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She Finished Notorious Race on 3 Minutes of Sleep

Jasmin Paris talks about her feat

(Newser) - That Jasmin Paris managed to do what no woman and only 19 men have ever done was widely reported. But how the 40-year-old Scottish veterinarian managed to finish the notorious Barkley Marathons in Tennessee last month is the arguably more interesting story. The 100-mile race sees nearly 55,000 feet...

Boy, 11, on Track to Break a Running Record by Age 62

It all started with a New Year's resolution to run every day of 2023

(Newser) - Seb Jellema has been working toward an ambitious goal since January: The 11-year-old Scottish boy wants to beat the world record by Ron Hill, who ran at least a mile every day for 52 years and 39 days, ending at age 78. When Seb heard about the record, he realized...

He Just Shattered the Marathon World Record

Kelvin Kiptum runs Chicago Marathon in 2 hours, 35 seconds

(Newser) - Kelvin Kiptum on Sunday ran the Chicago Marathon in what once would have been an unthinkable time: barely over 2 hours. The Kenyan runner's 2:00:35 finish, which still must be ratified, beat the previous world record for a marathon, set by Eliud Kipchoge, by 34 seconds; it'...

Report: 11K Cheated in Mexico City Marathon

Some of them reportedly took public transport to the finish line

(Newser) - This year's Mexico City Marathon was a carnival of cheating, with more than a third of the 30,000 runners disqualified, according to Spanish sports newspaper Marca . According to Marca, tracking data showed that 11,000 runners didn't pass checkpoints set up every 3.1 miles along the...

As Far as Ultramarathon Runners Go, He's Remarkable

Dag Aabye first entered the Canadian Death Race at age 62

(Newser) - Renowned ultramarathon runner Dag Aabye, now 82, moved to Canada from Norway when he was young and fell in love with the harsh wilderness. Living in a bus off-the-grid on a mountainside in British Columbia, Aabye has made a name for himself in the ultra-running community as the oldest person...

Runner's Last-Minute Goof Costs Her Thousands

The finish line was straight ahead; Senbere Teferi turned right

(Newser) - Senbere Teferi's resume has some big-name races on it. The 28-year-old Ethiopian runner placed second in the 5000m at the 2015 World Athletics Championships and finished fifth and sixth, respectively, in the same race at the Rio and Tokyo Olympics. But one win she seemed almost sure to snag...

These US Cities Are a Runner's Paradise

Relative to the other cities in Lawn Love's latest fitness ranking; San Francisco tops the list

(Newser) - Next Wednesday is Global Running Day, and some cities are more amenable than others if you're in training to be the next Jackie Joyner-Kersee or Usain Bolt—or even if you just like hitting the pavement to burn off some stress and stay fit. Lawn Love scouted the 200...

The Rain Poured Down on Her; Then the Praise Did, Too

Bou Samnang is being hailed for her perseverance

(Newser) - For some of us, pouring rain makes it hard to get off the couch. It's understandable, then, why a Cambodian runner's determination to finish her race in a downpour, and while in last place and alone on the track, is winning hearts. The run in question happened May...

For Kenya's Elite Female Runners, a Brutal Price to Pay

'New Yorker' explores the gender-based violence they face at home

(Newser) - Agnes Tirop was found murdered in October 2021. Six months later, Damaris Mutua was strangled to death. Both women were in their 20s and killed in the same town of Iten, Kenya. But they had something more telling in common: Both were elite runners on the world stage. At the...

They've Gone Down in History for Their 1999 Running Ruse

Sergio and Arnold Motsoeneng infamously cheated during the Comrades

(Newser) - Google "Sergio Motsoeneng," or the name of his brother Arnold, and you'll enter a portal into a scandal. The South African brothers' story of cheating in a 1999 ultramarathon has persisted as one of the most lasting in running history, writes Ryan Lenora Brown for Insider , as...

