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Pink Floyd's Feting of Iconic Album Sparks Controversy

New logo for 50th anniversary of 'Dark Side of the Moon' irks some fans suddenly mad about rainbows

(Newser) - Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" turns 50 this year, and just as iconic as the album itself, which spent a jaw-dropping 18-plus years on the Billboard charts, is the cover art designed by British graphic designers Storm Thorgerson and Aubrey Powell. Widely considered one of the...

On Queen's Final Day, a Well-Timed Rainbow

It was, in fact, a double-rainbow spotted at Buckingham Palace, elsewhere

(Newser) - Those who gathered in London on Thursday as news spread of the queen's failing health received a poignant site: a double-rainbow, reports Newsweek . Andy Lines of the Daily Mirror tweeted this image from near Buckingham Palace, while NBC News takes note of this one from Victoria Jones of Getty...

Saudi Arabia Cracks Down on Rainbows

Authorities seize toys, children's clothes

(Newser) - While other countries celebrate Pride Month, Saudi Arabia has launched a crackdown on rainbows. The state-run al- Ekhbariya news channel reported this week that authorities in Riyadh had raided stores and confiscated rainbow-colored toys and children's clothing. The items "contradict the Islamic faith and public morals and promote...

There Are Reasons Hawaii Is the Best Place for Rainbows

Atmospheric scientist counts the right mix of factors beyond light and water

(Newser) - "Can you imagine a rainbow that lasts seven hours?" asked Steven Businger, an atmospheric scientist at the University of Hawaii. "It's really fun." He makes the case that Hawaii is the best place to chase rainbows, Science Friday reports, because of its mix of clean air,...

Putin Ally: Rainbow Ice Cream Is Gay Propaganda

Head of Russia's Union of Women implies harmful effect on children

(Newser) - A newspaper has jokingly suggested that rainbows be banned in Russia after President Vladimir Putin heard complaints about one featured on ice cream packaging. Yekaterina Lakhova, a former MP and the current head of Russia's Union of Women, likened the image to gay propaganda during a Friday video conference...

Found in China: Dino With a 'Rainbow Glimmer'
Found in China: Dino
With a 'Rainbow Glimmer'

Found in China: Dino With a 'Rainbow Glimmer'

Jurassic Period's 'Caihong juji' had shimmering feathers like those found on hummingbirds

(Newser) - Scientists are now saying there may have been "a more colorful Jurassic World than we previously imagined," thanks to the recent discovery of a fossil in China's Hebei province. Reuters reports that a closer look at the "exquisitely preserved," almost completely intact fossil of a...

White Rainbows Frequent Only 2 Places in the World

Zambia and Kentucky boast monthly displays

(Newser) - Waterfalls are among the most reliable places to catch a rainbow, but only two on the planet offer up a regular display of its close cousin, the moonbow: Cumberland Falls in Kentucky and Victoria Falls on the Zambia-Zimbabwe border. Also called a white rainbow, a moonbow appears when moonlight (which...

Rainbows Are Way More Complicated Than We Thought

Some don't even have all the colors of the rainbow

(Newser) - How long have you spent thinking about rainbows—like really thinking about them? National Geographic reports atmospheric scientists Jean Ricard has spent enough time thinking about rainbows to develop a new rainbow classification system, which he presented Friday at an American Geophysical Union meeting. According to the presentation , Ricard created...

Did the Grateful Dead Conjure Up a Rainbow?

Some suspect moving sight at farewell gig was man-made

(Newser) - Even without Jerry Garcia, the Grateful Dead's power to put on an amazing show isn't in doubt—but the group's ability to conjure up rainbows is being hotly debated. As the band played "Viola Lee Blues" on Saturday to end the first of two sets, a...

Catholic School Bans Rainbows at Anti-Homophobia Event
 Catholic School Bans Rainbows 

Catholic School Bans Rainbows

...at an anti-homophobia event

(Newser) - One Canadian Catholic school went a step further than banning the word gay : It banned rainbows at a recent anti-homophobia event. “We brought signs and posters with rainbows, and we were told that we can’t put them up,” the founder of St. Joseph Catholic Secondary School’s...

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