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Screenshots Live Forever, as Santos Is Now Finding Out unearths old social media posts, comments, including one that jokes about Hitler

(Newser) - George Santos has identified as a "Latino Jew," "clearly Catholic," and, famously, "Jew-ish," but whatever he actually is wouldn't excuse what the Anti-Defamation League is calling "deeply offensive" social media remarks he apparently made that have recently been unearthed. Former friends and...

Climate Misinformation Soars on Musk's Twitter
Climate Misinformation
Soars on Musk's Twitter

Climate Misinformation Soars on Musk's Twitter

Tweets containing terms linked to climate change denial rose 300% last year

(Newser) - Search for the word "climate" on Twitter and the first automatic recommendation isn't "climate crisis" or "climate jobs" or even "climate change" but instead "climate scam." Clicking on the recommendation yields dozens of posts denying the reality of climate change and making misleading...

Prepare to be 'Triggered' by Donald Trump Jr.

Former president's son inks 7-figure deal to host podcast on Rumble video platform, per Axios

(Newser) - Donald Trump Jr. has been posting video content for nearly two years on Rumble, an online platform he says offers a "level playing field" for conservatives. Now he's apparently made his relationship with the portal more official: Axios reports Trump Jr. has signed a seven-figure contract with Rumble...

Twitter Rival Is Growing Fast
Twitter Rival Is Growing Fast

Twitter Rival Is Growing Fast

Mastodon says number of active users went from 300K to 2.5M month-on-month

(Newser) - While Twitter is in no danger of being trampled by Mastodon any time soon, the rival social media platform has been growing at an explosive pace since Elon Musk took charge of Twitter. According to a blog post Tuesday from Mastodon founder Eugen Rochko, the number of monthly active users...

Dorsey: Twitter Mistakes Were 'My Fault Alone'

He condemns attacks on former colleagues, says files should have been released 'Wikileaks-style'

(Newser) - Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey is pushing back—relatively gently—against some of the decisions Elon Musk has made at Twitter, while acknowledging he made mistakes of his own. In a blog post , Dorsey, who stepped down as CEO just over a year ago, set out the principles he now believes...

TikTok Gets Smacked Down by Multiple States

Maryland, South Dakota, South Carolina cite cybersecurity risks in ban on government devices

(Newser) - Maryland is banning the use of TikTok and certain China- and Russia-based platforms in the state's executive branch of government, Gov. Larry Hogan said Tuesday, citing an unacceptable cybersecurity risk to the state. The Republican governor announced an emergency cybersecurity directive to prohibit the use of the platforms, saying...

Oversight Board Slams Meta's Unequal Treatment of VIPs

'Cross-check grants certain users greater protection than others'

(Newser) - An oversight board has found that Facebook and Instagram's VIP program creates an unequal environment where celebrities, politicians, and business partners receive preferential treatment. As NPR reports, "in some cases, their posts are exempted from Meta's rules entirely." Meta ordered a review of its "cross-check"...

Report: Blackout Challenge Is Killing a Kid Per Month

Bloomberg looks at how TikTok's growth goals conflict with moderation needs

(Newser) - Lawsuits linking TikTok to children's deaths only point to a problem that continues to risk lives behind the headlines, according to Bloomberg , which finds the "blackout challenge" has been linked to the deaths of at least 20 children aged 14 and younger within the last 18 months. Fifteen...

Aniston: I Tried 'Everything' to Have a Baby
Aniston: I Tried
'Everything' to
Have a Baby

Aniston: I Tried 'Everything' to Have a Baby

The years of speculation were 'really hard,' but they helped her 'become who I was meant to be'

(Newser) - In 2016, Jennifer Aniston penned an op-ed describing the daily harassment she faced as journalists obsessed over whether or not she was pregnant. Mostly, she wrote about "the perpetuation of this notion that women are somehow incomplete, unsuccessful, or unhappy if they're not married with children." What...

