Heath Ledger

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Matthew Perry Will Yank Unpopular Keanu Reeves Jokes

In memoir, Perry seems to lament that Reeves is still alive while other stars have died

(Newser) - Speaking before a packed audience at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books on Saturday, Matthew Perry said he would remove unpopular jokes made at the expense of Keanu Reeves from future editions of his memoir. "I said a stupid thing. It was a mean thing to do,"...

7 Revelations From I Am Heath Ledger
7 Revelations From
I Am Heath Ledger

7 Revelations From I Am Heath Ledger

Including actor's struggle with self-doubt

(Newser) - I Am Heath Ledger, the new documentary featuring previously unreleased home movies of the late actor, premiered on Spike TV Wednesday night. Rolling Stone , Entertainment Weekly , and USA Today round up highlights from the film:
  • He knew right away he wanted to play the lead in 10 Things I Hate

Heath Ledger Documentary Features Actor's Home Movies
Heath Ledger Is
Returning to the Big Screen

Heath Ledger Is Returning to the Big Screen

'I Am Heath Ledger' premieres at Tribeca, features late actor's home movies

(Newser) - An upcoming documentary offers a glimpse at previously unseen Heath Ledger home movies. I Am Heath Ledger premieres April 23 at the Tribeca Film Festival, followed by a limited theatrical run beginning May 3; it will air on Spike TV May 17. The documentary also features interviews with friends, family,...

Heath Ledger's Dad Reveals Son's Tragic Final Conversation

Sister had just warned him not to mix drugs, dad says

(Newser) - Eight years after his death, Heath Ledger's dad has revealed the actor's heartbreaking final conversation. "The last conversation [Heath's sister] Kate had with him was this discussion about his medications and she warned him, 'You can’t mix drugs that you don’t know anything...

7 Celebrity Ghosts
 7 Celebrity Ghosts 

7 Celebrity Ghosts

These stars have supposedly been spotted after their deaths

(Newser) - It's one thing to see a ghost—but a celebrity ghost? The Stir rounds up 15 late stars rumored to haunt the living, including:
  • Michael Jackson: A TV crew claims to have spotted his ghost at Neverland Ranch.
  • Marilyn Monroe: Her ghost has reportedly been sighted at her grave,

5 Stars Who Died in the Middle of Filming

And what became of their projects

(Newser) - When he died, Philip Seymour Hoffman had just days of filming left to finish out his role in the Hunger Games trilogy. Filmmakers are considering digitally re-creating him in order to complete one crucial scene. Radar rounds up 10 more actors who were mid-project when they died:
  • Paul Walker: Was

20 Movies That Debuted After a Star's Death

Paul Walker died less than two weeks before 'Hours' release

(Newser) - Paul Walker died less than two weeks before the Dec. 13 release of Hours, a movie about Hurricane Katrina he starred in. The San Francisco Chronicle rounds up many more examples of movies released after one of their stars died. Click through the gallery for a sampling, or check out...

10 Celebs Who Needed Interventions

Some kicked the drugs, alcohol, but for others, a sad ending

(Newser) - Radar rounds up a list of stars who have faced intervention attempts from family members and friends. In some cases, they went to rehab and got cleaned up—but other cases had a tragic ending. Check out a sampling of 10 of them in the gallery or the full...

See Heath Ledger's Joker Diary From Dark Knight

Documentary offers insight into Oscar-winning performance

(Newser) - A clip making rounds on the web this week offers a fascinating insight into Heath Ledger's preparation for his Oscar-winning turn as the Joker in 2008 film The Dark Night. In the clip, taken from German documentary Too Young to Die, Ledger's father leafs through the actor's...

Michelle: I Nearly Stopped Acting After Heath Died
Michelle: I Nearly Stopped Acting After Heath Died
'gq' profile

Michelle: I Nearly Stopped Acting After Heath Died

Williams recalls their romance in 'GQ'

(Newser) - After Heath Ledger died, Michelle Williams wasn't sure she would ever want to work again. "That seemed like a really smart idea," she tells GQ in a new profile. "You just want to be able to walk out of your house and turn your face to...

