15 Sad, Strange Things That Keep Us Up at Night

...but some are wonderful, too
By Kate Seamons,  Newser Staff
Posted Jun 3, 2015 1:30 PM CDT
15 Sad, Strange Things That Keep Us Up at Night
One response.   (Instagram / tenn words)

What keeps Americans up at night? Thanks to a joint venture between a Knoxville public radio station and the University of Tennessee, that's being revealed, at least through an East Tennessee lens. The crowdsourcing project, dubbed Tenn Words, began in mid-May. Residents are asked to anonymously answer the question "What keeps you up at night?" in 10 words or fewer. They can do so online, or on a brightly colored paper at the traveling Tenn Words exhibit, reports Tennessee Today. WUOT 91.9 FM (a member of NPR) and UT's College of Social Work plan to analyze the responses for "overarching trends," but for now they're posting the responses to Instagram. Some are predictable ("coffee," "iPhone," "GOT"), but as WUOT puts it, others are "whimsical" or "poignant." Here are 15 standouts from more than 100 responses appearing on Instagram:

  1. "Student Loan Debt (6 figures)"
  2. "My mind running rampant with desire to create."
  3. "The environmental crisis and how to keep the lights on."
  4. "Can I provide for 2 boys on my own?"
  5. "Hoping I have enough money to retire + travel."
  6. "LHC creating the 'last' black hole!"
  7. "Too much medication and a conflicted heart."
  8. "Cancer :("
  9. "Regret, the children I killed in war :("
  10. "Monsanto"
  11. "Getting children into a good college + how to pay for it"
  12. "The honey-bees!"
  13. "Hitting a pedestrian"
  14. "PTSD and anxiety"
  15. "Nothing. My life is ridiculously good right now!"
View them all here, or chime in here. (In other sleep news, an analysis finds women sleep more, but wake up feeling worse.)

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