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Alaskan Glaciers Are Melting at 'Incredibly Worrying' Pace
Amid Alaskan Glaciers,
a Possible 'Death Spiral'

Amid Alaskan Glaciers, a Possible 'Death Spiral'

Researchers say Juneau Ice Field saw ice melt in 2010 to 2019 at double the rate it had previously

(Newser) - Since the late 1700s, the Juneau Ice Field, interconnected glaciers that stretch across 1,500 square miles of Alaska and British Columbia, has lost about a quarter of its volume. But it's an "incredibly worrying" phenomenon that took place between 2010 and 2020 that has scientists especially concerned:...

White Grizzly and Cubs Meet a Tragic End

Nakota and 2 cubs fatally struck by vehicles in Canada's Yoho National Park

(Newser) - The white grizzly bear and her cubs roaming British Columbia's Yoho National Park were viewed as so special and rare that they had an entire country rooting for them. When Bear 178, nicknamed Nakota, emerged with her cubs this spring, Parks Canada erected fences and implemented a speed reduction...

Late Arrival at 9-Year-Old's Sleepover: a Very Messy Bear

Cops say Katherine Rice 'did the right thing' by sheltering in place as bear wreaked havoc

(Newser) - Katherine Rice didn't need to see the bear to know it had gotten inside her home. She'd heard enough, even before the unmistakable sound of breathing came through the door behind which she was hiding with two young girls. The Canadian woman was preparing for sleep Sunday night...

Clock Is Ticking on Rescue of This Stranded Young Orca

Killer whale calf is stuck in lagoon off Vancouver Island, Canada, with its food supply dwindling

(Newser) - Plans are underway to rescue a stranded killer whale calf out of a remote tidal lagoon off northern Vancouver Island in an effort to reunite the young female orca with its extended family, Canadian authorities said Wednesday, per the AP .
  • Stranded: Rescuers have been unable to coax the young whale,

Winter Games Cut Back Due to Lack of Winter

Lack of snow raises fears of worsening drought in Canada's British Columbia

(Newser) - There will be just two outdoor sports at British Columbia's upcoming Winter Games. "A lack of snowpack on the mountain at Troll Ski Resort and the absence of heavy snowfall in the forecast" prompted the BC Alpine, Freestyle BC, and BC Snowboard organizations to withdraw from the event,...

Man Saving Moose From Halloween Decor Goes Viral

After human helps it get untangled from decorations in BC, moose gives him a friendly lick

(Newser) - Halloween proved especially frightening for one Canadian moose over the weekend, or at least one family's Halloween decorations did. The CBC reports that Shaydon Soucy was driving with his wife Saturday to visit a friend in the British Columbia city of Fort St. John when they spotted something odd...

This Is What You Don't Want on the Golf Course

Canadian golfer suffers an ursine-related theft caught on video

(Newser) - Sometimes a guy just wants to play a relaxing round of golf with his buddies. And sometimes a bear just wants to get his mitts on some of said guy's golf clubs. The two worlds collided in what Golf Digest somewhat dramatically calls the "wildest, scariest horror film...

Couple Tired of Pickleball Noise Asks What Gandhi Would Do
Couple Tired of Pickleball Noise
Asks What Gandhi Would Do
in case you missed it

Couple Tired of Pickleball Noise Asks What Gandhi Would Do

Hunger strike fails to move officials in Canadian city

(Newser) - The Canadian city of Chilliwack has just three pickleball courts. For Rajnish and Harpreet Dhawan, the problem is that the closest of them is about 30 feet from their house. The Dhawans hear the sound of ball striking paddle 11 hours every day, in every room of their home. They...

Man Accuses 9-Year-Old Girl of Being Boy at Track Meet

'Let's keep calling out transphobia,' says BC premier after grandparents banned from future events

(Newser) - A Canadian school's track-and-field meet turned distressing for one young athlete after an attendee accused her of being a boy. The incident, first reported in Castanet , took place Thursday at Kelowna's Apple Bowl Stadium, where Heidi Starr's 9-year-daughter was preparing to compete in the meet's fourth...

Australian Hiker Found Dead Along Canadian Trail

Julia-Mary Lane appears to have slipped and fallen while hiking alone in British Columbia

(Newser) - The Australian woman who failed to return from a hike in Canada has been found dead. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police confirmed Wednesday that the body of Julia-Mary Lane had been located, adding her death is "not considered suspicious." "It looks accidental, due to steep terrain,"...

