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Noam Chomsky Hospitalized After 'Massive' Stroke

Valeria Chomsky says husband is recuperating in Sao Paulo hospital after stroke in June of last year

(Newser) - Linguist, activist, and social critic Noam Chomsky is hospitalized in his wife's native country of Brazil, recovering from a massive stroke he had a year ago, she confirmed Tuesday. Valeria Chomsky said via email that her 95-year-old husband is in a Sao Paulo hospital, where she took him on...

Sweetener Tied to Bigger Risk of Heart Attack, Stroke

Cleveland Clinic researchers warn about xylitol

(Newser) - An artificial sweetener used in baked goods, sugar-free candy and gum, and even toothpaste is tied to increased cardiovascular disease, per a series of new studies out of the Cleveland Clinic. In the research published Thursday in the European Heart Journal , scientists note that the sugar substitute xylitol, often used...

Randy Travis Teams Up With AI in First Song Since Losing Voice

Country singer hasn't released a new tune since 2013, until now with 'Where That Came From'

(Newser) - Randy Travis' 2013 stroke kept him out of the recording studio for a decade, but the 65-year-old country star now has a new song out, thanks to a little help from artificial intelligence. Travis has released "Where That Came From," his first tune since the stroke that left...

The Globe's Leading Ailments Are in Our Heads
The Globe's Leading
Illnesses Are in Our Heads

The Globe's Leading Illnesses Are in Our Heads

Neurological conditions like stroke, dementia affect 43% of global population, per new research

(Newser) - The leading cause of all ill health and disability around the globe isn't cancer or heart disease—it's a wide umbrella of neurological conditions, ranging from migraines to strokes, dementia, or Parkinson's, among other maladies. Per a new study published Thursday in the Lancet , scientists found that...

Report: Steve Wozniak Hospitalized in Mexico
Apple Co-Founder Says
He Had a Minor Stroke

Apple Co-Founder Says He Had a Minor Stroke

Steve Wozniak was to give a speech in Mexico City

(Newser) - This file has been updated with an interview of Wozniak Steve Wozniak has revealed the reason he was briefly hospitalized in Mexico City: "a minor but real stroke." The Apple co-founder, 73, was scheduled to speak at the World Business Forum on Wednesday afternoon. But Wozniak tells ABC...

Pot May Raise Risk of Heart Issues
Pot Smokers
May Be Doing
Damage to
Their Tickers

Pot Smokers May Be Doing Damage to Their Tickers

Researchers find daily users have a 34% greater risk of heart failure; heart attack, stroke risk also up

(Newser) - If you think you're avoiding serious health issues by switching from smoking tobacco to smoking pot, you might want to reassess. Two new still-to-be-published studies, set to be presented Nov. 13 at an American Heart Association meeting in Philadelphia, show that people who use marijuana on a daily basis...

Doctor Reports No Signs McConnell Had a Stroke

Capitol physician rules out several possible causes without suggesting why senator has frozen up

(Newser) - After experts suggested Sen. Mitch McConnell's public freezing episodes were caused by something other than lightheadedness or dehydration, the US Capitol's physician has listed potential causes that have been ruled out. A medical examination of the Republican leader on Wednesday found no signs that he is dealing with...

Fetterman Out of Hospital
Fetterman Leaves Hospital

Fetterman Leaves Hospital

Tests show no sign of seizure or stroke, spokesman says

(Newser) - Democratic Sen. John Fetterman was released from a hospital on Friday, his office said, and plans to be back on the job in the Senate on Monday. The Pennsylvania freshman was admitted after a lightheaded spell . Doctors had already ruled out a stroke as the cause, and his spokesman said...

For Fetterman, Voices Sometimes Sound Like Teacher in Peanuts

'New York Times' digs in to the challenges facing senator, now hospitalized again

(Newser) - Sen. John Fetterman continues to recuperate in the hospital after feeling lightheaded. Doctors say he did not suffer a second stroke, but a lengthy story in the New York Times about the 53-year-old's health challenges suggests the first one continues to take a toll. Fetterman suffered the stroke last...

Anchor's On-Air Flub Marked 'Beginnings of a Stroke'
Anchor's Live
Report: 'Something
Is Going On
With Me'
in case you missed it

Anchor's Live Report: 'Something Is Going On With Me'

Turns out KJRH's Julie Chin was suffering 'beginnings of a stroke' on the air

(Newser) - A news anchor in Oklahoma who stumbled over her words during a live news broadcast last weekend she was suffering the "beginnings of a stroke." KJRH anchor Julie Chin said she "felt great" ahead of the newscast but suddenly experienced symptoms that "seemed to have come...

