The news agency...

Philip Morris CEO Wants to Stop Selling Cigarettes 'Soon'

Andre Calantzopoulos' master plan: to replace them with 'smokeless' alternatives

(Newser) - Philip Morris has launched its IQOS smokeless cigarette in the UK, adding to the product's presence in more than a dozen other markets overseas, including Japan and Italy, City AM reports. The cigarette alternative heats up just enough tobacco without burning it to create a vapor, leading to a...

11K Marlboro Smokers Seek Share of $45M Settlement

Anybody who bought them in Arkansas before 2010 qualifies

(Newser) - Anybody who bought Marlboro Lights or Ultra Lights in Arkansas over a 40-year period qualifies for a share of a $45 million settlement of a class-action lawsuit, and more than 11,000 have applied. The settlement applies to anybody who bought the brands between 1971, when Marlboro Lights were introduced,...

Delta the Least Respected Brand in America
Delta the Least Respected Brand in America
survey says

Delta the Least Respected Brand in America

Pepsi, Coca-Cola are apparently the most respected

(Newser) - Poor Delta: It gets less respect than even Denny's and cigarette maker Philip Morris. A new survey of businesspeople finds the airline is the least respected of the brands studied, Yahoo Finance reports. The most respected? PepsiCo and Coca-Cola, in a tie. CoreBrand, a branding research firm, asked respondents...

Marlboro Maker Targets China's Vaccine Market

Philip Morris trying to move beyond cigarettes

(Newser) - Marlboro maker Philip Morris only has a tiny sliver of China's gargantuan cigarette market, but it is determined to do business in the country, even if that means moving beyond traditional cigarettes, the Wall Street Journal reports. China's state-owned tobacco firm has a virtual monopoly on cigarettes sales,...

Tobacco Firms Knew of Radiation in Cigs—in 1959

They studied polonium and its link to cancer in the 1960s

(Newser) - Tobacco companies were well aware that their products contained radiation—and they discovered this decades ago, UCLA researchers studying 27 historical documents have found. The firms learned of the presence of polonium-210 in cigarettes in 1959, and they examined the radioactive material's effects during the 1960s, documents show. They...

Big Tobacco Beats Hospital Lawsuit
Big Tobacco Beats
Hospital Lawsuit

Big Tobacco Beats Hospital Lawsuit

Landmark Missouri suit fails

(Newser) - It was a "case of David versus Goliath," as hospitals took on tobacco companies in Missouri, a hospital lawyer says—and Goliath won. A jury decided yesterday that tobacco companies aren't liable for money spent on patients with tobacco-related illnesses who can't pay their bills, reports...

Kids Toil in Philip Morris' Tobacco Fields

 Kids Toil, Get Sick 
 in Philip Morris 
 Tobacco Fields 
human rights watch report

Kids Toil, Get Sick in Philip Morris Tobacco Fields

Children absorb nicotine equivalent to 36 cigarettes a day

(Newser) - In the tobacco fields that supply a Philip Morris factory in Kazakhstan, child laborers as young as 10 encounter such high doses of nicotine that they feel dizzy, vomit, and develop rashes on their necks and stomachs, a condition known as "green tobacco sickness." Other migrant tobacco workers...

Big Tobacco Sues Over 'Disgusting' Anti-Smoking Posters

Firms seek to quash graphic NYC ads

(Newser) - Images of cancerous lungs, rotting teeth, and brain damage caused by smoking are "unappetizing," complain lawyers for tobacco companies suing New York City. RJ Reynolds, Philip Morris, and Lorillard are taking the city to court over anti-smoking ads that stores selling cigarettes are now legally required to post...

Fla. Jury: Philip Morris Must Pay Ex-Smoker $300M

Tobacco company found negligent in state's largest verdict

(Newser) - A South Florida jury today ordered Philip Morris to pay $300 million to a former smoker, agreeing that the tobacco company's negligence was the cause of her emphysema. The award for Cindy Naugle, 61, is the largest to date among thousands of lawsuits filed in the state against tobacco companies....

Dow Up 36 Points; Consumer Stocks Gain
 Dow Up 36 Points; 
 Consumer Stocks Gain 

Dow Up 36 Points; Consumer Stocks Gain

Indices all post solid gains for the week

(Newser) - Stocks posted gains today, closing out a strong week as consumer stocks saw advances, the Wall Street Journal reports. Procter & Gamble gained 3.21% after Citigroup upgraded the firm’s shares to “buy.” Optimism about a recovery in consumer spending drove Starbucks up 3.64%, with PepsiCo...

Aussies May Charge $20 Per Pack of Ciggies

(Newser) - Australians may be coughing up $20 for a pack of cigarettes if officials approve a new anti-smoking plan, the Age reports. The proposal, designed to cut Aussie smoking by a third, would ban all tobacco sponsorship and online sales, devote 95% of cigarette packaging to graphic health warnings, and tax...

Tobacco Bill's Winners: Philip Morris, Lawyers
Tobacco Bill's Winners: Philip Morris, Lawyers

Tobacco Bill's Winners: Philip Morris, Lawyers

We're smoking less because it's dumb, not because of policy: Will

(Newser) - President Obama might have praised Congress' tobacco bill, but for George F. Will, the new legislation gives just two muscular groups reason to celebrate: Philip Morris and "the Democratic Party's fountain of funds, the trial bar." New restrictions on cigarette advertising will help Philip Morris vault over competitors,...

Cigarette Companies Lied, Appeals Court Rules

(Newser) - Tobacco companies engaged in “deceits” and knowingly marketed cigarettes without regard for consumers’ health, violating civil racketeering laws, a federal appeals court ruled today. In upholding the verdict in a landmark case brought by the Clinton Justice Department in 1999, the court refused to overturn a district judge’s...

Supreme Court Refuses Philip Morris Appeal

$79.5M case was seen as way to clamp down on punitive damages

(Newser) - Big business once hoped that the Supreme Court would use a tobacco lawsuit bouncing around the court system since 1999 to clamp down on the awarding of punitive damages. Instead, the AP reports, the Supreme Court gave a one-sentence order refusing to hear an appeal of a $79.5 million...

Florida Jury Awards $8M to Smoker's Family

Philip Morris vows to appeal verdict

(Newser) - Philip Morris must pay $8 million to the widow and son of a 55-year-old lung cancer victim, a Florida jury says. Jurors in the closely watched case decided that the cigarette maker hid the health risks and addictive qualities of cigarettes, the Miami Herald reports. Stuart Hess smoked about two...

Addiction Led to Smoker's Death: Jury

Widow scores first blood in potentially groundbreaking trial

(Newser) - Addiction to cigarettes caused chain smoker Stuart Hess’ death from lung cancer, a Florida jury ruled yesterday, paving the way for his widow to receive damages from Phillip Morris. The case is the first of 8,000 to spin out of a landmark 1994 class-action suit. That case's $145 billion...

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