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Millions Watch Film Alleging Lukashenko Leads Luxe Life

Lukashenko Goldmine has notched more than 3M views since Monday

(Newser) - The man referred to as "Europe's last dictator" is also now the star of a film—though he's likely not too pleased about it. Lukashenko Goldmine is an 83-minute film by Poland-based opposition news service NEXTA that was dropped onto YouTube on Monday and has now been...

For Filming Protest, They Get 2 Years in Prison

2 journalists jailed in Belarus

(Newser) - Two journalists in Belarus were convicted Thursday of violating public order and sentenced to two years in prison after they covered a protest against authoritarian President Alexander Lukashenko , per the AP . Katsiaryna Bakhvalava, 27, and Daria Chultsova, 23, both of the Polish-funded Belsat TV channel, were arrested in November after...

Belarus Leader Sworn In During Secret Ceremony

Opposition calls it a 'thieves' meeting'

(Newser) - Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko's inauguration ceremony Wednesday was more like a surprise party than the usual grand occasion—and his countrymen were the ones getting the surprise. After more than a month of massive protests over August's disputed election, Lukashenko was sworn in for a sixth term Wednesday...

Belarus Opposition Leader Rips Up Passport at Border

Authorities attempted to expel Maria Kolesnikova

(Newser) - Belarus opposition activist Maria Kolesnikova resisted an attempt to throw her out of the country Tuesday—a day after witnesses saw masked men force her into a vehicle in the capital, Minsk. Kolesnikova, a member of the opposition Coordination Council, was taken to the Ukraine border along with two other...

Regime Cracks Down Hard on Belarus Student Protests

Authorities are 'really scared of strikes starting in universities'

(Newser) - Authorities in Belarus detained scores of university students who took to the streets Tuesday to demand that authoritarian President Alexander Lukashenko resign after an election the opposition has denounced as rigged . Hundreds of students gathered outside universities across the Belarusian capital, Minsk, and then marched across the city center to...

Putin to Belarus Ruler: Oh, and Happy Birthday

Lukashenko chats with Putin while 100K demonstrate

(Newser) - Tens of thousands of demonstrators gathered Sunday in the capital of Belarus, beginning the fourth week of daily protests demanding the resignation of the country's authoritarian president on his birthday. The protest at the "hero city" monument honoring Minsk's suffering and resilience in World War II drew...

100K Protesters Demand Belarus' Ruler Resign

Demonstrators say Lukashenko didn't fairly win reelection this month

(Newser) - More than 100,000 protesters demanding the resignation of Belarus' authoritarian president rallied Sunday in a vast square in the capital, keeping up the massive outburst of dissent that has shaken the country since a disputed presidential election two weeks ago, the AP reports. Sunday's demonstration overflowed Minsk's...

'Until You Kill Me, There Will Be No Other Election'

Belarus leader Alexander Lukashenko heckled at tractor plant

(Newser) - Alexander Lukashenko might have Vladimir Putin on his side —but he has lost the support of workers at the Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant. The embattled president of Belarus was heckled and booed as he spoke to workers at the plant Monday, Sky News reports. Lukashenko, who is facing mass...

Belarus Prez: A Powerful Neighbor Is Ready to Help Us

Alexander Lukashenko is facing the biggest anti-government movement since he took power

(Newser) - Vladimir Putin has agreed to provide protest-engulfed Belarus with security assistance to counter protests if the country requests it, the president of Belarus declared Saturday after more people took to the streets demanding that he resign, the AP reports. President Alexander Lukashenko made the comment on Saturday evening, several hours...

Cops Use Live Fire on Belarus Protesters

Almost 7K detained in brutal crackdown

(Newser) - As protests over Sunday's disputed presidential election continue to sweep Belarus, police have admitted using live fire on protesters. Police say officers used firearms Tuesday night to protect themselves from a "group of aggressive citizens with metal rods in their hands," the BBC reports. At least one...