Michelle Williams 'Vogue' Interview: Heath Ledger's Death Changed Me
 Michelle: Heath's 
 Death Changed Me 
'vogue' interview

Michelle: Heath's Death Changed Me

But three years later, life has 'repaired itself'

(Newser) - When Heath Ledger died, "it felt like we didn’t have anything," Michelle Williams recalls in a new Vogue cover story. But three years later, "my life—our life—has kind of repaired itself," she says. "It's not a perfectly operating system—there are...

Gemma Ward: Time With Heath Ledger Was 'Magical'

Supermodel opens up about brief relationship

(Newser) - Gemma Ward’s relationship with Heath Ledger might not be as well-known as Michelle Williams'—but the supermodel was the last to date Ledger before his death, and now she's opening up about their relationship. "I have taken a break from the media spotlight for the past few years...

Michelle Williams: I Can't Find Meaning in Heath's Death

She opens up in first TV interview since his accidental overdose

(Newser) - Michelle Williams is moving on from Heath Ledger's death—and it makes her a little sad. Promoting her latest film Blue Valentine on Nightline , Williams recalled the first year without him: “In a strange way, I miss that year, because all those possibilities that existed then are gone. It...

Heath Hated Taking Sleeping Pills: Pal

Rapper dishes as he prepares to debut single

(Newser) - The sad irony of Heath Ledger’s overdose is that he hated taking the sleeping pills that killed him. “He was an extremely active person who didn't sleep much,” rapper and childhood friend N’FA tells the Sun . “Lots of people take sleeping things. I just remember...

Eerie Final Films of Stars Who Died Young

Brittany Murphy's last movies follow a morbid trend

(Newser) - In the wake of Brittany Murphy’s death, her latest film roles take on an especially creepy symbolism. The Frisky points to the just-released trailer for her upcoming movie Abandoned, in which she plays a woman under psychiatric care—and E! notes that the box art for another recent film,...

10 Who Died Too Young
 10 Who Died Too Young 

10 Who Died Too Young

From Aaliyah to Tillman to Russert, they had more to offer

(Newser) - In looking back at the '00s, the sad tales of luminaries who died too young stand out. Newsweek asked friends and admirers for their reflections:
  • Randy Pausch, d. 2008: "Despite it all," JJ Abrams writes, the "Last Lecture" professor "was radiant, kind, and good-humored."
  • Tim

Mom: LiLo Was Dating Heath
 Mom: LiLo Was Dating Heath 

Mom: LiLo Was Dating Heath

Lindsay had secret romance with Ledger, Dina says in latest Lohan tape

(Newser) - The latest from the Lohan Family Circus: Lindsay was having a secret relationship with Heath Ledger when he died, says mom Dina in the latest audio tape released by pop Michael. His death “f---ed her up,” Dina says, adding that she’s concerned Lindsay "will do something...

Ledger-Directed Rap Video Debuts

 Rap Video 

Ledger-Directed Rap Video Debuts

Actor worked with Australian singer, a childhood friend

(Newser) - A music video, one of a few directed by Heath Ledger for little-known artists he liked, made its online debut yesterday. Australian rapper N'fa Forster-Jones, a childhood friend of the late actor's, posted the video along with a behind-the-scenes look at the project, the AP reports. "Every day I...

Quaids' Wild Ride a Tale of Drugs, Paranoia

Texas arrest for stiffing hotel bill is just the tip of the iceberg

(Newser) - The arrest of Randy and Evi Quaid in Texas for stiffing a California hotel is only the latest twist in a bizarre tale of unpaid bills and paranoid fantasies. A private investigator hired by the Quaids—she’s out $17,000—tells Diane Dimond the actor and his wife owe...

When I Miss Heath, I Look at Matilda: Michelle

In first interview since Ledger's death, Williams opens up about grief, motherhood

(Newser) - Michelle Williams was reluctant to talk to the press after the death of Heath Ledger, because “I didn't know what my boundaries were,” she tells Vogue. She has since figured it out: “I can talk about grief, about single parenting, about trying to balance work and kids....

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