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His Fiancee Died. Things Got Ugly With a Wedding Vendor
Company to Fiance After Fatal
Crash: Hope You 'Cry All Day'
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Company to Fiance After Fatal Crash: Hope You 'Cry All Day'

Videography company denies refund after bride-to-be is killed before wedding day

(Newser) - Few company-customer disputes reach this level of personal. As the Denver Channel reports, the controversy revolves around the death of a bride-to-be, the videography company that was hired to film her wedding, and the company's refusal to issue a refund in the wake of her death. In February, Alexis...

Big Asian Trend: Fake Europe Wedding Photos

Asian couples flock to cities like Paris to take pictures months before their weddings

(Newser) - They are a familiar sight at famous spots in Paris, and sometimes on random street corners—brides and grooms locked in an embrace, though their weddings might be months away. Posing for fake wedding pictures has become big business in Paris and other picturesque European cities, Forbes reports. While trendy...

2 Stories
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