Elizabeth Warren 2020

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What Elizabeth Warren Has to Say About Primary Loss

'Maybe I just wasn't good enough to reassure the voters,' she writes in new book

(Newser) - Elizabeth Warren's third book, Persist, is out Tuesday, and in it, the Massachusetts senator muses on her loss in the 2020 presidential primary. Per the New York Times , she thinks the lack of an explanation for how her health care plan would be funded is partially to blame; Joe...

Influential Progressive Group Updates Its Endorsement

Group had controversially endorsed Elizabeth Warren originally

(Newser) - An influential progressive group has urged its supporters to vote for Bernie Sanders now that Elizabeth Warren is out of the race . The Working Families Party—which endorsed Sanders in 2016 but surprised some supporters this time around by backing Warren—threw its support behind Sanders on Monday, saying Biden'...

'Don't Tell Me This Isn't About Sexism'
'Don't Tell Me This
Isn't About Sexism'
the rundown

'Don't Tell Me This Isn't About Sexism'

Common theme emerges in coverage of Elizabeth Warren's departure

(Newser) - Elizabeth Warren is out . Now come the post-mortems and analyses of what went wrong and what comes next. "We didn’t reach our goal, but what we have done together—what you have done—has made a lasting difference," Warren told her staff Thursday, reports the Hill . Read...

Elizabeth Warren Dropping Out of Race

Massachusetts senator ending her 2020 campaign

(Newser) - The writing may have been on the wall when she finished third in her home state of Massachusetts on Tuesday, but Elizabeth Warren is making it official. The Massachusetts senator will end her 2020 campaign, reports Politico , NBC News , and the Washington Post . Warren was expected to inform her staff...

Takeaways From Super Tuesday
Takeaways From
Super Tuesday

Takeaways From Super Tuesday

Biden pulls off 'monumental' comeback

(Newser) - Bernie Sanders won the biggest prize on Super Tuesday —but the wider result was a stunning victory for Joe Biden, who scored wins in at least 9 of the 14 states that voted, including Texas, analysts say. "They don’t call it Super Tuesday for nothing," the...

Joe Biden Racks Up Wins; Sanders Gets Biggest Prize

Senator wins California after former VP sweeps the South

(Newser) - The Super Tuesday polls are closed, and it's shaping up to be a good night for Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, not so much for Elizabeth Warren and Michael Bloomberg. Biden came out strong, particularly in the South, but Sanders took the night's biggest prize, California, as expected....

Big Hit for Warren: She Loses Her Home State
Elizabeth Warren Loses
Home State of Massachusetts
super tuesday

Elizabeth Warren Loses Home State of Massachusetts

Senator was behind both Biden and Sanders

(Newser) - Elizabeth Warren has suffered a tough blow on Super Tuesday: She just lost her home state of Massachusetts. In fact, the senator likely won't even finish in second place. The AP called the race for Joe Biden about three hours after polls closed. Bernie Sanders was on track to...

Bloomberg Scores His First 2020 Victory. There's a 'But'

He won in American Samoa, with only 6 delegates at stake

(Newser) - Michael Bloomberg can now boast that he won a 2020 race, but his first victory may not be the one he most wanted. The former New York City mayor won not a state but the territory of American Samoa, which has only six delegates at stake, reports the AP . Bloomberg...

One Super Tuesday Outcome Is 'Nightmare' for Democrats

That would be a second-place 'muddle' behind Sanders, writes one analyst

(Newser) - Super Tuesday is here, and the stakes are huge. More than a third of all pledged delegates are at stake as 14 states vote. Joe Biden is riding big momentum , Bernie Sanders is hoping to grab an insurmountable lead, Elizabeth Warren hopes for a surprise strong showing that keeps her...

Biden Romps to a Crucial Victory in South Carolina

In early returns, Sanders was in a much-distant second and Steyer third

(Newser) - South Carolina was seen as a must-win state for Joe Biden, and it turned out to be just that. In fact, it wasn't even close. Major outlets including CNN , ABC , and NBC called the race for the former VP as soon as polls closed at 7pm. Bernie Sanders was...

