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Brawl Between Families Derails Ryanair Flight

Pilots make emergency landing about a half-hour after taking off

(Newser) - A fight between two passengers on a plane isn't all that unusual, but this one involves a fight between two families with multiple participants, reports the Sun . The chaos began soon after a Ryanair flight took off from Agadir, Morocco, en route to London. Based on passenger accounts, it...

More Passengers Complain to Government About Air Travel

Filings about airlines hit post-pandemic high, though cancellations fell last year

(Newser) - Air travel got more miserable last year, if the number of consumer complaints filed with the federal government is any measure. The Transportation Department said Friday that it received nearly 97,000 complaints in 2023, up from about 86,000 the year before. The department said there were so many...

Injuries Abound After Plane Drops 25K Feet in 5 Minutes

Nosebleeds, headaches reported amid cabin pressure drop on Korean Air Flight KE189

(Newser) - It was a terrifying descent for 125 passengers aboard a Korean Air flight that departed Incheon, South Korea, on Saturday, only to quickly return when the plane's pressurization system failed. A fault occurred less than an hour after takeoff as the plane bound for Taichung, Taiwan, was flying over...

States With the Rudest Airline Passengers

Come on, Iowa

(Newser) - Iowans who fly apparently need to brush up on their manners. The state fared worst in a survey of airplane etiquette breaches by Solitaire Bliss . The site compiled a "naughty habits scale" of witnessed offenses such as reclining a seat without asking, loud phone use, passing gas, using both...

Friday Was the Busiest Day in TSA History

Thursday was the 3rd-busiest on record for US air travel

(Newser) - A record was broken ahead of the Memorial Day weekend for the number of airline travelers screened at US airports, the Transportation Security Administration says. More than 2.9 million travelers were screened at US airports on Friday, surpassing a previous record set last year on the Sunday after Thanksgiving,...

World's 10 Busiest Airports
World's 10 Busiest Airports

World's 10 Busiest Airports

Atlanta remains No. 1, while Dubai is a surprise No. 2

(Newser) - An annual ranking of the busiest airports around the world is out, and Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International retained the No. 1 ranking it has held for more than two decades, reports CNN . More of a surprise was that Dubai's airport jumped from No. 5 to No. 2 last year...

Dogs Are Getting Their Own Airline—but It Won't Be Cheap

Bark Air for dogs has just 2 stops from NY—London and LA—costing up to $8K one way

(Newser) - "Finally, dogs can fly." That's the lofty proclamation on the website for Bark Air , a "100% totally real" new service that vows to "revolutionize flying" for our canine companions. In a statement, the airline launched by the BarkBox subscription service will offer "a more...

Frontier Offers New Option for Seatmate-Averse Fliers

Keep the middle seat next to you empty by paying for UpFront Plus fee

(Newser) - Let's be honest: Most of us have hoped that the seat next to us on the plane remains empty, with some even going so far as to place personal items on nearby seats to discourage way-too-close neighbors. Now, one budget airline will allow you to pay for that privilege...

Delta Flight Returns to Airport After Strange, Smelly Mess

Maggots fell from overhead compartment onto a passenger heading to Detroit from Amsterdam

(Newser) - A Delta Air Lines flight en route from Amsterdam to Detroit had to turn back to the airport about two hours into its flight for a bizarre—and gross—reason: maggots. Fox2 Detroit reports that the slimy creatures fell onto a female passenger, seemingly out of nowhere. Flight attendants soon...

After Boeing Mishap, Talk Turns to Infant Safety

FAA recommends, but does not require, they be in a separate seat

(Newser) - As we continue to digest the story of Alaska Airlines Flight 1282's mid-air blowout , people are wondering about the wisdom of letting babies sit on a parent's lap during flights. To recap, a piece of the Boeing 737 Max 9's bodywork detached while airborne, and nearby passengers...

