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Report: Ex-Google CEO Just Bought a Passport to EU

Recode: Eric Schmidt has applied, been approved for citizenship in Cyprus in 'passport for sale' scheme

(Newser) - Buried within the pages of a publication in Cyprus last month, a tiny notice appeared written in the Greek alphabet, except for one name written in English: "Eric Emerson Schmidt," of Atherton, Calif. That notice in Alithia was an announcement of an application and approval for Cypriot citizenship,...

Eric Schmidt: Internet Could Split in 2 by 2028

He says there could be a 'real danger' of censorship under new regime

(Newser) - Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt suspects there will be two separate Internets a decade from now—and you're not going to be able to Google "Tiananmen Square massacre" on one of them. Schmidt, who led Google from 2001 to 2011, told the audience at an event in San...

Soon, Less 'Adult Supervision' at Google's Parent Company

Eric Schmidt is stepping down

(Newser) - Eric Schmidt, the man who turned Google into a juggernaut during his decade as CEO, is stepping down as executive chairman of Alphabet, its parent company. The company announced Thursday that the 62-year-old will be leaving the role, but will stay on as technical adviser and will continue to serve...

Google Exec Interrupts Woman During Gender Panel

Eric Schmidt's behavior questioned by fellow Google employee

(Newser) - The kind of headline you probably don't want written about you after participating in a panel where the topic was often gender diversity: "Google chairman gets called out for cutting off a woman while talking about diversity." And that, from Mashable, was kind. The Verge was a...

Google's Schmidt: NSA Spying 'Outrageous'

Agency head refutes reports

(Newser) - Google's executive chairman is weighing in on reports that the NSA hacked reams of data from his company and Yahoo: "It's really outrageous that the National Security Agency was looking between the Google data centers, if that's true," Eric Schmidt tells the Wall Street Journal...

Richardson: I Tried to Help American Stuck in N. Korea

He returns from trip with Google CEO Eric Schmidt

(Newser) - Bill Richardson and Eric Schmidt have returned from North Korea without much to brag about, Reuters reports. Richardson was unable to meet with imprisoned Korean-American Kenneth Bae , but did give authorities a letter from Bae's son. "They said they would provide that to him," said the former...

Google Honcho Prods N. Korea for Missile Ban, Open Web

Humanitarian trip with Richardson draws fire

(Newser) - Google exec Eric Schmidt and former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson are two days into their controversial visit to North Korea, and the AP has details on what they're up to: They're pressing Kim Jong Un and Co. for broader online access and more cell phones in what...

Google Chief Heads to North Korea

Pair begin controversial 4-day visit

(Newser) - Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt and former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson headed out today on their controversial four-day private visit to North Korea, Reuters reports. US officials have strongly criticized the visit—the first for Schmidt but at least the sixth for Richardson—because it comes as the UN...

Richardson to State Dept: I Can Handle North Korea

He says Eric Schmidt isn't going for a 'Google trip'

(Newser) - Bill Richardson today shed some light on the purpose of the North Korea trip he's taking with Google honcho Eric Schmidt—and brushed aside the State Department's objections to it. "It's a private humanitarian visit," he told CBS This Morning . "We're not representing...

Google Honcho Schmidt to Visit North Korea

Trip materializes days after Kim Jong Un calls to modernize country

(Newser) - One of the titans of the World Wide Web is headed to one of the few places on Earth where the Internet isn't so world-wide: Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google, will be joining former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson on a humanitarian mission to North Korea, as early...

Mexico Can Fight Crime by ... Crowdsourcing
Mexico Can Fight
Crime by ... Crowdsourcing
Google Guys

Mexico Can Fight Crime by ... Crowdsourcing

Google executives argue for a more tech-savvy approach to drug war

(Newser) - When Google co-founder Eric Schmidt and Google Ideas director Jared Cohen visited Juarez, Mexico, recently, they couldn't believe how bad things were. Machine-gun-toting police were everywhere, but citizens felt hopelessly overcome with fear. "They asked us: What can we do? And to us at least part of the...

Yes, It's Real: New Company Will Mine Asteroids

It will scour near-earth sites for precious metals

(Newser) - It's official, earthlings: The world's first asteroid-mining company has launched. Planetary Resources had its official coming out party today, the AP reports, with its co-founders laying out their plan to mine outer space for precious metal. The company, which is backed by such big-name investors as James Cameron...

James Cameron's Next Trick: Mining Asteroids?

He, Google execs back new space venture

(Newser) - After hanging out in the deepest depths of the oceans , how does a Hollywood super-director top himself? By space mining, of course. James Cameron has teamed up with two Google billionaires, several ex-NASA officials, and some other ambitious investors to form Planetary Resources Inc., a space exploration company that seems...

Why Eric Schmidt Is Really Selling $1.5B Shares
Why Eric Schmidt Is Really Selling $1.5B Shares
google rumors

Why Eric Schmidt Is Really Selling $1.5B Shares

Google chairman raising money for divorce settlement: source

(Newser) - Eric Schmidt plans to sell 2.4 million of his Google shares—$1.5 billion worth—over the next year, recent filings show, and the Google chairman claims it's because he wants to diversify his investments and raise money. But rumors are flying that Schmidt is actually raising the...

Calif. Billionaires Fight for $10B Tax Hike

Think Long Committee has the bucks to get measure on ballot, passed

(Newser) - A group of California billionaires is joining political insiders to put a $10 billion tax hike measure on the state ballot. Members of the Think Long Committee include billionaire Google chairman Eric Schmidt and philanthropist Eli Broad, as well as former governors Gray Davis and Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Condoleezza Rice....

Inside Google X Lab: Office Robots, Space Elevators

'Google X' lab envisions future of technology

(Newser) - To Google is to search, but in the future it could mean much more. Google operates a secret lab in the Bay Area devoted to projects far beyond the cutting-edge: ideas like robots that go to the office for you and dinner plates that communicate with your social network, the...

Google Bosses Not Using Google+
Google Bosses
Not Using Google+

Google Bosses Not Using Google+

Only 2 of top 18 Googlers are active users of service

(Newser) - The top layer of management at Google doesn't seem to have warmed to to Google+, blogs Michael Degusta at the understatement . Out of the company's top 18 execs, only two can be considered active users of the social networking service, he finds. Five others are minimal users, including...

Google Faces FTC Antitrust Investigation

Tech giant to receive subpoenas this week

(Newser) - The Federal Trade Commission will send Google subpoenas this week as it begins an antitrust probe into the search king. Officials are investigating whether the firm has taken unfair advantage of its leading position in the tech landscape. It’s the weightiest US investigation the company has thus faced: While...

Eric Schmidt: Google Really 'Screwed Up' on Social Media

At All Things Digital conference, he talks about missing out on social media

(Newser) - Eric Schmidt didn’t mince words at the D9: All Things Digital conference yesterday, admitting that Google “screwed up” at times during its early social media efforts. Missing out on “the friend thing” and true social functionality was one of his biggest failures, Schmidt admitted during his keynote...

Google: Facial Recognition Too Creepy for Us

Turns out there is a privacy bridge Eric Schmidt won't cross

(Newser) - Google may know a lot about you, but it doesn’t want to know what you look like. At Google’s “Big Tent” conference, executive chairman Eric Schmidt called the rapid-fire growth of surprisingly accurate facial recognition technology “very concerning,” and indicated that making a face database...

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