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Hollywood Is Going After Lauren Boebert

Likes of Ryan Reynolds, Barbra Streisand are donating to her opponent Adam Frisch

(Newser) - Lauren Boebert is busily defending her seat in Colorado's 3rd District, and more than a few Hollywood A-listers are busily funding her opponent. As Newsweek reports, the Colorado Republican is in something of a reelection dogfight with Democrat Adam Frisch, whom she beat by only 546 votes in 2022....

NC City Just Picked Its Mayor Via a Coin Toss

Robert Burns wins office in Monroe, North Carolina, after tie with opponent

(Newser) - Five candidates recently ran for the office of mayor in North Carolina's city of Monroe, and two of them ended up at the top during the Nov. 7 election, with the same exact number of votes: 970 each. Now Robert Burns has been declared the new mayor of the...

Trump's Ex-Fixer Is Fixing for a Seat in Congress

Michael Cohen is considering run in New York as a Dem, with possible primary against Jerry Nadler

(Newser) - Former Trump fixer , ex-attorney , and convicted felon Michael Cohen may soon be adding a new descriptor before his name: congressional candidate. "I am interested and there's a multitude of folks encouraging me to run," the 56-year-old told Semafor on Thursday, noting that he lives on Manhattan's...

City's Mayoral Race Certainly Has Interesting Candidates

Molly the rescue pup, comedian, former police chief, high school senior all vying for Toronto title

(Newser) - Over the weekend, Toronto Star columnist Edward Keenan made his picks for the six top contenders to be the next mayor of Ontario's capital, after Friday's deadline for submitting candidacy papers came and went. Most notable in this year's mayoral race, Keenan wrote: the "whopping" 102...

Debate Organizers Thrown by Candidate's Wheelchair

Paul Hinds, running for reelection on Denver's City Council, says he had to crawl onto debate stage

(Newser) - A debate this week in Denver for a City Council seat is making headlines not for the debate itself, but for what one candidate calls his "humiliating" experience as he tried to participate. The Denver Post reports that the event was held Monday at Cleo Parker Robinson Dance, a...

School Board Candidate: 'Not All Nazis Were Bad'

Indiana's Dr. Matt Keefer has tripled down in defending his online comments, calling critics 'haters'

(Newser) - There are multiple candidates running for seats on the Zionsville Community Schools Board of Trustees in Indiana, including Dr. Matt Keefer, an anesthesiologist who calls himself an independent option disliked by both "Republican leaders" and the "extreme left" due to his critical thinking and inability to "be...

It's Been a Wild 24 Hours for Herschel Walker
It's Been a
Wild 24 Hours
for Herschel

It's Been a Wild 24 Hours for Herschel Walker

First a media accusation on a purported abortion, then a string of accusations from his son

(Newser) - Since announcing his run for Senate in Georgia, Republican candidate Herschel Walker has been dogged by claims that he threatened an ex-wife , lied about his credentials, and criticized absentee fathers while being one himself . Now, in a new allegation of hypocrisy, the former football star who backs a total ban...

Candidate Criticized After Mocking 'City of Roaches'

Oregon governor contender Betsy Johnson takes heat over her label of Portland

(Newser) - An independent candidate for governor of Oregon took an interesting approach to building support, criticizing the state's largest city by suggesting the bloom is off the City of Roses because of homelessness. Betsy Johnson's comments appeared this week in a New York Times newsletter , the Bulletin reports. "...

Candidate for Sheriff Was in a Hurry to Get to Parade

George Merithew was clocked going 107, police say

(Newser) - A candidate for sheriff in eastern Nebraska was ticketed for speeding after he was spotted driving over 100 mph. An Omaha police report says George Merithew was going 107mph in a 65mph zone along Interstate 80 in Omaha on Saturday morning, the AP reports. He was on his way to...

Candidate: No Way Female Journalist Is Following Me

Robert Foster is following the 'Billy Graham Rule'

(Newser) - A Republican candidate for Mississippi governor says he would not let a woman journalist follow him while campaigning unless she was accompanied by a male colleague—and now he's trying to raise campaign money based on that because he says the "liberal media" are attacking him, the AP...