Passenger Opens Cabin Door, Falls to Tarmac

Incident delays boarding of Air Canada plane by six hours

(Newser) - It's another scary moment involving a commercial jet , though this time a single passenger is being blamed. After a man boarded an Air Canada jet at Toronto's Pearson airport, he proceeded to open a cabin door at the opposite end of the plane and fall onto the tarmac,...

Missing Piece of Boeing Jet Found in Backyard
Plane That Lost Door Plug
Had Previous Issues
the rundown

Plane That Lost Door Plug Had Previous Issues

Alaska Airlines restricted its use over water because of pressurization warnings

(Newser) - The missing piece of a Boeing 737 Max 9 passenger jet has turned up in a backyard near Portland, Oregon. Sunday's discovery of the large piece, called a door plug, should help investigators better understand the stunning incident on Friday in which it blew off mid-flight, endangering an Alaska...

Airline Puts Unaccompanied Child on Wrong Plane
Agent Who Put Child
on Wrong Plane Loses Job

Agent Who Put Child on Wrong Plane Loses Job

All ended well for 6-year-old after Spirit Airlines gaffe

(Newser) - The gate agent who escorted an unaccompanied 6-year-old onto the wrong flight is no longer working for Spirit Airlines. The airline says it discovered the Philadelphia gate agent's mistake during an investigation of how the child ended up in Orlando instead of Fort Myers, Florida, CNN reports. "Any...

It's Looking Like a Record Year for US Airline Complaints

Consumer complaints doubled in first 5 months of 2023 compared to same period in 2022

(Newser) - Early data suggests this could be another record year for consumer complaints against US airlines. A report from the US Public Interest Research Group (PIRG), based on data from the Department of Transportation, finds complaints against US airlines more than doubled in the first five months of 2023 compared with...

New Airport Etiquette: Get Your Own Ride Home
Don't Make Anyone
Pick You Up at the Airport
in case you missed it

Don't Make Anyone Pick You Up at the Airport

Nikki Waller makes the case in the 'Wall Street Journal'

(Newser) - It's going to be a busy holiday travel week , which means lots of people are going to need a ride from the airport. In the Wall Street Journal , Nikki Waller writes that they should figure it out for themselves rather than call in a loved one. "The airport...

Couple Gets Refund Over Stinky Dog on Flight

New Zealand pair say they had to move from premium to economy over the smell

(Newser) - A New Zealand couple who say they were subjected to a drooling, snorting, and farting dog on a long flight have gotten a $1,400 refund for their trouble, reports Insider . Gill and Warren Press say they asked to switch their premium seats midflight from Paris to Singapore because the...

11 Sent to Hospital After Turbulent Delta Flight

'Severe turbulence' struck as the plane approached Atlanta on Tuesday

(Newser) - Delta Air Lines Flight 175 landed safely in Atlanta on Tuesday, but with many injured people on board. At least 11 passengers and crew members were taken to the hospital after the flight, which set out from Milan, Italy, "experienced severe turbulence" in its approach to Atlanta, the airline...

US Airlines Are Having Lots of Close Calls

'New York Times' investigation discoverers nearly 50 last month alone

(Newser) - On the bright side, no US airline has had a fatal air crash since 2009, the longest such streak on record, reports the New York Times . The flip side? Close calls are happening with what the newspaper calls "alarming" regularity. The newspaper's investigation, based on a review of...

Here's Why United Jet Came Close to Hitting the Ocean

NTSB report blames 'miscommunication' between pilot, co-pilot

(Newser) - The National Transportation Safety Board has completed its investigation into a 2022 United Airlines flight that came within 748 feet of crashing into the Pacific Ocean, and NTSB investigators say pilot error was to blame, CNN reports. The incident started when the captain called for the Boeing 777's flaps,...

Friday Was the Busiest Day in TSA History

Passenger numbers broke record set in 2019

(Newser) - The Transportation Security Administration says Friday was the busiest day in its history, breaking a record that had stood since the Sunday after Thanksgiving in 2019. The agency tweeted that it screened 2,883,595 individuals on June 30, beating the Dec. 1, 2019, record of 2,882,915 by...

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