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Italy to Give All 18-Year-Olds Money to Spend on Art, Books

'Beauty is more tenacious than barbarism'

(Newser) - Italy thinks "cultural consumption" is important, and it's putting its money where its mouth is, to the tune of $330 million. The country is moving forward with its pledge to give every kid turning 18 this year in Italy €500 (roughly $560) to spend on "cultural...

90-Year-Old Who Ruined Crossword Art Wants Copyright

Hannelore K. claims copyright to new version

(Newser) - A 90-year-old German woman says she didn't damage an $89,000 piece of art in the form of a crossword puzzle when she scribbled in a few answers —she actually increased its value. A lawyer for the retired dentist, identified only as Hannelore K., says she simply completed...

Louvre Spending $67M to Keep You From Getting Lost

President plans to make museum more accessible to everyone

(Newser) - Ever waited in a two-and-a-half-hour line at the world's most-visited museum? Its own president has, when he tried visiting the Louvre as a tourist, the New York Times reports. Now, Jean-Luc Martinez is working to make the museum more visitor-friendly—and tougher to get lost in. He's reorganizing...

How the Nazi-Art Hoarder's Secret Will Came to Be

A government official's suggested idea came to life as a 'snub' on Germany

(Newser) - How did Cornelius Gurlitt, who vowed never to let his paintings go willingly, end up cutting a deal with Germany that will see pieces of his Nazi-era art stash returned to their rightful owners? As the Wall Street Journal reveals, it's a story "filled with legal maneuvering, delicate...

Nazi-Art Hoarder Leaves $1.3B in Paintings to 'Sole Heir'

Cornelius Gurlitt wanted museum to sort out ownership

(Newser) - A Nazi-era art hoarder who died yesterday has left his entire $1.3 billion collection to the Bern Art Museum—which now has the unenviable task of deciding who owns which paintings, the BBC reports. Cornelius Gurlitt, the son of Adolf Hitler's art dealer, had no close relatives and...

Museums Unfairly Sitting on Art Nazis Stole: Experts

Claimants grapple with legal gimmicks: reports

(Newser) - Nazi looting left many Jews bereft of art they once owned, and heirs are still coming forward to collect what they say is rightfully theirs. Under a 1998 agreement, US museums in possession of the art are supposed to consider each claim on its merits. Instead, however, many institutions are...

NYC's Metropolitan Accused of Duping Museumgoers

Suit alleges Met is scheming to defraud public via admission fee

(Newser) - Before visitors to the Metropolitan Museum of Art can stroll past the Picassos, they must first deal with the ticket line and the posted $25 adult admission. That amount is merely the suggested donation—the word "recommended" is posted in smaller type just beneath it—but people, especially foreign...

FBI Thinks It Cracked 23-Year-Old Art Heist Mystery

Agents believe they know IDs of thieves behind $500M crime

(Newser) - The FBI believes it knows the identities of the thieves who stole art valued at up to $500 million from Boston's Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum more than two decades ago. Richard DesLauriers, the FBI's special agent in charge in Boston, says the thieves belong to a criminal organization...

Alleged Rothko Vandal Pleads Not Guilty

Lawyer says he welcomes trial to talk about art

(Newser) - The 26-year-old Polish man accused of vandalizing a Rothko painting probably worth millions pleaded not guilty to criminal damage today. Wlodzimierz Umaniec allegedly stepped over a wire at the Tate Modern in London on Sunday to tag the "Black on Maroon" painting with the cryptic message: "VLADIMIR UMANETS...

Forget the Auction: Flea-Market Renoir Is Stolen Goods

Washington Post reporter cracks the mystery

(Newser) - After a woman unknowingly bought an apparent Renoir original at a flea market, the painting was set to rake in big money at auction. Unfortunately for the buyer, it turns out the painting may already have a rightful owner; the question is who. Either way, the auction has been canceled....

Houston Vandal Defaces Picasso

Man paints image of bull on 1929 painting

(Newser) - Police in Houston are searching for a vandal who spray-painted a Picasso painting. The man was captured on camera using a stencil to paint an image of a bull and the word "Conquista" on the Spanish master's 1929 "Woman in a Red Armchair," reports the Houston ...

Museum Keeps Burning Art to Protest Italy Budget Cuts

'This is war,' says Antonio Manfredi

(Newser) - It's an incendiary protest. More than a month after an Italian museum director first burned art to protest budget cuts, Antonio Manfredi is still regularly incinerating works at his Casoria Contemporary Art Museum. "This is war for the arts," Manfredi explains. "We want the institutions in...

Rare Chinese Artifacts Stolen in Museum Heist

18 items swiped in $30M Cambridge raid

(Newser) - A gang who broke into a Cambridge University museum after hours made off with some small but incredibly valuable Chinese artifacts. The 18 items stolen, most of them made of jade, were worth close to $30 million in total, the Daily Mail reports. The items, including a 16th-century carved buffalo,...

Confused Cleaner Scrubs 'Stain' Off $1.1M Sculpture

Kippenberger work damaged beyond repair: museum

(Newser) - She thought she was just doing her job; instead, she was forever altering a $1.1 million artwork. A cleaner in a German museum spotted what she thought was an unintended stain on a sculpture and decided to wash it off. The piece by the late Martin Kippenberger, “When...

Wal-Mart Family Donates $800M to Art Museum

Biggest-ever cash donation to art museum in US

(Newser) - Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton’s family will give a record $800 million to his daughter’s new art museum, marking the biggest-ever cash donation to an art museum in the US. It’s a gift that reflects the family's high hopes for Alice Walton’s 201,000-square-foot Crystal Bridges...

To Flee Mob, Italian Museum Seeks Asylum in Germany

Mafia threats spark plea for museum and staff

(Newser) - The director of a Naples museum is urging Germany to grant asylum to the museum and its staff seeking to flee the mob. Antonio Manfredi says the contemporary art museum has been plagued by vandalism and threats from the local Mafia. The museum has put on exhibitions dealing with social...

Italians Battle Over David
 Italians Battle Over David 
in case you missed it

Italians Battle Over David

State lawyers prepare to take Florence to court

(Newser) - Italy and the city of Florence are tussling over who owns Michelangelo's David, the Telegraph reports. Each year, 1.5 million visitors pay more than $12 million to see the 17-foot marble statue, which stands in Florence's Accademia gallery. Lawyers for the Italian Ministry of Culture say that because the...

The 20th Century's Biggest Art Heists

Even the Mona Lisa was lifted once

(Newser) - Yesterday’s massive theft from the Paris Museum of Modern Art is already being called the “heist of the century,” although we have a few years yet to see how it holds up. The Independent looked over the 20th century and compiled a list of 10 major art...

Ansel Adams' Family Sues Museum Over Prints

Fresno Met trying to sell prints to pay off debt

(Newser) - Ansel Adams’ family is suing the bankrupt Fresno Metropolitan Museum over its attempts to auction off six prints the photographer donated before he died. The museum closed in January and is now furiously trying to sell off artwork to pay off its estimated $4 million in debt. But Adams' relatives...

9 Other Pricey Art Mishaps

 9 Other 
 Pricey Art 
poor picasso

9 Other Pricey Art Mishaps

Pablo Picasso's 'The Actor' is hardly the first expensive accident

(Newser) - The art student who tripped and tore a hole in a Picasso painting is probably fairly embarrassed—but will, perhaps, feel better knowing others can sympathize. The Independent lists nine other art catastrophes, some accidental and some not:
  • Cy Twombly: A woman kissed one of his paintings, leaving it smeared

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