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They Tracked Giant Goldfish for Years to Learn How to Kill Them
Massive Goldfish Wreaking
Havoc in the Great Lakes

Massive Goldfish Wreaking Havoc in the Great Lakes

Researchers propose culling invasive fish numbering in the millions

(Newser) - Communities have for years urged pet owners to stop dumping their goldfish . But the problem of the invasive fish has only ballooned along with their bodies—at least in the Great Lakes. "There are literally millions of goldfish in the Great Lakes, if not tens of millions," Nicholas...

The Queen of Goldfish Is Caught
The Queen
of Goldfish
Is Caught

The Queen of Goldfish Is Caught

Andy Hackett brings 67-pound Carrot to the surface in France

(Newser) - If you were wowed by headlines about a 9-pound goldfish caught in South Carolina, you'll be stunned by what's come out of a lake in France. Andy Hackett was on a fishing trip with friends when he pulled up a massive goldfish weighing 67 pounds, or as much...

We May Have Underestimated Goldfish
We May Have

new study

We May Have Underestimated Goldfish

Study finds they have good memory

(Newser) - Ani DiFranco once sang about how goldfish have no memory and thus the "little plastic castle" in their bowl is a surprise to them every time they see it. She may have given goldfish a bad rap. A new study out of Oxford University suggests that goldfish actually have...

Study Shows Goldfish Might Know More Than You Think
Study Shows Goldfish Might
Know More Than You Think
new study

Study Shows Goldfish Might Know More Than You Think

They 'have the cognitive ability to learn a complex task' in an unfamiliar environment

(Newser) - It's Dr. Seuss meets science: Israeli researchers have taught six goldfish how to "drive," or, more specifically, direct their tanks-on-wheels in a deliberate manner. In a study published in Behavioural Brain Research , scientists at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev write that "navigation is a critical ability...

Frighteningly Large Goldfish Turning Up in Minn. Lakes

Minnesota officials are begging the public to stop dumping pet fish, saying they muck up the waters

(Newser) - Officials in Minnesota say they're finding more giant goldfish in waterways, prompting a plea to citizens to stop illegally dumping their unwanted fish into ponds and lakes. The goldfish, which can grow to the size of a football, compete with native species for food and increase algae in lakes....

Parks Workers Find Monster Goldfish in Lake
They Were Checking Up
on the Fish. Then, a Shocker
in case you missed it

They Were Checking Up on the Fish. Then, a Shocker

Ever seen a 9-pound goldfish?

(Newser) - Parks and recreation officials were checking the water quality of a small lake in South Carolina when a surprise guest proved just how healthy the environment was. From the depths of Oak Grove Lake in Greenville County came a massive goldfish stretching some 15 inches long. That's just a...

Scientists Discover the Fishy Secret to Surviving Frozen H2O

When oxygen is scarce, a unique process kicks in for goldfish

(Newser) - While it’s a myth that a stiff drink makes you warmer in cold weather, a new study found that alcohol is the very reason some fish survive frozen conditions. Per the BBC , goldfish and crucian carp developed the ability to survive months in icy lakes and ponds using the...

1-Star Review for Overfed Betta Fish Nets $1M Lawsuit

Never fear, Gordy recovered; common sense, not so much

(Newser) - In what amounts to much ado about a Betta fish, Ars Technica picks up the case of a Texas couple who went on vacation last year, and did what many traveling pet owners do: They hired a pet-sitting service, a simple act that has now resulted in "numerous death...

1M Goldfish Have a New Fish Bowl to Call Home

At least until they get eaten...

(Newser) - More than 1 million goldfish now have a giant fishbowl to call home in a Phoenix suburb, the AP reports. Tempe officials dumped roughly 1.2 million goldfish and minnows into Tempe Town Lake on Friday. They say the fish will serve as a natural insect control for midge flies'...

Canadians Told to Stop Flushing Their Goldfish

They're breeding quickly in the wild, and getting big

(Newser) - It sounds like a tabloid concoction: goldfish the size of dinner plates! But Canadian media outlets such as the National Post are trumpeting headlines of that variety—and they happen to be true. Biologists in Alberta are asking people to stop flushing their cute little goldfish, because they're apparently...

