Texas Teen Survives Bizarre Lightning Strike

She got hit in her own kitchen while opening the fridge
By John Johnson,  Newser Staff
Posted Jun 3, 2015 6:52 PM CDT
Texas Teen Survives Bizarre Lightning Strike

Lightning strikes people often enough, but usually not when they're opening the fridge for a snack. Such is the plight of Texas high school student Macie Martinez, who was home with her parents on Memorial Day when a storm blew in. She was opening the fridge to grab some applesauce when the bolt struck. "It was so surreal," her mom tells the Houston Chronicle. "There was a loud explosion, everything went dark and at the same time, Macie started screaming, but it wasn't from her throat. It was a deep scream." The teen tells MyFox Austin that she remembers not being able to feel her legs, and her parents hustled her to the hospital. She suffered nerve damage in her arms and hands, and doctors are keeping an eye on her kidney and liver, but she seems to have escaped major harm.

"I feel very lucky," she tells the TV station. "Lucky to be sitting here doing this interview today." She's even making light of herself on Instagram, telling people to call her Sparky. It turns out that Martinez's father also got zapped, though his telltale rash didn't show up until after the family had returned from the hospital. "My right arm gets tingly," he says. The family home sustained significant damage from the strike, which a neighbor says appeared to have come from beneath the house and exited through the roof. Appliances were fried, with the coffee maker one of the few survivors. That's fine with mom: "I get my daughter and coffee maker, so I'm set." (This guy survived a lightning strike to the head.)

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