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Francis Raises Red Flag on Artificial Intelligence

Pope says human dignity should come first when dealing with AI

(Newser) - Pope Francis challenged leaders of the world's wealthy democracies on Friday to keep human dignity foremost in developing and using artificial intelligence, warning that such powerful technology risks turning human relations themselves into mere algorithms. Francis brought his moral authority to bear on the Group of Seven, invited by...

In Tech Mecca, the Trains Run on Floppy Disks

San Francisco's train system needs a costly reboot

(Newser) - Despite its location in the nation's hub of cutting-edge tech, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) relies on an aging piece of tech to keep its trains moving. While the 5 1/4-inch floppy disks used to run Muni Metro's Automatic Train Control System were innovative back when...

High-Tech Spying in High Schools Busts Vapers

Students often aren't told of sensors, surveillance in school bathrooms

(Newser) - When Aaliyah Iglesias was caught vaping at a Texas high school, suddenly, the rest of her high school experience was threatened: being student council president, her role as debate team captain, and walking at graduation. Even her college scholarships. She was sent to the district's alternative school for 30...

New Helmet Levels Playing Field for Deaf Players

Gallaudet's invention has a digital readout display that may also apply to life outside sports

(Newser) - Shelby Bean could not help but feel a bit jealous. As a deaf football player for four years at Gallaudet, he called defensive plays with American Sign Language and dealt with other obstacles hearing opponents never need to worry about. Now an assistant coach, he was on the sideline earlier...

Barbie Star Cera: No Smartphone for Me, Thanks

Actor's flip phone kept him from taking part in film's group chat

(Newser) - If you happen to spot someone these days who's still carrying around a flip phone, they're likely either an AARP member or trying to be retro. Michael Cera is neither, and proof that, per CNN , "sometimes stars aren't just like us." The 35-year-old Arrested Development...

In 22 Words, Tech Leaders Warn of Colossal AI Risks

The statement compares AI danger to pandemics and nuclear weapons

(Newser) - A host of tech industry leaders published a stark warning about the real dangers of artificial intelligence Tuesday. The statement published by the nonprofit Center for AI Safety reads, "Mitigating the risk of extinction from AI should be a global priority alongside other societal-scale risks such as pandemics and...

If You Want to Keep Your Dusty Gmail Account, Act Now

If you haven't used an old Gmail account for two years or longer, sign in to keep it

(Newser) - Even a global tech behemoth like Google has to do a little housecleaning sometimes. In a blog post published Tuesday, Google VP of Product Management Ruth Kricheli announced changes to the company's inactive account policies. Kricheli said that starting in December, the company will begin deleting accounts that have...

Missing Tech CEO's Remains Found 18 Months Later

Sober Grid founder Beau Mann was found a mile from where he was last seen

(Newser) - Beau Mann—the 39-year-old founder of Sober Grid, an app designed to aid addicts in recovery—disappeared after a mysterious Uber ride 18 months ago. His remains have now been found, reports SF Gate , and in a Facebook statement, his family said he'd been identified through dental records. The...

Google Warns 3B Users of New Chrome 'Zero Day'

The search giant says hackers know about the issue and can exploit it

(Newser) - Google has released a security update for its Chrome web browser addressing issues, including one it considers a severe risk. For over 3 billion global Chrome users, the April 11 discovery of the first known Zero Day vulnerability of the year adds urgency to the call for users to update...

High-Tech Japan Struggles to Ditch Floppy Disks

Nation's digital minister pledges to get rid of them in government use

(Newser) - Japan may be known for its tech savvy, but government offices still use the humble floppy disk for data storage. As a result, the nation's digital minister has announced that he is declaring "war" on the technology, which first surfaced in the 1960s, reports the Sydney Morning Herald ...

Goodbye, Internet Explorer, We Hardly Liked Ye

Microsoft stops supporting the once-dominant browser today

(Newser) - Internet Explorer is finally headed out to pasture. As of Wednesday, Microsoft will no longer support the once-dominant browser that legions of web surfers loved to hate—and a few still claim to adore, per the AP . The 27-year-old application now joins BlackBerry phones, dial-up modems, and Palm Pilots in...