Opposition Candidate Flees Belarus: I Had No Choice

'Many will hate me, but God forbid you will ever have to face the choice that I had to face'

(Newser) - The opposition candidate in Belarus' disputed presidential election is no longer in the country, and a rep claims she was forced out. Svetlana Tikhanovskaya appeared Tuesday in a short video saying she'd opted to reunite with her children, who moved abroad after receiving threats during the campaign. "I...

&#39;Europe&#39;s Last Dictator&#39; Is Making Ominous Threats
'Europe's Last Dictator'
Is Making Ominous Threats
the rundown

'Europe's Last Dictator' Is Making Ominous Threats

Alexander Lukashenko threatens to quash protests after he wins disputed election

(Newser) - He is known as "Europe's last dictator," and in that sense the results of the presidential election in Belarus shouldn't be too much of a shock. Alexander Lukashenko, in power since 1994, cruised to victory with 80% of the vote. The problem? Lukashenko controls the vote...

Nation's President Mocks Virus 'Psychosis,' Soccer Goes On

Belarus' Premier League is carrying on as if there's no pandemic, and it's gaining fans

(Newser) - It's the "last league standing," per the Guardian , and that's no exaggeration. Like pro sports throughout much of the globe, professional soccer is virtually canceled across the EU due to the coronavirus —except for the Belarusian Premier League, which has bucked what other neighboring countries...

Europe's 'Last Dictator' Has 'Mini Me' in Young Son

Critics think Lukashenko of Belarus grooming 11-year-old for power

(Newser) - The man critics call "Europe's last dictator" has his own "Mini-Me," and the people of Belarus suspect he's being groomed for power. Nikolai, the 11-year-old son of Alexander Lukashenko, often appears alongside his father in military uniform and accompanies the leader around the world to...

World's 4 Worst, Least-Known Dictators

Meet 'Europe's last dictator' and the guy with 15 wives

(Newser) - Kim Jong Un is a terrible , murderous despot , but he's not the only Dr. Evil on the block. Ozy runs through some of the equally ruthless dictators who you've likely never heard of:
  • Alexander Lukashenko: The Belarusian president Condi Rice once called "Europe's last dictator" just

'Last Dictator' to Litterbugs: I'll Take Your Car

Belarus' Alexander Lukashenko makes a move on pollution

(Newser) - Europe's "last dictator" is no fan of litter. Throw your leftover trash on the streets of Belarus and President Alexander Lukashenko might just take your car. The country's state-run news agency BelTA reports Lukashenko, who has ruled Belarus since 1994, is warning litterers they could face tough...

Belarus Border Guard Gets 2 Years in Teddy Bear Stunt

Fallout from Swedish stunt continues

(Newser) - Fallout from the Belarus-Sweden teddy bear war continues, more than seven months later: Now a border guard has been sentenced to two years in prison over the stunt, the Los Angeles Times reports. A Swedish plane dropped the invading stuffed toys , complete with messages urging freedom and free speech, into...

Putin Hurt in Judo Fight: Belarus President

Russian prez twisted spine after 'throwing guy'

(Newser) - Maybe it wasn't the bird flight after all. The latest intel on Vladimir Putin's health is that he was injured in a judo match. Of course, it's not that he lost; rather, "he lifted a guy, threw him, and twisted his spine," says Belarus president...

Belarus-Sweden Teddy Bear War Gets Nastier

Belarus closes its embassy in Stockholm, arrests 2

(Newser) - The great Belarus-Sweden teddy bear war continues to escalate, with Belarus booting Sweden's ambassador from the country and closing its own embassy in Stockholm, reports the BBC . Since a Swedish PR firm parachuted 879 teddy bears bearing pro-democracy slogans on July 4, Belarus' longtime President Alexander Lukashenko has reacted...

Officials Fired Over Teddy Bears That Fell From Sky

Belarus' Alexander Lukashenko is none too pleased

(Newser) - Some Belarus bigwigs are now out of a job, thanks to a bunch of teddy bears. President Alexander Lukashenko gave his country's air force and border guard service honchos the boot yesterday, naming them as the ones responsible for failing to stop a Swedish plane that dropped 879 teddy...

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