Loophole Lets Candidate Run for Congress in 4 States

Allan Levene realized that legal-residency requirement doesn't apply to primaries

(Newser) - Allan Levene is running for Congress in his home state of Georgia, but if he loses in the Republican primary in May, he's got a Plan B, a Plan C, and a Plan D. As Fox News explains, Levene is actually on the ballot for congressional seats in four...

See the Year's Most Memorable Campaign Ad

It's a shark metaphor, explains Minneapolis candidate Jeff Wagner

(Newser) - At Political Wire , Taegan Goddard calls this the "best political ad of the year." Even if you disagree, you have to give Minneapolis mayoral candidate Jeff Wagner credit for making a name for himself. That'll happen when you emerge half-naked from a lake with a coffee mug,...

Hot, Superficial GOPers Scorch Ugly, Old Dems

Americans don't want a 'no-drama' government

(Newser) - Christine O'Donnell, Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, and Nikki Haley: This is not your daddy's Republican party anymore—it's the party of the hot mama grizzly, writes Tom Junod for Esquire . It might be a rather superficial conclusion, but "the Democratic Party is boring. And its women are either old...

Senate Candidate Lied About Navy Award

Rep. Mark Kirk fixes his official bio

(Newser) - These are dangerous times for politicians with war records on their resumes. Republican congressman Mark Kirk of Illinois—a Senate candidate for President Obama's old seat—has admitted that his official bio was wrong in declaring that the Navy once gave him the prestigious Intelligence Officer of the Year Award....

Minn. Gov. Candidate Wants to Nullify Federal Laws

Emmer embodies GOP's rightward shift

(Newser) - Meet Tom Emmer, the Republican candidate for Minnesota governor. Emmer, a state legislator, enjoys the backing of incumbent Tim Pawlenty but is philosophically far right of the current governor: Emmer is an avowed "Tenther" who believes the Tenth Amendment gives states the right to nullify federal laws, TPM reports....

Tea Party Could Doom GOP in November
 Tea Party Could Doom 
 GOP in November 
quinnipiac poll

Tea Party Could Doom GOP in November

If they run candidates, Democrats will win: Quinnipiac

(Newser) - Just 13% of Americans self-identify as members of the Tea Party movement, but a new Quinnipiac poll shows they may well hold the key to the 2010 midterm elections. Respondents say they would vote for a Republican over a Democrat by 44% to 39%. But if a Tea Party candidate...

Conservatives to GOP: Get Out of Our Way
 Conservatives to GOP: 
 Get Out of Our Way 
doug hoffman

Conservatives to GOP: Get Out of Our Way

Upstate New York candidate wants liberal Republicans to sweat

(Newser) - The conservatives' newest rising star has no qualms about his congressional race turning into a referendum on the GOP. "The establishment Republicans are beginning to panic," writes Doug Hoffman. They're worried that a victory by a true conservative like himself will hurt the party's political strength. But Hoffman—...

2010 a Toss-Up as Indies Flee the Dems
 2010 a Toss-Up as 
 Indies Flee the Dems 
gallup poll

2010 a Toss-Up as Indies Flee the Dems

But trend and dismal 21% approval of Congress could spell Dem's demise

(Newser) - The sizable lead among registered voters Democrats have maintained since the 2006 midterm elections has eroded to almost nothing. In the latest Gallup poll, Dems have just a 2-point advantage over Republicans going into the 2010 midterms, 46% to 44%, well within the sampling error. That’s down from a...

Condi: Want a Terror Attack? Abandon Afghanistan

She says liberals are wrong about wanting to pull out

(Newser) - If the GOP is serious about overcoming its current status as the party of naysayers and talk-show cranks, it should try to get Condoleezza Rice back in the game, writes Nina Easton for Fortune. At a recent women's summit, Rice earned a standing ovation from a diverse crowd after proving...

Philly Voters, Do You Know Where Your DA Candidate Is?

Check his site: He's got an ankle monitor

(Newser) - Would-be Philadelphia District Attorney Michael Untermeyer has outfitted himself with a stylish new accessory—an electronic ankle monitor, of the kind he’d like to slap on the city’s criminals, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports. For the next 30 days, curious voters will be able to keep tabs on him...

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