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3 Coyotes Killed in San Francisco After Attack on Girl, 5

Child was attacked at city's botanical garden

(Newser) - Wildlife officers shot and killed three coyotes at the San Francisco Botanical Garden over the weekend after a coyote attacked a 5-year-old girl, authorities said Monday. Two coyotes were shot on Saturday and one was shot on Sunday, said Patrick Foy, a spokesperson for the California Department of Fish and...

That's No Dog Spotted in NYC
That's No Dog
Spotted in NYC

That's No Dog Spotted in NYC

Runner's run-in with coyote puts spotlight on city wildlife

(Newser) - A man on an early morning run in New York City couldn't believe his eyes when he ended up in an expected staring competition with a "giant" city-dwelling coyote. Brett Cohn was running in Central Park, along the 72nd Street Traverse toward the Ramble, after 7am Saturday when...

Hiker Kills Rabid Coyote With Bare Hands

Rhode Island man was bitten on leg

(Newser) - A rabid coyote attacked a Rhode Island hiker Friday—and the man then killed the animal with his bare hands. The man was hiking in the woods about 10 miles from Providence when the coyote bit him on the leg, NBC News reports. The man then pinned the coyote to...

To Kill Coyotes, Town Calls In Federal Sharpshooters

Coyotes are killing pets in increasingly brazen attacks in Nahant, Massachusetts

(Newser) - More than 3,000 humans and around a dozen coyotes live in the Massachusetts town of Nahant's one square mile—and they are not living in harmony. The town's three-member Board of Selectmen voted last month to make the town the first in the state to call in...

Video Shows Father Saving 2-Year-Old from Coyote

Girl is recovering from her injuries but coyote remains on the loose

(Newser) - A two-year-old girl is recovering from her injuries after being attacked by a coyote in the Woodland Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles. Per CNN , it happened Friday afternoon in front of the family’s home. The father, Ariel Eliyahuo, had just pulled into the driveway after picking the kids up...

'Distressed' Lost Puppy Wasn't Actually a Puppy

Massachusetts family ended up bringing home a baby coyote

(Newser) - A Massachusetts family that thought they'd brought home a lost, terrified puppy they found by the side of a road got quite the surprise when a local wildlife center identified what it actually was: a baby coyote. In what WMUR calls a "major mix-up," the family spotted...

DNA Confirms Coyote Shot by Police Attacked Girl

Results from rabies tests are not in yet

(Newser) - Update: A DNA test has confirmed that the coyote that attacked a 2-year-old on a California beach last week has been killed. State officials said a DNA sample from the girl's arm matched one of the two coyotes police shot Thursday night near the spot on Huntington Beach where...

Government Agents Killed 200 Animals an Hour in 2021

Critic slams USDA's Wildlife Services as 'taxpayer-funded wildlife slaughter'

(Newser) - A government agency killed more than 1.75 million animals across the country in 2021, in what it claims were necessary actions. New data shows the Wildlife Services branch of the US Department of Agriculture, which acts to "resolve wildlife conflicts to allow people and wildlife to coexist,"...

Child's Evening Frolic on Cape Cod Beach Ends With Coyote Bite

Luckily, animal didn't have rabies; child said to be recovering from non-life-threatening injuries

(Newser) - A child's visit to a Provincetown beach turned ugly on Wednesday evening. A coyote bit the unidentified youngster at North Herring Cove Beach, part of the Cape Cod National Seashore, around 8:30pm, sending the child to Cape Cod Hospital with what the National Park Service says were non-life-threatening...

'Unusually Bold' Coyote Gets a Death Sentence

Calgary plans to trap and kill animal

(Newser) - A "unusually bold and aggressive" coyote has been attacking people in Calgary, Alberta, and its days appear to be numbered. The city says the coyote is suspected of three attacks in the northwest part of the city, in which at least two people were bitten. Nicole Au was playing...

Cubs Can Be Killed in Alaska Dens Under Trump Rule Change

NPS, Fish and WiNPS, Fish and Wildlife to relax Obama-era regulations related to federal lands

(Newser) - Two federal agencies are relaxing Obama-era regulations on wildlife, now allowing for more hunting and trapping at national preserves throughout Alaska. The Alaska Daily News reports that the rolling back by the National Park Service and Fish and Wildlife Service of the 2015 prohibitions will allow hunters to take black...

Canada Goose Makes a Big Change on Fur

Parka maker says it will only buy 'reclaimed' fur

(Newser) - After years of pressure from PETA and other groups, Canada Goose says it is making a big change on the use of coyote fur in its luxury parkas—but it's not being eliminated. Instead, the company says that starting in 2022, it will no longer buy "virgin" fur...

After Attack on Son, Dad Kills Coyote With His Bare Hands

'It was very much the aggressor,' NH father says

(Newser) - A New Hampshire father took his family for a hike on Monday and ended up killing an apparently rabid coyote with his bare hands. Police say Ian O'Reilly went into "protection mode and suffocated the coyote until it succumbed" after the animal attacked his 2-year-old son on a...

Boy, 5, Attacked by Coyote—in Chicago

The child was outside a nature museum in Lincoln Park; man was attacked hours later

(Newser) - A 5-year-old boy was attacked by a coyote Wednesday—in Chicago. The boy was outside the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, which is in the city's Lincoln Park, when the animal bit him "multiple times," including on the head, per police. He was taken to Lurie Children's...

'Docile' Coyote Spends 11 Hours in Man's Car

He thought it was a big dog, possibly a husky

(Newser) - A Canadian man on his way to work a night shift hit what he thought was a large dog with his car and put the dazed animal in his Hyundai to protect it from predators. But when Eli Boroditsky arrived at work, colleagues at a Manitoba cheese factory told him...

Video Captures Girl's Narrow Escape From Coyote

It charged at her in Chicago-area front yard

(Newser) - After 5-year-old Christine came running inside with what her mom calls a "wild story" about being chased by a coyote, the Chicago-area girl's parents checked surveillance video and discovered that she had survived a terrifying close call, ABC News reports. Video of the encounter shows Christine, who had...

'Incredibly Rare': Extinct Wolf DNA Turns Up in Texas

Canines on Galveston Island could be red wolf-coyote hybrid

(Newser) - The red wolf was declared effectively extinct in the American wild almost 40 years ago, but, like the Neanderthal, it lives on in descendants still thriving today. That's the welcome discovery revealed in a study in Genes , which found a substantial amount of red wolf DNA in two road-kill...

Coyote Involved in Rash of NY Attacks Had Rabies

6 people were attacked, animals were attacked and killed

(Newser) - Over a 24-hour period last week, a coyote or coyotes attacked multiple people, killed a dog, and may have mauled three sheep—one fatally—in Yonkers and surrounding areas of New York. Now authorities say a coyote believed to have been involved was rabid. The coyote was captured and killed...

Woman Picks Up Surprise Passenger on Her Commute

Georgie Knox had no clue there was a coyote in her car's grille

(Newser) - Wile E. Coyote may be accustomed to vehicular chaos , but it was one of his cousins in the Great White North that took a wild ride last week. Canada's Georgie Knox says she was on her way to her job in Calgary early one morning when a coyote ran...

Feds Need Public Help Collecting Coyote Poop

The National Park Service wants to learn about urban coyotes

(Newser) - Don't mind searching for coyote poop, or parsing through that poop for digested food bits? Then the National Park Service (NPS) wants you. It's seeking volunteers to help find and analyze coyote excrement, called scat, across the Los Angeles area, My News LA reports. The idea is to...

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