Attorney Who Thinks 'Like a Criminal' Is One Himself

Daniel Muessig, who put out viral ad, is now a felon in Pittsburgh
By John Johnson,  Newser Staff
Posted Nov 18, 2021 1:25 PM CST

In 2014, Pittsburgh defense attorney Daniel Muessig got internet famous with a YouTube video in which he fishes for clients with the boast, "Trust me, I may have a law degree, but I think like a criminal.” Any guesses on what just happened? Correct: The 39-year-old became an actual criminal himself, reports the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Muessig pleaded guilty to conspiring to distribute marijuana in large volumes in the city. Essentially, authorities say his apartment amounted to a stash house. The Washington Post explains that Muessig got caught up in an FBI sting whose primary targets were larger dealers. Nevertheless, he is now a bona fide felon and is suspended from practicing law.

The famous video begins with all manner of criminals doing their thing, then turning to the camera to say, "Thanks, Dan." Muessig himself comes on to declare that laws are "arbitrary" and that criminals should call him when they're in trouble. "America was built on freedom, not on a bunch of people with more money than you telling you what you can and can’t do with all their stupid laws." (He uses finger quotes on the last word.) Muessig faces a mandatory five-year sentence in March, though TribLive notes he can get about two years knocked off if he proves to the judge he wasn't the ringleader and didn't use weapons. In the meantime, he's selling real estate. (More weird crimes stories.)

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