She's Studying US Via Five Bogus Accounts on Social Media

BBC reporter launches controversial experiment

(Newser) - Larry, a 71-year-old retired insurance broker and Donald Trump fan from Alabama, wouldn't be likely to run into the liberal Emma, a 25-year-old graphic designer from New York City, on social media—even if they were both real. Each is a figment of BBC reporter Marianna Spring's imagination....

Trump Sounds Happy About Musk's Twitter Takeover

Former president praises 'sane hands,' but doesn't say whether he would return if allowed

(Newser) - Twitter is now officially in the hands of Elon Musk , who has said former President Trump's ban from the "left-biased" platform over his comments praising Jan. 6 rioters was a "mistake." The big question now is whether Trump will return to Twitter, where he counted nearly...

Father Attacks Meta After Girl's Death

Molly Russell, 14, was shown harmful content she didn't seek

(Newser) - After an inquest found Friday that material on social media contributed to a London 14-year-old's death while self-harming, her father accused Meta of sending Molly Russell down a "demented trail of life-sucking content" for profit. The coroner said the sites' algorithms delivered harmful content to the teenager that...

Twitter Bows to Long-Sought Request: an Edit Button

But it will only be available to subscribers upon wider launch

(Newser) - It's a major move for Twitter: The platform is finally caving to long-standing pleas from users and adding an edit button. As the New York Times snarks, it "has only been about 15 years, nine months, and 22 days since they started asking for that ability." Most...

Jonah Hill Won't Be Out Promoting His New Film

'Superbad' actor is latest star to step back from social media for his mental health

(Newser) - Tom Holland isn't the only celebrity of late to ditch social media he finds "overwhelming." Superbad and Wolf of Wall Street actor Jonah Hill deleted his Instagram last week, around the same time he announced he's been suffering from anxiety attacks for almost two decades and...

Actor Taking Break From 'Overwhelming' Social Media

Tom Holland of 'Spider-Man' fame says he needs the hiatus for his mental health

(Newser) - Even superheroes get anxious from social media. Just ask Spider-Man star Tom Holland, who announced over the weekend that he's been taking a break from social media to protect his mental health. Elle notes that the 26-year-old UK actor has deleted his Instagram in the past, but this time...

Tommy Lee's IG Posts Have Everyone Doing a Double Take

Motley Crue drummer's full-frontal pic fires up debate over why it was able to stay on platform for so long

(Newser) - If you missed Tommy Lee's full-frontal display on social media earlier this week, no worries—he's now sharing a painting of the photo instead. Meanwhile, some are wondering why Lee's original nude pic was able to stay up online for as long as it did in the...

Youth-Led Movement Says It's Time for Teens to Log Off

Advocates also want lawmakers to help protect users' well-being

(Newser) - Emma Lembke joined Instagram when she was 12. Before long, she was spending six hours a day "mindlessly scrolling" and "absorbing all these unrealistic body images," she told the New York Times in a recent interview. Eating disorders and other problems soon followed, but she couldn’t...

Silent Comedian Is Now TikTok's Biggest Star

Former factory worker Khaby Lame is now TikTok's Biggest Star

(Newser) - A century after Charlie Chaplin's heyday, another man with a gift for silent comedy has become a worldwide star. Khaby Lame, who began making videos when he was laid off from his factory job in Italy early in the pandemic, is now the most-followed person on the most downloaded...

Australian to America: You Need to Be Muted
Australian to America:
You Need to Be Muted
in case you missed it

Australian to America: You Need to Be Muted

Patrick Marlborough unloads in Gawker

(Newser) - Unhappy with the current state of discourse on social media? You're probably not as fed up as Australian Patrick Marlborough, who unloads on American tweeters (and America in general) in a profane and epic rant at Gawker . He recounts how the story of a guy who abruptly quit his...

It's the 2nd Time Britney Spears Has Done This

Star's Instagram account has vanished again amid renewed drama with her father

(Newser) - On Friday, reports emerged that Britney Spears' father wants her to defend under oath the accusations she's been hurling at him on social media, with a request to a judge that Spears give a deposition. Now it appears the 40-year-old pop star may have vanished some of those posts,...

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