An Artificial Nose Is Sniffing Out Fake Whiskey
An Artificial Nose
Is Sniffing Out
Fake Whiskey

An Artificial Nose Is Sniffing Out Fake Whiskey

Study suggests NOS.E prototype is quite accurate and quick to boot

(Newser) - Few people can identify a whiskey from only a sniff—which is a problem for those willing to pay more than $10,000 for a supposedly rare dram in an industry proliferated by fake vintages . At least it was a problem before the NOS.E—an electronic nose that researchers...

This BMW Changes Color at the Touch of a Button

E-ink vehicle wrap works like an e-reader

(Newser) - The future could see you changing the color of your car with the touch of a button. The technology already exists, as BMW showcased Tuesday at CES, the annual consumer technology trade show in Las Vegas. The car maker unveiled an SUV whose exterior can change from white to black...

Here Are the Perks to Best Buy's $200 Annual Membership

Including installation services, unlimited tech support, free shipping

(Newser) - Love your devices, but hate dealing with issues? Best Buy is testing a new annual membership program to rival Amazon Prime. For $199.99 per year (or $179.99 per year with the Best Buy credit card), customers can enjoy unlimited tech support from the Geek Squad, free installations of...

Can You Stay Away From Tech for a Day? $2.4K Awaits's 'detox' challenge offers the chance to ditch your phone, TV, other devices for cash prize

(Newser) - Could you go a whole day without checking your smartphone, posting on Instagram, and watching TV? There could be $2,400 in it for you if you think you're up for the task. CNN reports on the 2021 Digital Detox Challenge being held by , which offers a...

Christopher Walken: I've Never Sent a Text, Email
Christopher Walken Has
a Surprising Confession
in case you missed it

Christopher Walken Has a Surprising Confession

77-year-old actor says he's never sent a text or email

(Newser) - Christopher Walken says he doesn't have any moral or philosophical objections to modern communications technology—he just doesn't use it. The 77-year-old actor told Stephen Colbert on The Late Show on Monday that he has never owned a computer or sent an email or text message. "Somebody...

Another Election Result: Making It Easier to Fix Your Car
One State's New Car-Repair
Law Could Affect Everyone
the rundown

One State's New Car-Repair Law Could Affect Everyone

Massachusetts will require automakers to share computer data on vehicles

(Newser) - One of the under-the-radar state ballot items in 2020 has the potential to affect everyone who owns an automobile. In Massachusetts, voters easily approved a measure that will require automakers to share computer data on vehicles with independent shops, reports Reuters . If history repeats, this could become the national norm....

Founder of Electronics Dynasty Has Died

Lee Kun-hee transformed Samsung

(Newser) - The man who turned Samsung into a tech powerhouse—and nearly lost it all amid white-collar crime convictions—died Sunday in Seoul, the Washington Post reports. Lee Kun-hee was 78. "Chairman Lee was a true visionary who transformed Samsung into the world-leading innovator and industrial powerhouse from a local...

Nokia Gets 4G Lunar Contract
Nokia Gets 4G Lunar Contract

Nokia Gets 4G Lunar Contract

NASA wants a cellular network up there

(Newser) - To the moon, Alice! And call me when you get there. Yes, NASA is giving Nokia $14.1 million to install a cellular network on that big rock in the sky, Mashable reports. The idea is to deploy a 4G/LTE network—and later move to 5G—to "support lunar...

Pompeo on Possible TikTok Ban: 'US Will Get This One Right'

Secretary of state says US is 'looking at' banning popular app, other social media apps out of China

(Newser) - Amid a year fraught with trade issues and a Cold War-style arms race between the United States and China, a new alleged threat is now on the radar: the popular TikTok app, whose parent company is Beijing's ByteDance. Per CNBC , Secretary of State Mike Pompeo appeared on Laura Ingraham'...

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