Lightning Kills Runner 9 Hours Into Trail Race
The Race Started at 7pm.
At 4am, Tragedy Struck

The Race Started at 7pm. At 4am, Tragedy Struck

The 55-year-old was racing up a Greek mountain at night when lightning hit

(Newser) - Lightning struck Sunday during a nighttime trail race up a Greek mountain, killing one runner and seriously injuring another, Greek police and the fire service reported. The two men were running in the Six Peaks race, which passes through the six highest peaks of Mount Falakro in northern Greece, when...

She Ran Crazy Fast. But Was It Too Fast?

Some questioned how Tobi Amusan shaved 0.08 seconds off 100-meter hurdles record

(Newser) - That Tobi Amusan of Nigeria won the women’s 100-meter hurdles Sunday at the world track and field championships in Eugene, Ore., wasn't a big shock. The 25-year-old has won big in the event at other games and finished fourth in the Tokyo Olympics last year. That she set...

Runner Finishes Half-Marathon, Has Fatal Collapse

No cause yet in Brooklyn, where it's been warmer than usual

(Newser) - A 30-year-old man crossing the finish line of a Brooklyn half-marathon collapsed and died Saturday morning, per the AP . The runner was transported to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead, fire department spokesperson Frank Dwyer said. It was unclear what caused the runner to collapse, though a statement...

Young Sprinter's Comeback Inspires Champion Boxer Dad
7-Year-Old's Victory
in Race Goes Viral

7-Year-Old's Victory in Race Goes Viral

Talaya Crawford ran out of her shoe, retrieved it, then resumed running

(Newser) - Talaya Crawford may be the daughter of champion boxer Terence "Bud" Crawford, but she established herself as an athlete in her own right Saturday during a 200-meter track race in Nebraska. The 7-year-old finished first in the pack—but it was what happened at the start of the race...

Plenty of People Run in Central Park. Just Not Like This

Oz Pearlman logged a record 116 miles in a single day

(Newser) - The New York City Marathon ends in Central Park. Oz Pearlman's April 8 run started and ended there—but the time between those two points, and the distance covered, was pretty epic. The New York Times reports the 39-year-old Brooklynite set out to get the "Fastest Known Time"...

Indian Teen's Midnight Routine Goes Viral, Inspires Millions

Pradeep Mehra is humble, inspiring, and very popular with Indian military recruiters

(Newser) - Pradeep Mehra was simply following his routine: a brisk 5-mile midnight run after a 10-hour shift at McDonald's. Filmmaker Vinod Kapri happened to be driving by and "was alarmed at first, worried that the boy was in trouble," according to NPR . It's no wonder, because judging...

Ultrarunner Camille Herron Can Definitely Outrun You

She has earned the right to compare herself to fine wine

(Newser) - Whether you are an elite marathoner or someone who only runs if you are being chased, Camille Herron’s latest feat will impress. It happened Feb. 19 at the "Jackpot Ultras" in Nevada, site of the 2022 USATF 100-mile Championships. Yes, a 100-mile race. That’s roughly the distance...

She Left an Ultra-Orthodox Life, Discovered She Was a Runner

'Runner's World' has the story of Connie Allen

(Newser) - It's a piece in Runner's World , so of course it's about running. But it's just as much about the life Connie Allen (born Schlesinger) escaped, and how running helped her find her footing once she was out. Allen grew up in Brooklyn's South Williamsburg neighborhood...

She Ran a Marathon Every Day Until She Caught COVID

Alyssa Clark ran 26.2 miles every day for 95 days

(Newser) - Like a lot of people, Alyssa Clark needed a quarantine project. And, as she wound up the project, she "just felt like running." Her husband is in the military and stationed in Naples, Italy, so she started running on a treadmill indoors while there. She had been training...

One in 8 Runners Who Started the Race Ended Up Dying

The 'WSJ' digs into the deadly ultramarathon in China

(Newser) - Running 60 miles would feel like death for most of us. For 21 runners in China, it actually was deadly . Writing for the Wall Street Journal , Wenxin Fan takes a deep dive into just what went wrong during the May 22 ultramarathon , which saw 172 runners set off at 9am—...

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