Ultra-Polite Cupcake Burglar Calls Bakery to Apologize
This Bakery
Break-In Was
About as Weird
as It Can Get
in case you missed it

This Bakery Break-In Was About as Weird as It Can Get

Man cleaned up mess from his break-in at Vancouver shop, took selfies, stole 6 cupcakes

(Newser) - "Canadians are known worldwide for sometimes being too nice" is how one media outlet is framing a cupcake caper out of British Columbia, in which both the perp and the bakery owner he inconvenienced are making headlines for their classic Canadian courtesy. The CBC reports on the incident, which...

This Is How We Know Bears Don't Like Diet Soda

At least this black bear in BC, who downed 69 cans of regular from woman's car but not the diet version

(Newser) - Diet soda isn't for everyone, and now we can add bears to that list—or at least this particular one in Canada, who broke into a resident's vehicle and quaffed 69 cans of regular pop before calling it a night. Per the CBC , Sharon Rosel of Earls Cove,...

Court Acquits Man Who Stabbed Wife 'Involuntarily'

Canada's Jean-Luc Charles Perignon was ruled to be 'effectively asleep'

(Newser) - A Canadian man who definitely stabbed his wife has been found not guilty of the crime. In a stunning case of "automatism," British Columbia's Supreme Court found Jean-Luc Charles Perignon was "effectively asleep" when he stabbed his then-wife, Debra, in the back with a kitchen knife...

Forever Chemicals Invade Orcas—and Their Fetuses
Forever Chemicals Invade
Orcas—and Their Fetuses

Forever Chemicals Invade Orcas—and Their Fetuses

'We need to think about how this could affect our health,' says researcher

(Newser) - Researchers say they're "shocked and saddened" to have discovered toxic chemicals, including "forever chemicals," in the bodies of killer whales, including endangered southern resident orcas, whose population decline could be a direct result. Scientists from the University of British Columbia, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, and BC'...

On Icy Canadian Highway, Bus Crash Kills 4, Injures Dozens

Christmas Eve rollover happened in British Columbia

(Newser) - The powerful winter storm that has caused deaths across the US has not left Canada unscathed. Authorities in British Columbia say a bus crash on an icy highway killed four passengers and injured more than 50, reports the New York Times . No other vehicle appeared to be involved in the...

Whale Makes 'Amazing' but Heartbreaking Journey

Humpback with broken back made 3.1K-mile trek from Canada to Hawaii but likely won't live long

(Newser) - It's a story both inspiring and heartbreaking, and one that marine wildlife experts have been monitoring with admiration and deep concern. For at least the last decade, a humpback whale named Moon has been on the radar of scientists at the Fin Island whale research station off of British...

Diver Captures Amazing Giant Octopus Encounter
Diver Captures 'Mind-Blowing'
Giant Octopus Encounter
in case you missed it

Diver Captures 'Mind-Blowing' Giant Octopus Encounter

It 'was giving me a hug,' she says

(Newser) - Canadian high school teacher Andrea Humphreys has done almost 700 dives, and she says she's never experienced anything as "mind-blowing" as her encounter with a giant Pacific octopus. She says that when she started filming the creature during a dive off the east coast of Vancouver Island, it...

More Dead Whales Are Turning Up on West Coast

At least 5 since mid-May, off of California and Canadian coasts

(Newser) - Scientists are probing the unexplained deaths of a fourth and fifth whale on the US and Canadian west coasts since mid-May. "Spike," a young female humpback first documented by scientists in 2018, was found washed ashore near Vancouver Island on Sunday, just a day after a male humpback...

People Called 911 to Complain About Active Shooter Alert

Mounties say they issued the alert 'at the appropriate time' during rampage

(Newser) - Public safety officials in Langley, British Columbia promise to review the decision to issue public emergency alerts during a shooting rampage Monday, but they say the decision was appropriate, and they’re not happy with the way some citizens responded. Per CTV News, the first cellphone alert was issued at...

Mounties: Shooter Who Targeted Homeless People Is Dead

2 were killed in attacks in Vancouver suburb

(Newser) - This story has been updated with new developments. A man suspected of shooting homeless people at multiple locations in the Vancouver area, killing two of them, was shot and killed during an "interaction" with police, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police says. The RCMP earlier said the man had been...

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