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Study Finds Evidence of Some Form of Life After Death

 Study Finds Evidence 
 of Some Form of 
 Life After Death 
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Study Finds Evidence of Some Form of Life After Death

Largest scientific study of its kind finds awareness can continue for minutes

(Newser) - There have long been stories of near-death or out-of-body experiences, but as researchers at the University of Southampton in the UK note, "objective studies on these experiences are limited." So they decided to investigate whether these claims corresponded with actual events. Their conclusion: It does seem to be...

In Rat Brains, a Clue to Near-Death Experiences

 Clue to Near-Death 
 Experiences Uncovered 
study says

Clue to Near-Death Experiences Uncovered

Scientists find rats' brains go into overdrive after cardiac arrest

(Newser) - A fascinating (and somewhat macabre) new study may explain the so-called "near-death experiences" described by many people. Scientists studied the brains of nine rats as they were being euthanized and found that just after the rats' hearts stopped, their brains became more active than normal, NPR reports. This sort...

Out-of-Body Experience? Nope, You're Just Confused

It's all a matter of a disoriented brain: scientists

(Newser) - Out-of-body experiences may feel spiritual—but scientists say they can explain them without reference to the supernatural: conflicting senses create the experience by addling the brain, they say. To explore the idea, researchers attached subjects to virtual-reality goggles that showed them a 3D-enhanced avatar of themselves. At one point, they...

Hospitals Try to Prove Out-of-Body Experiences

Researchers hang images in emergency room to test near-dead

(Newser) - Researchers in the US and UK have devised a devilishly simple plan for putting claims of out-of-body experiences to the test. Since patients who knock on death’s door often report watching themselves being resuscitated from above, researchers have taken the step of hanging images face-up from the ceilings in...

Out-of-Body Experience Induced in Lab

Study unlocks clues to near-death phenomenon

(Newser) - Scientists researching out-of-body experiences have discovered ways to trigger the phenomenon in volunteers, the BBC reports. Researchers using virtual reality goggles and  body images were able to trick participants into thinking they had moved several feet away from their bodies. The results, published in the journal Science, offer intriguing neurological...

5 Stories