Trump Team Posts Holiday 'Snowflake' Website

But media reports criticize
By Neal Colgrass,  Newser Staff
Posted Dec 25, 2019 3:00 PM CST
Trump Team: Here's How to Argue at Christmas
President Donald Trump speaks to members of the media following a Christmas Eve video teleconference with members of the military at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Fla., Tuesday, Dec. 24, 2019.   (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Having a peaceful, family Christmas? President Trump's reelection campaign wants supporters ready in case "the family liberal" speaks up—and has a website packed with talking points for the ensuing debate, the Washington Post reports. Called, it offers sections like "There was no quid pro quo, Democrats always obsessed with impeachment" and "BIG GOVERNMENT SOCIALISM." There's a video for each, with a campaign official making pro-Trump arguments while victorious music plays in the background. But some media reports are recoiling at the site's claims, while others offer liberal talking points or suggest Christmas is actually a time for togetherness. For more:

  • 'Hurling insults': "We know that at Christmas and holiday time, there's always that liberal snowflake relative who starts an argument and then runs and hides," tweets Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale, per Politico. "This year, don't let them get away with it." Responds former DNC rep Mo Elleithee: "Nothing says Merry Christmas like hurling insults at relatives."

  • Fact-checking: Among the site's bolder claims, it says Elizabeth Warren's "Medicare for All" plan includes "raising taxes on the middle class"—but CBS News notes that it "specifically avoids increasing taxes on the middle class." The site praises Trump for the nation's economy, but NPR says "the economic expansion started well before Trump took office." The Post argues against other Trump claims involving Ukraine, Hunter Biden, and migrant children.
  • Dems respond: On Monday, the Democratic Party posted its own resource for identifying "online disinformation," saying it's "just in time to share with friends and family over the holidays." It offers fact-checking links and warns against "outrageous" social-media claims.
  • 'Empowering': Trump press guru Kayleigh McEnany hit Fox & Friends Wednesday to defend the new website and argue against liberal-minded holiday primers like this and this, per Fox News. "Those articles operate from a position of fear," she said. "You know, you fear that MAGA uncle. Well, this is empowering."
  • Punching bag: A Brexit-themed Independent article has advice for maintaining holiday calm, like: "To get rid of the adrenaline the ideal situation would be to have a punchbag, but if you don't, then do something else physical—walk the dog, punch a pillow, rip up some wrapping paper."
  • Bring it on: "I say, bring on the turmoil," counters Samuel Freedman at BuzzFeed, comparing the current political moment to the Civil War, the suffragette movement, and World War II. "It is absolutely appropriate and approvable for blood ties to be subordinated to truth-telling at this moment of existential crisis."
  • Jesus Christ: Meanwhile, Trump made a call for unity in his Christmas message Wednesday, per the New York Post. "Together, we must strive to foster a culture of deeper understanding and respect—traits that exemplify the teachings of Christ," he said.
(Merriam-Webster's dictionary added "snowflake" this year.)

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