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Starting a Business? Best and Worst States

You might want to head West to Utah

(Newser) - If you want to hang your shingle and start up a small business, there are certain states that are more willing to help out your dreams of a dog-treat bakery or fly-fishing shop. Wallethub crunched the numbers, looking at metrics that included business environment (growth in the number of startups,...

Looking to Start a Biz? Check Out These Cities

Orlando tops WalletHub's ranking of America's most startup-friendly places

(Newser) - It's been a tough few years for business owners across the nation, from the pandemic to rising prices due to inflation. However, current challenges haven't stopped some from mulling over launching their own business—a sign of what WalletHub calls Americans' unstoppable "entrepreneurial streak." In an...

Florida's Newest Business Owner: Casey Anthony

Woman acquitted of killing toddler daughter in 2011 has opened a private investigation firm

(Newser) - While it's been a tough year for small businesses, a new one has just popped up in Florida. Per Fox News , state records show that paperwork for Case Research & Consulting Services, LLC, was filed Dec. 14, and the private investigation firm has a well-known name as its owner:...

Mnuchin: Let's Forgive Those Small-Business Loans

The treasury secretary echoes a proposal made by banks and trade associations

(Newser) - Good news for small-business owners: You might not have to pay back that federal loan. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said as much Friday in a House committee meeting where he pushed for another round of Paycheck Protection Program loans to struggling businesses, the Wall Street Journal reports. "One of...

Deal Reached on $500B Coronavirus Relief Plan
Senate Passes $484B
Coronavirus Relief Plan

Senate Passes $484B Coronavirus Relief Plan

It includes $25B for coronavirus testing

(Newser) - Congress and the White House reached a deal on a new $484 billion coronavirus relief package in late-night talks and it sailed through the Senate on Tuesday. The package includes around $310 billion for the Small Business Administration's Paycheck Protection Program, which ran out of money last week after...

White House, Congress 'Very Close' to $450B Deal

Aid package will offer billions for hospitals, testing

(Newser) - The Trump administration and Congress are nearing an agreement as early as Sunday on an aid package of up to $450 billion to boost a small-business loan program that has run out of money and add funds for hospitals and COVID-19 testing, the AP reports. With small-business owners reeling during...

Small Businesses Looking for Help Get Bad News

Fund established by Congress runs out of money, and lawmakers can't agree on next steps

(Newser) - Owners of small businesses who are turning to a government website for help in the coronavirus outbreak now see the worst possible update: "SBA is unable to accept new applications at this time ... based on available appropriations funding," reads the notice by the Small Business Administration. The problem...

Fed Chief: Economy's Rebound May Be 'Robust'

Agency unveils $2.3T loan program to help small businesses, cities

(Newser) - The Federal Reserve is taking additional steps to provide up to $2.3 trillion in loans to support the economy, per the AP . The money will target American households and businesses, as well as local governments besieged by the coronavirus outbreak. The Fed said Thursday that it's activating a...

10 Best US Cities for Business Startups

Orlando tops WalletHub's list

(Newser) - Anyone stuck in a cubicle at a dead-end job has dreamed of either hitting it big in the lottery or of starting a business—and for the latter, there are certain US cities that may be just the ticket to making that dream become reality. WalletHub examined startup opportunities in...

Obama Delays Health Care Site for Small Businesses

It's the third time promised portal has been pushed back

(Newser) - The long-promised small-business portal at will be launching in November—November 2014, that is. The Obama administration had promised that the site, which was originally slated to open back in October, would launch by the end of this month, but Health and Human Services officials today confirmed for...

Romney on Obama Quote: That Was No Gaffe

President's 'you didn't build that' comment is his ideology, says Republican

(Newser) - Mitt Romney is apparently looking to turn a President Obama comment from last week—"If you've got a business, you didn't build that. Somebody else made that happen"—into a campaign theme. Romney says the comment, which the Republican candidate has focused on for three straight...

Occupiers to Black Friday Shoppers: Go Local

Movement backs mom-and-pop businesses over big-box stores

(Newser) - Occupy protesters have a Black Friday message: If you’re going to shop, hit up mom-and-pop stores, not big-box chains. Taking action across the country, protesters are voicing support for small businesses and opposition to shopping binges, the AP reports. In Washington, Occupiers are setting up a “really, really...

Occupy Side Effect: 21 Cafe Workers Lose Jobs

Protests damaging small business, Milk Street Cafe owner says

(Newser) - Is Occupy Wall Street inadvertently hurting the little guy? That’s what Marc Epstein, owner of Wall Street’s Milk Street Cafe, claims. Thanks to the protests—and the resulting police barricades that line Wall Street, which he says somewhat hide his eatery and make it difficult for people to...

Confessions of a 'Job Creator'

 Confessions of a 'Job Creator' 
Dana Milbank

Confessions of a 'Job Creator'

Dana Milbank admits his corporation employs no one

(Newser) - Dana Milbank is a job creator. Oh sure, “I have never knowingly created a job,” he writes in the Washington Post . “But I am a job creator in the sense that Republicans mean when they say ‘don’t tax our job creators more.’” Republicans...

Hackers Take Aim at Small Businesses

Cyberthieves find them to be tempting targets: Wall Street Journal

(Newser) - It’s not just Sony and Citigroup that face a hacking threat: Small businesses are becoming an increasingly popular target, reports the Wall Street Journal . Of 761 data breaches investigated in 2010, 63% were against firms with 100 or fewer workers. Some 95% of the credit card breaches Visa has...

38% of Small Companies Would Die Without Mobile Apps

...say small companies, which employ two to 50 workers

(Newser) - It may sound a little dramatic, but 38% of small business say they "could not survive" or would have a very tough time surviving without mobile apps, according to an AT&T survey. Of 2,246 small businesses polled, a full 72% said that they used mobile apps in...

AOL Co-Founder to Head 'Startup America'

Steve Case to lead White House's pro-entrepreneurship campaign

(Newser) - President Obama's entrepreneurship campaign is getting a helping hand from the tech industry. AOL co-founder Steve Case will lead the "Startup America Partnership," a drive to increase investments in startups and small businesses, Bloomberg reports. The initiative already has the backing of a number of tech giants: Intel...

Obama Rips Senate GOP for 'Filibustering Our Recovery'

Pushes hard for jobless benefits, small-business tax breaks

(Newser) - President Obama is slamming Senate Republicans who "filibuster our recovery and obstruct our progress" in his weekly address today, accusing them of making their stand at the expense of the unemployed "after years of championing policies that turned a record surplus into a massive deficit." Lawmakers have...

BP Boycotts Hurt the Little Guy
 BP Boycotts 
 Hurt the Little Guy 

BP Boycotts Hurt the Little Guy

Protests primarily affect small business owners

(Newser) - BP could be the most hated company in America right now, and popular anger is taking the form of boycotts against its gas stations all over the country. But BP stations are individually owned, so protests really just hurt the small-business owners who had the bad luck to sign up...

Small-Biz Owners Offer Obama Brilliant Ideas
Small-Biz Owners Offer Obama Brilliant Ideas
give me $40K. Now.

Small-Biz Owners Offer Obama Brilliant Ideas

Jarrett was looking for ideas on jobs, found whole bunch of crazy

(Newser) - Valerie Jarrett might be questioning the wisdom of "ask and you shall receive" after the Obama adviser asked small businesses on LinkedIn what steps they think "government should take to help American businesses spur job creation." What she got, the Business Insider reports, is "a long...

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