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Arby's Gets Into the Meal-Deal War
Arby's Gets Into
the Meal-Deal War

Arby's Gets Into the Meal-Deal War

$9 will now get you a deluxe burger, fries, and a shake—for a while

(Newser) - It's not quite the five roast beef sandwiches for $5 deal of yore (though that one did resurrect itself briefly in June ), but inflation is real, thin-walleted Americans are sick of it, and the fast-food industry is trying very hard to capitalize on that. As Quartz reports, Arby'...

You Want College Credit With That? Try McDonald's, Walmart

Big retailers are teaming up with colleges to get their workers credit for skills learned on the job

(Newser) - The cost of a college degree is ever-more skyrocketing, and simply unattainable for some would-be students, sending them into low-paying jobs instead of the ivory tower. But some of those low-paying jobs could get them college credit, reports NPR in a look at the likes of McDonald's and Walmart,...

Bird Flu Worms in on Aussies' Breakfast Hours at McDonald's

Bird flu outbreaks have caused egg shortages

(Newser) - McDonald's stopped doing all-day breakfast in the US years ago but the situation is worse for McMuffin fans in Australia, where the chain has stopped doing all-morning breakfast. The company says it has temporarily cut back its breakfast hours Down Under because of an egg shortage caused by bird...

Here's the $5 Summer Deal
The $5 Meal Deal, Revealed

The $5 Meal Deal, Revealed

McDonald's answers price backlash

(Newser) - McDonald's lifted the lid Thursday on its promised $5 Meal Deal. The limited-time offering is another fast-food attempt at bringing back customers unhappy with price increases, USA Today reports. The backlash had prompted Joe Erlinger, president of McDonald's USA, to criticize "viral social posts and poorly sourced...

McDonald's Is Ending AI Drive-Thru Test

Chain is exploring 'voice ordering solutions more broadly' after end of IBM partnership

(Newser) - McDonald's says that after a "thoughtful review," it is calling time on its artificial intelligence drive-thru partnership with IBM. CNBC reports that the chain has told franchisees that the Automated Order Taker—AOT—technology will be shut down no later than July 26. The technology had been...

'David' Says It Beat 'Goliath' in 'Big Mac' Trademark Fight

Irish rival Supermac's contested McDonald's use of the label for certain items

(Newser) - The decision is about more than burger names, but when it comes to burger names, it's a big one. McDonald's on Wednesday lost a European Union trademark dispute over the Big Mac name after a top EU court sided with Irish fast-food rival Supermac's in a long-running...

McDonald's Pushes Back Against 'Viral Posts' on Prices

Company president says people have been telling whoppers about 100% Big Mac price hikes

(Newser) - The president of McDonald's USA is pushing back against what he calls "viral social posts and poorly sourced reports" about price rises. In an open letter , Joe Erlinger said reports of price rises "significantly beyond inflationary rates" have been greatly exaggerated, CNN reports.
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Burger King Does Not Let $5 McDonald's Deal Stand
Burger King Does Not Let
$5 McDonald's Deal Stand
in case you missed it

Burger King Does Not Let $5 McDonald's Deal Stand

Bargain offerings are similar as chains look to cut prices

(Newser) - A week after McDonald's announced plans for a $5 meal deal this summer, Burger King moved to go its rival one better, at least. "We are bringing back our $5 Your Way Meal," a BK spokesperson said. Without giving a starting date, Burger King said its deal...

McDonald's Is Building a 'Larger Satiating Burger'

Company plans to roll it out in test markets this year

(Newser) - McDonald's CFO Ian Borden recently described the battle for fast-food customers as a "street fight"—and one thing the company plans to bring to the fight is a bigger burger, possibly its biggest ever. The chain brought back the Double Big Mac, with four patties, earlier this...

McDonald's Scoops Up All of Its Restaurants in Israel

Fast-food giant buys 225 eateries from franchisee Alonyal after costly boycotts amid war

(Newser) - McDonald's is buying its restaurants in Israel from a longtime franchisee, hoping to reset sales that have slumped due to boycotts in the region. The Chicago-based burger giant said Friday it will buy Alonyal Limited, which owns and operates 225 restaurants in Israel. Financial terms weren't disclosed. The...

