Palin Backs Anti-Masturbation Candidate

Christine O'Donnell now a force in Delaware primary
By Mary Papenfuss,  Newser Staff
Posted Sep 10, 2010 2:04 AM CDT
Palin Backs Tea Party Masturbation Foe for Senate
Sarah Palin has endorsed Christine O'Donnell in the Delaware primary Senate race, much to Democrats' glee.   (AP Photo/Erik S. Lesser, File)

The Delaware Senate candidate who has spoken out against masturbation has become the latest object of Sarah Palin's affection. Palin has officially endorsed Christine O'Donnell in her primary race against long-time GOP congressman Mike Castle, Slate reports. Palin met with O'Donnell last month after critics viciously attacked the candidate for her lack of experience and positions, highlighting her opposition to masturbation because the Bible-thumper believes "lusting in your heart" during masturbation is the same as adultery.

Democrats are more than a little gleeful that GOP and right-wing infighting may be splitting the vote on that side of the aisle, giving the Dems a boost in the general election. Castle responded to Palin's endorsement by emphasizing the primary will be decided by "grassroots Republican voters here in Delaware, not out-of-state interest groups who are working to control the outcome." The Castle campaign has filed an FEC complaint against O'Donnell, charging an "illegal scheme" to coordinate donations with the Tea Party Express. (More Senate stories.)

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