Lake's Goldfish Invasion Comes to Unexpected End

No need to drain or zap Colorado lake thanks to hungry birds

(Newser) - Biologists worried about a goldfish infestation at a Colorado lake discovered a bunch of well-fed pelicans where the problem used to be. Colorado Parks and Wildlife personnel went to Boulder's 12-acre Teller Lake No. 5 this week for a fish survey and found just four live goldfish and a...

Colorado Lake Overrun With Thousands of Pet Goldfish
Colorado Lake Overrun With Thousands of Pet Goldfish
in case you missed it

Colorado Lake Overrun With Thousands of Pet Goldfish

Well, the first few were pets; now they're invasive

(Newser) - Keeping a few goldfish alive in a bowl can seem tough enough. Boulder is facing a very different problem. A press release put out by Colorado Parks and Wildlife explains that goldfish have multiplied into the thousands in the 12-acre Teller Lake #5. ABC News reports that they may now...

Florida Woman Allegedly Bleached Goldfish to Death

Angela Garcia allegedly poured bleach into tank after argument

(Newser) - A Florida woman was arrested and charged with felony animal cruelty over the weekend after allegedly pouring bleach into her boyfriend's fish tank, killing five of his pet goldfish. The police report is based largely on what De'Andre Johnson said went down: He's the son of the...

Owner Spends $750 on Surgeries for 2 Goldfish

Star and Nemo are reunited and recovering in their tank in Scotland

(Newser) - With another doctor administering anesthetic and a nurse on hand to keep an eye on heart rates, the attending surgeon in a hospital in Scotland recently pulled off two complicated operations in the same day. The team's patients: a pair of pet goldfish who both had cancer, LiveScience reports....

$465 Surgery Saves Constipated Goldfish

Worried owner shells out big bucks

(Newser) - Strange adventures in pet ownership: A UK man noticed that his beloved goldfish was constipated, brought him to the vet, learned that it would cost roughly $465 for surgery, left the vet because it would be crazy to pay that kind of money for a goldfish, returned guiltily 10 minutes...

10-Year-Old Goldfish Undergoes Brain Surgery

'Fiddly' procedure gives fish new lease on life

(Newser) - In the hands of a less skilled surgeon, the patient could have ended up being flushed: After a 45-minute operation that a veterinarian in Melbourne, Australia, describes as "fiddly," a life-threatening brain tumor was removed from a goldfish named George last week, the BBC reports. On its Facebook...

Monster Goldfish Invade Lake Tahoe

Invasive species could damage the ecosystem

(Newser) - Planning a vacay to Lake Tahoe? You may well encounter goldfish that are 1.5 feet long and weigh more than 4 pounds, Scientific American reports. Researchers trolling for invasive species encountered the massive goldfish and say pet owners may have dumped them. That act of good will, however, could...

San Francisco Considers Ban on Goldfish Sales

They're bred inhumanely, says official

(Newser) - Proposals to ban cat and dog sales are nothing new in San Francisco, but now animal control officials recommend ending the sale of goldfish, tropical fish, and guppies. Such fish are generally bred inhumanely, a member of the city's animal welfare panel tells the San Francisco Chronicle . “Most...

PETA Fumes Over Goldfish Racing

Bar patrons squirt fish along canals

(Newser) - A Seattle bar has ended its weekly goldfish races after PETA unleashed its fury—but other hangouts “are saying screw you to the PETA folks,” says the bar owner halting the practice. What, you ask, is a goldfish race? It means plopping fish into plastic tubes of water,...

Shot to Brain Could Calm Fears
 Shot to Brain Could Calm Fears 

Shot to Brain Could Calm Fears

At least it does in goldfish in Japanese study

(Newser) - A study on goldfish has yielded hope for a temporary fix for humans paralyzed by fear, Japanese scientists say. They injected anesthetic directly into the fishes’ brains—which are similar to many mammals’—and thus switched off its fear center. The news could mean temporary calm for those afraid...

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