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We Are All the Albatross: Face-Plant Video Goes Viral

Crash landing by bird in New Zealand is pretty relatable

(Newser) - We've all experienced that feeling of a grand entrance ruined, our plans to glide gracefully into a crowded room marred by a trip over a shoelace or bump into a fellow partygoer. Now an albatross in New Zealand knows exactly how we feel. CNN reports on a viral video...

Oldest Known Wild Bird Offers Reason to Celebrate

Wisdom the albatross welcomes a chick at 70

(Newser) - She's a mom again at 70. Wisdom the Laysan albatross, considered the oldest known wild bird , has welcomed a new chick at the Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge in the Pacific Ocean near Hawaii, where more than a million albatross nest each year, per the Guardian . The chick that...

World's Oldest Known Wild Bird Will Make All Other Moms Genuflect

Baby No. 37 is on its way for Wisdom the albatross, 68

(Newser) - Dear tired moms of the world: Meet Wisdom, whose dozens of young ones are about to gain another sibling. The Guardian notes that while it may indeed seem "preposterous" for a 68-year-old human to still be having kids, it's apparently different for some birds, including this Laysan albatross...

World's Oldest Seabird Has New Baby at 66

Liberty is the world's oldest breeding bird in the wild

(Newser) - The world's oldest known seabird has a new chick. The US Fish and Wildlife Service said Thursday Wisdom's offspring hatched at Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge last week. The Laysan albatross is at least 66 years old and is the world's oldest breeding bird in the wild,...

The World's Oldest Known Seabird Is Expecting—Again

Wisdom is 60-something years old and has dozens of offspring

(Newser) - The world's oldest known seabird is expecting—again. Biologists spotted the Laysan albatross called Wisdom at Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge earlier this month after she returned to the island to nest, the AP reports. She was incubating an egg at the same nest she uses each year with...

World's Oldest Bird a New Mom
 World's Oldest Bird a New Mom 

World's Oldest Bird a New Mom

Wisdom, at least 63, has had 7 chicks in 7 years

(Newser) - Wisdom the Laysan albatross is "at least" 63 years old, experts say, making her the oldest known wild bird on the planet. And, amazingly, she's still hatching chicks. Last week, a worker at the Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge—Wisdom's home in the north Pacific—saw the...

62-Year-Old Albatross Has Chick

Scientists amazed by 'Wisdom'

(Newser) - Is 62 too old to be a mom? Not for Wisdom, the oldest known living wild bird in the world, whose latest healthy chick hatched Sunday. The Laysan albatross, who lives in the Pacific Ocean's Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge and was tagged by scientists in 1956, is already...

Third of Hawaii Albatross Colony Is 'Lesbian'

Female couples incubate eggs, raise chicks

(Newser) - The good news is that mates in a famous Hawaiian albatross colony are faithful for life. The more interesting news is that one third of those couples are female only. "They were supposed to be icons of monogamy. But I wouldn't assume that what you're looking at is a...

'Lesbian' Albatrosses Raising Baby

Father is out of the picture, but baby is doing fine

(Newser) - Two female partners recruited a sperm donor and are now successfully raising a baby together—but no, they're not witnesses in the recent Prop 8 trial—they're not even human. The ladies are a pair of royal albatrosses living in a New Zealand breeding colony, and a head ranger calls...

Gay Animals Key to Species' Survival: Study

'Same-sex behavior' seen all over animal kingdom

(Newser) - Homosexual behavior is almost everywhere among animals—penguins, dolphins, even fruit flies. And same-sex bonds may be a key adaptation that helps species survive, the Daily Telegraph reports. One-third of a Hawaiian albatross population is raised by two moms because there are so few males, researchers observed. That adaptation has...

'Extinct' Bird Flies Again
'Extinct' Bird Flies Again

'Extinct' Bird Flies Again

Beck's petrel hadn't been seen since 1920s

(Newser) - The Beck’s petrel, a bird last seen in the 1920s and long thought extinct, appears to be very much alive, the AP reports. Spurred by unconfirmed sightings in Australia two years ago, an Israeli ornithologist set out for a group of islands off Papua New Guinea and brought back...

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