Netflix's New Personal Trainer Keeps Your Workout Going

But you need to build it yourself
By Linda Hervieux,  Newser Staff
Posted Mar 3, 2017 6:00 PM CST
You Can Build Your Own Netflix Personal Trainer
Here's what you'll need to build your own Netflix personal trainer.   (

Thinking about a weekend on the couch binge-watching Netflix? How about going to the gym instead? In a decidedly non-chill addition to its offerings, the streaming giant has come up with a DIY personal trainer that connects to your account, Quartz reports. The device, which you build at home with the help of Netflix software, connects to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth and can be worn over an armband or waistband. Like a real personal trainer, the virtual coach will encourage you throughout your workout. Building it "requires a little technical know-how, including comfort with building basic electronics," the company's website warns. You also need to know how to solder, and a 3D printer is involved. Sound daunting? Netflix has posted detailed instructions to walk you through it. Step 2 explains the device "uses an accelerometer to monitor your activity level during your workout."

If you slack off, expect a motivational talk—or a dressing down—from Netflix characters like Kimmy Schmidt of the eponymous show who chides, per Quartz, “You can stand anything for 10 seconds." Queen Elizabeth of The Crown intones, "A revolution must come from within." If you happen to be watching a Netflix show while working out and you stop moving, the video pauses until you start stepping again. The trainer is part of Netflix's Make It series devised during the company's Hack Day when employees are urged to push the envelope. Past projects included Netflix Socks that pause a video when you fall asleep, per Mashable. Other tutorials make it easier to stay firmly planted on the sofa, Quartz notes, such as a button that turns on Netflix, turns off the lights, and orders take-out. (This teen jock had 10 personal trainers.)

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