You Want Krispy Kreme With That?
You Want a
With That?

You Want a Doughnut With That?

By the end of 2026, you can find Krispy Kreme in all of McDonald's US locations

(Newser) - Well, this is exciting for fans of fat, salt, and sugar: McDonald's, that longtime burger purveyor and expander of America's waistline, is teaming with fellow expansion artist Krispy Kreme to offer doughnuts in all of its US restaurants by the end of 2026. As CNBC reports, the deal...

You May Not Be Able to Get That Egg McMuffin Today

McDonald's restaurants worldwide are reporting system outages, shutting some sites for hours

(Newser) - System failures at McDonald's were reported worldwide Friday, shuttering some restaurants for hours and leading to social media complaints from customers, in what the fast-food chain called a "technology outage" that was being fixed. Chicago-based McDonald's Corp. said the problems weren't related to a cybersecurity issue,...

34K+ Big Macs and Counting: Guy Is Still Eating Them

Guinness record holder Don Gorske has consumed an unimaginable quantity of the McDonald's burger

(Newser) - Two years ago, Don Gorske hit a taste bud-teasing milestone: a half-century of scarfing down Big Macs almost every day. Now, the Wisconsin man can claim even more Big Mac bragging rights, extending the record-holding status he first reached with Guinness World Records in 1999 by eating 34,128 of...

Now Affecting McDonald's Sales: Gaza War

Global sales are down as the company fends off the perception it has taken Israel's side

(Newser) - The Israeli-Hamas war appears to be hurting the bottom line of McDonald's. The chain said Monday that global same-store sales missed expectations, and the Gaza conflict is seen as a big factor, reports the Wall Street Journal . The trouble began last year when McDonald's announced it was providing...

US Food Chain Rides Heavily on Backs of Prison Labor
US Food Chain Rides Heavily
on Backs of Prison Labor

US Food Chain Rides Heavily on Backs of Prison Labor

Major companies are making bank off forced labor: AP

(Newser) - In a sweeping two-year investigation, the AP found that goods linked to the forced labor of US prisoners wind up in the supply chains of a dizzying array of products, from Frosted Flakes cereal and Ball Park hot dogs to Gold Medal flour and Coca-Cola beverages. They're on the...

McDonald's Is Launching Spinoff Chain CosMc's

Chain 'rooted in beverage exploration' is based on alien McDonaldland character from the '80s

(Newser) - Remember McDonaldland character CosMc? Neither do we, but McDonald's is creating a spinoff restaurant chain based on the hungry alien, who appeared in ads in the late '80s and early '90s. The company says the chain, a possible rival to Starbucks, will focus on "customizable" drinks,...

McDonald's Makes Dozens of Tweaks to Its Burgers

It's part of an overhaul in the works for 7 years, reports 'Wall Street Journal'

(Newser) - McDonald's burgers will start looking a little different over the next few months, and the chain hopes they'll taste different, too. The Wall Street Journal reports that McDonald's has been working on an overhaul for seven years, with all US locations expected to have them by early...

Man Loses Suit Accusing McDonald's, Wendy's of False Advertising

Plaintiff failed to show ads of burgers were misleading, judge rules in dismissal

(Newser) - A federal judge in New York has dismissed a lawsuit that accused McDonald's and Wendy's of misleading consumers with ads that show bigger, juicier burgers than their restaurants actually serve. In an opinion released over the weekend, US District Judge Hector Gonzalez said the images on the companies'...

McDonald's Sued in Another Hot Coffee Case

85-year-old woman says workers ignored her after she suffered severe burns

(Newser) - An 85-year-old woman in San Francisco has filed the latest hot-coffee lawsuit against McDonald's, saying she suffered "severe burns and emotional distress" after buying coffee at a drive-through in June. Mabel Childress says the lid wasn't properly sealed and the coffee spilled on her when she tried...

Self-Serve Drinks on the Way Out at McDonald's

Customers will have to go to the counter and ask an employee

(Newser) - McDonald's is taking back the job of pouring soft drinks. The company plans to phase out the self-serve fountain drink stations in its US restaurants by 2032, meaning that customers will no longer be handed an empty cup and allowed to mix and refill their drinks at will at...

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