West Virginia

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Candidate Says Snake Bites Worse Than Losing Election
Candidate Bitten by Snakes
While Taking Down Signs

Candidate Bitten by Snakes While Taking Down Signs

West Virginia candidate Doug Skaff says it was worse than losing the election

(Newser) - Former West Virginia House of Delegates member Doug Skaff lost the Republican primary for secretary of state on Tuesday—but that wasn't the worst thing to happen to him this week. The 47-year-old was bitten by two copperhead snakes while he was taking down campaign signs with his 7-year-son...

Remains Found in Cold Case on Same Day Suspect Dies

Elderly suspect had been arrested in 2000 disappearance of mother, daughter

(Newser) - Remains believed to be that of a woman and her daughter who have not been seen in nearly 24 years were found at a southern West Virginia home—on the same day that the girl's alleged killer died while imprisoned, per the AP . Susan Carter and her daughter, Natasha...

West Virginia's Transgender Sports Ban Gets Bad News

4th US Circuit Court of Appeals says it's a Title IX violation

(Newser) - A federal appeals court has overturned a West Virginia transgender sports ban, finding that the law violates Title IX, the federal civil-rights law that prohibits sex-based discrimination in schools. The ruling Tuesday from the 4th US Circuit Court of Appeals blocks a West Virginia law banning transgender girls from playing...

This Is the Most Stressed-Out State in America

Louisiana tops WalletHub's list, while Minnesotans emerge as the least stressed

(Newser) - If you've been living a relaxed, relatively stress-free life for the past few years, a) you're lying, and b) if you're not lying, can you tell us your secret? The folks in Louisiana certainly would like to know, as the Pelican State ranks as the most-stressed state...

Community Steps Up After Truck Hits Animal Shelter

Within hours, foster homes were found for 146 dogs

(Newser) - An animal shelter in Charleston, West Virginia, put out an urgent plea for people to foster its dogs after a vehicle plowed into its building Wednesday, shelter officials said. The Kanawha-Charleston Humane Association said on Facebook that a rental truck struck the building as workers were cleaning, the AP reports....

No One Wants to Go to Mike Johnson's GOP Retreat

Fewer than 100 House Republicans plan to attend in W. Va., with some saying they're tired of drama

(Newser) - This year's retreat for House Republicans is nestled in the Allegheny Mountains of West Virginia, promising a break from the confines of DC and a chance for the GOP to recalibrate ahead of the November election. It doesn't look like the getaway will be a particularly well-attended event,...

Lawmakers OK Bill Nixing Marital Loophole for Sex Assault

Legislation now heads to desk of West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice to sign

(Newser) - Certain sexual assaults against a spouse would be criminalized in West Virginia for the first time under a bill passed Friday by the Republican-dominated House of Delegates. The bill would remove marriage as a defense to first- and third-degree sexual assault. The House passed the bill without debate on a...

Here Are the Most, Least Educated States in America

Massachusetts tops WalletHub's list, West Virginia brings up the rear

(Newser) - If your mantra is "surround yourself with people smarter than you are," some US states may be a better bet than others, per WalletHub , which looked at the data to see which states offer more in the way of education. The site examined 18 metrics in two main...

Job Hunting? Here's the Best Place in America for It

Washington state ranks No. 1 in WalletHub's ranking of the best states for employment

(Newser) - It can be grueling pounding the pavement in search of a new job, what with all of the resume prep, job board scouring, and interview processes. WalletHub wanted to see which parts of America were more job-hunter friendly, so it looked at nearly three dozen metrics in all 50 states,...

Here Are the Chubbiest States in America

And the least chubbiest

(Newser) - "Being overweight is becoming the new normal in America." So says WalletHub in its list of the chubbiest and slimmest states in the nation. The site took a look at obesity and overweight prevalence, health consequences, and food and fitness, and cross-referenced them across 31 health metrics. (Note:...

A Manchin Run for the WH Could Pull In the 'Double Haters'
As Manchin
Exits the Senate,
WH Buzz Begins

As Manchin Exits the Senate, WH Buzz Begins

Conservative Dem could draw 'double haters' of Biden, Trump if he runs for president

(Newser) - Joe Manchin's announcement Thursday that he won't be running for reelection next year to represent West Virginia in the US Senate has Democrats now sweating over the loss of one of their own seats, putting the party's razor-thin 51-49 majority in peril. Now, new buzz is swirling...

Joe Manchin Won't Seek Reelection to Senate

It's bad news for Democrats, who will likely lose the seat to a Republican

(Newser) - Joe Manchin just delivered bad news to Senate Democrats: The West Virginia senator announced Thursday that he will not run for reelection in 2024, reports Politico . The decision means his Democratic seat will almost certainly go to a Republican in the deep-red state, according to both Politico and the Hill...

This Is the Most Diverse State in America

California ranks No. 1 on WalletHub's list; West Virginia is in last place

(Newser) - If you're looking to set down roots in a true melting pot—in a place that WalletHub notes features "a complex tapestry of backgrounds"—there are some places in America that thrive when it comes to diversity. The site wanted to determine "where idea and identity...

Young Professionals, Check Out the Work Climate Here

New England dominates Scholaroo's best states for workers trying to establish their careers

(Newser) - If you've just graduated or are graduating soon and are looking for a place to jump-start your career, some states offer more in the way of job markets and affordable living. Scholaroo attempts to flesh out which US states are the best for today's young professionals, using nearly...

This Is the Happiest State in America

Utah takes the top spot in WalletHub ranking, West Virginia is last

(Newser) - In some states, happiness seems to come more easily. WalletHub analyzed various environmental factors to see which US states boast more contented surroundings, examining 30 metrics in three main categories: emotional and physical well-being, including such factors as the share of adults with depression or alcohol use disorder, life expectancy,...

Drivers in This State Are the Most Confrontational

Arizona tops Forbes Advisor's list of those with the most road rage

(Newser) - Road rage: Most of us have dealt with it, in one form or another. Those different forms—cutting people off, not letting others change lanes, honking the horn, and flipping the bird, just to name a few—are what Forbes Advisor included in its attempt to determine which states have...

He Escaped Prison on a Jet Ski, Is Caught in West Virginia

3 people found with escaped convict will be charged with helping him

(Newser) - A convicted rapist who authorities say used a jet ski during an escape from an Arkansas prison last year was arrested Tuesday in West Virginia, the US Marshals Service said. Samuel Paul Hartman, 39, was arrested along with his wife, his mother, and his mother's boyfriend at a hotel...

Judge: State Abortion Pill Ban Can Override FDA Approval

He says West Virginia can restrict sale of pill

(Newser) - West Virginia can restrict the sale of the abortion pill, despite federal regulators' approval of it as a safe and effective medication, a federal judge has ruled. US District Court Judge Robert C. Chambers determined Thursday that the near-total abortion ban signed by Republican Gov. Jim Justice in September 2022...

Manchin Thinking 'Very Seriously' About Switching Party Affiliation

He 'absolutely' might become an independent, senator says

(Newser) - All eyes turned to Sen. Joe Manchin last year after his fellow centrist in the congressional body, Arizona's Kyrsten Sinema, switched her party affiliation from Democrat to independent. At the time, Manchin said he had no plans to make a change , but time has passed since then and the...

This Is the Best State in America for Health Care

Minnesota tops WalletHub's list, with West Virginia coming in last

(Newser) - Health care in the US before COVID was already a prime political topic—and after the pandemic hit, it became even more so. WalletHub wanted to see which states offered the best, most affordable services, so it looked at all 50 states and Washington, DC, using more than 40 metrics...

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