A New Poll Has Troubling News for Elizabeth Warren
A New Poll Has Troubling
News for Elizabeth Warren

A New Poll Has Troubling News for Elizabeth Warren

She's trailing in her home state of Massachusetts

(Newser) - Elizabeth Warren didn't see the results she wanted in Iowa , New Hampshire , and Nevada , and it remains to be seen how she'll fare in the South Carolina primary on Saturday, though it doesn't look promising there , either. With Super Tuesday coming up in a few days, Warren'...

Winners, Losers From Democratic Debate
Winners, Losers From
the Democratic Debate

Winners, Losers From the Democratic Debate

Biden had the good night he needed, analysts say

(Newser) - Tuesday night's Democratic debate in Charleston, SC, was a raucous affair—so much so that Vox declares chaos to be the only true winner. In the last debate before the state's Saturday primary—and Super Tuesday—candidates desperate for speaking time talked over each other and shouted at...

Sanders Faces Onslaught in South Carolina Debate
Sanders Faces Onslaught
in South Carolina Debate

Sanders Faces Onslaught in South Carolina Debate

7 candidates clashed in fiery debate

(Newser) - Seven Democrats took part in a fiery debate in South Carolina on Tuesday night—one more than in last week's primary debate. Tom Steyer joined Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, Amy Klobuchar, Pete Buttigieg, and Michael Bloomberg in the Charleston debate, co-hosted by CBS News and the Congressional...

Buttigieg Isn't Quite Buying the Nevada Vote Count

His campaign makes demands of the Nevada State Democratic Party

(Newser) - Pete Buttigieg's campaign has a few requests of a Nevada State Democratic Party "in light of material irregularities" in state caucuses still being tallied, CNN reports. The campaign asks the party to "release early vote and in-person vote totals by precinct," "correct any outstanding second...

Under Pressure, Bloomberg Says He'll Scrap 3 NDAs

Company won't require confidentiality agreements anymore, candidate says

(Newser) - Michael Bloomberg said Friday he'll release three women from nondisclosure agreements they signed with his company after accusing him of making inappropriate comments. "Bloomberg LP has identified 3 NDAs signed over the past 30+ years with women to address complaints about comments they said I had made,"...

Some Democratic Candidates Are Nearly Out of Cash

Buttigieg, Warren, Biden, Klobuchar running low

(Newser) - At a time in the race when running a presidential campaign is getting more expensive, many of the Democrats remaining have less money. After being camped in Iowa for what seemed like ages, the candidates now have multiple, scattered primaries ahead. And on top of competing with Bernie Sanders' fundraising...

Warren Has a Contract for Bloomberg to Sign

Document releases former employees from NDAs

(Newser) - A legal expert has written a contract that Michael Bloomberg can sign to release former Bloomberg employees from nondisclosure agreements—and her name is Elizabeth Warren. The senator, who passed the bar examination in 1976 and has taught law at several universities, unveiled the contract at a CNN town hall...

Winners, Losers From Democratic Debate
Debate Was a Brutal
Night for Bloomberg

Debate Was a Brutal Night for Bloomberg

Warren praised for standout performance

(Newser) - Viewers who watched the ninth Democratic presidential debate Wednesday night hoping to see fireworks would not have been disappointed. Anybody hoping for a strong performance from Michael Bloomberg, however, would probably have changed the channel before the end of the first hour. The billionaire made his presidential debate debut in...

Bloomberg Booed After Answer on Sexual Harassment
Bloomberg Booed
After Answer on
Sexual Harassment

Bloomberg Booed After Answer on Sexual Harassment

Warren urged him to release women from nondisclosure agreements

(Newser) - Elizabeth Warren and other Democratic rivals have been pummeling Michael Bloomberg throughout the Democratic debate in Las Vegas—and she got the audience to boo the former New York City mayor on one issue. After Bloomberg—asked about the alleged culture of sexual harassment in his company—said he had...

Bloomberg a Major Target in Las Vegas Debate
Bloomberg a Major Target
in Las Vegas Debate

Bloomberg a Major Target in Las Vegas Debate

Sanders, Warren slam former mayor's record

(Newser) - Michael Bloomberg was on a Democratic presidential debate stage for the first time Wednesday night and he became a major target in the Las Vegas debate from the opening minutes onward—more so than frontrunner Bernie Sanders. Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar, Joe Biden, and Pete Buttigieg also took part in...

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