The Stroke Blindsided Me. So Did the Aftermath
The Stroke Blindsided Me.
So Did the Aftermath

The Stroke Blindsided Me. So Did the Aftermath

D. Michael Whelan writes that those who treated him mostly ignored the emotional impact

(Newser) - It's totally understandable that D. Michael Whelan didn't realize he was having a stroke. As he writes in a column for NBC News , he was in his 20s, lean, a non-smoker and very light drinker, and free of issues like high blood pressure or high cholesterol. And what...

Fetterman Concedes Heart Condition: 'I Almost Died'

Doctor: Pa. Dem Senate nominee, who has atrial fibrillation, cardiomyopathy, will be OK if vigilant

(Newser) - If the recent status of John Fetterman's health has been a "mystery," a little bit more of that mystery has now been clarified. The Democratic nominee for US Senate out of Pennsylvania has been resting up since he suffered a stroke last month, but while his health...

Fetterman Leaves Hospital, Says He Won't Campaign Yet

Senate candidate says he'll take time to recover before hitting trail in Pennsylvania race

(Newser) - Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman was released from a hospital on Sunday, after being treated for a stroke and undergoing surgery to implant a pacemaker. "I could not be happier to finally be heading home to be with my family," he said in a statement, Politico reports. His...

Front-Runner Gets Pacemaker as He Awaits Results

John Fetterman, seeking Democratic Senate nomination in Pennsylvania, had a stroke days ago

(Newser) - On the day Pennsylvania Democratic voters going to the polls to decide whether to nominate him for the US Senate, Lt. Gov. John Fetterman had an appointment elsewhere. The front-runner in the primary had a pacemaker with defibrillator installed, Politico reports, days after he suffered a stroke . Fetterman's campaign...

Top Democrat in Senate Race Has Stroke but Isn't Quitting
Senate Candidate Has a Stroke

Senate Candidate Has a Stroke

John Fetterman says he's still in Pennsylvania Democratic primary on Tuesday

(Newser) - Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, the leading Democrat in the state's high-profile Senate contest, has suffered a stroke but is on his way to a "full recovery," his campaign said on Sunday. Fetterman, 52, said in a statement that he wasn't feeling well Friday and went...

Dem Senator's Stroke Imperils SCOTUS Nominee
Democrat Is
Back in Senate
After Stroke

Democrat Is Back in Senate After Stroke

Absence had threatened to complicate the Supreme Court confirmation vote for his party

(Newser) - Update: Sen. Ben Ray Lujan received a bipartisan standing ovation when he walked into a committee meeting Thursday. The New Mexico Democrat had been gone a month after suffering a major stroke. Lujan told reporters he's "back to work" and plans to be fully involved in the job;...

Stroke Ended the All-Star Career of JR Richard
Stroke Ended
the All-Star
Career of
JR Richard

Stroke Ended the All-Star Career of JR Richard

Astros star later overcame homelessness

(Newser) - JR Richard, a star starting pitcher for the Houston Astros during the 1970s whose career was ended by a stroke, died Wednesday. He was 71, Click2Houston reports. In a statement, the Astros said Richard "will forever be remembered as an intimidating figure on the mound and as one of...

Sinbad's Family Shares News of His Health

The 64-year-old has suffered a stroke

(Newser) - Sinbad's family has confirmed the 64-year-old recently suffered a stroke. The AP quotes the Adkins family as saying they shared the news "out of sincere love" for the comedian-actor, born David Adkins, and that "while he is beginning his road to recovery, we are faithful and optimistic...

Jim Bakker's Wife Reveals Why He's Taking Break From Show

Televangelist had a stroke, but is 'okay,' Lori Bakker announced Friday

(Newser) - More bad news for Jim Bakker, just two months after he was sued for offering a supposed coronavirus cure. On Friday, the 80-year-old televangelist's wife, Lori Bakker, announced he'd had a stroke and would be on hiatus from his Christian program The Jim Bakker Show, CNN reports. "...

Odd Virus Symptoms Crop Up: 'There's No Ventilator for the Brain'

Seizures, dizziness, and 'altered mental status' observed in some COVID-19 patients

(Newser) - Chris Cuomo recently described his COVID-19 symptoms, and in addition to the fever, shivering, and body aches typically associated with the coronavirus, the CNN anchor relayed a "freaky" anecdote about hallucinating images of his late father and other people from his past. It's not clear exactly what happened...

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