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They Heard 'Buzzing' in Wall. Out Came 6K Bees

Omaha couple chose to safely relocate the pollinators

(Newser) - Thomas and Marylu Gouttierre knew they had a problem when they put their ears to the walls of their home and heard buzzing. It wasn't the kind to come from a furnace on the fritz, but rather the buzz of thousands of bees. About 6,000 bees were recently...

Millions of Bees Die After Flight to Alaska Rerouted

Atlanta-area beekeepers rushed to rescue survivors

(Newser) - For human passengers, having a Delta Air Lines flight rerouted through the airline's Atlanta hub might be annoying. For millions of bees that were being sent from California to Alaska, it was fatal. Sarah McElrae, who runs a business that supplies Alaskan beekeepers and pollination services, tells the New ...

Why Beehives Are Being Stolen in California Right Now

People are turning to technology to protect their hives

(Newser) - For a few frenzied weeks, beekeepers from around the United States truck billions of honeybees to California to rent them to almond growers who need the insects to pollinate the state's most valuable crop. But as almond trees start to bloom, blanketing entire valleys in white and pink flowers,...

Dozens of Penguins Stung to Death by Bees

63 endangered African penguins were found Friday on a South African beach

(Newser) - More than five dozen African penguins have met a sad end in South Africa, in what bird conservationists say is a most uncommon incident. AFP reports that 63 of the endangered birds were found dead Friday on Boulders Beach in Simon's Town, a suburb of Cape Town, and their...

He Mowed Too Close to Killer Bees: 'He Was Just Covered'

Thomas Hicks dies in rare fatal bee attack in West Texas

(Newser) - A West Texas woman says she lost the "love of my life" Monday in an attack by angry bees. Thomas Hicks, 70, suffered cardiac arrest after he was repeatedly stung while mowing his yard in Breckenridge, about 100 miles west of Fort Worth. His widow, Zoni, says she made...

He Got in His Car After Grocery Shopping. Then, 'Holy Cow'

Man had 15,000 bees waiting for him in his vehicle in an Albertsons parking lot in Las Cruces, NM

(Newser) - Ever get behind the wheel and feel the creepy sensation that someone or something unwelcome is in the car with you? That's what happened to a man in Las Cruces, NM, over the weekend after a short trip to the grocery store, but to his horror, there wasn't...

The Hunt for Murder Hornets Is Getting Desperate

Washington state officials want to destroy them before the 'slaughter phase' begins

(Newser) - Shhh, be very quiet—they're hunting murder hornets. And the media is following. Outlets from CNN to the Seattle Times are reporting on Washington state officials as they track Asian giant hornets in a race against time. The goal: destroy them before the dreaded "slaughter phase" begins. The...

A Tree Fell Through Her Roof. That Wasn't the Worst of It

Pinned to the bed, Rosetta Kimbrough was stung at least 15 times

(Newser) - Rescuers in Alabama say Rosetta Kimbrough is lucky to be alive—though the Mobile resident probably wasn't feeling particularly lucky last Wednesday when Hurricane Sally sent a tree through her roof—a tree that was home to a nest of bees. Kimbrough found herself pinned to the bed as...

Bees Meet Dogs, With Deadly Result
Bees Meet Dogs,
With Deadly Result

Bees Meet Dogs, With Deadly Result

3 dogs attacked by swarm die in Arizona

(Newser) - The sting bested the bite as three dogs were killed by a swarm of bees in Arizona on Wednesday. Just before 3pm local time, the Tucson Fire Department announced an "aggressive" swarm had targeted the dogs, one of which died as crews used a foam to kill the bees....

Most People's 'Worst Nightmare' Has Landed in America

It's called the 'murder hornet,' and here's why

(Newser) - So-called "murder hornets"—with their spiked mandibles and venomous stingers—are not visitors you want to have around. And yet, they're here. The New York Times reports that two Asian giant hornets have been spotted in northwest Washington State and a full hive across the border in...

Thousands of Bees Swarm Downtown Street

5 are sent to a hospital in Pasadena, Calif.

(Newser) - Nothing like the sight of up to 40,000 bees headed your way—and that's exactly what people experienced Thursday afternoon in Pasadena, Calif. Officials say the swarm emerged from an area between the roof and the eaves of a Howard Johnson hotel and shocked pedestrians near Pasadena City...

Someone in Texas Killed Half a Million Bees

20 hives found burned, drowned near Alvin

(Newser) - Without bees, "we would see almost nothing in the grocery store." That's according to Steve Brackmann of Texas' Brazoria County Beekeepers Association. He has been frustrated by the dwindling of bee populations as a result of insecticides and herbicides—which made the intentional destruction of at least...

Notre Dame Bees Are Survivors
Notre Dame Bees Are Survivors

Notre Dame Bees Are Survivors

Beekeeper rejoices at activity around the hives

(Newser) - There was comfort to take in the horrific Notre Dame fire. No one was killed, and precious artworks survived. Now it turns out that thousands of small occupants did, as well: bees whose home is on the cathedral's roof. They've since been spotted buzzing in and out of...

She Thought It Was Dirt in Her Eyes. It Was Bees

Woman had been gardening when the bees flew in, got trapped

(Newser) - Warning, this story may turn you off of gardening forever. A Taiwanese woman was weeding around relatives' graves when a gust of wind blew what she thought was dirt into her eyes. Hours later, with her eyes still swollen and in pain, the 28-year-old went to a hospital, where doctors...

He Tried to Yank Out a Hive. The Bees Became 'Agitated'

51-year-old Arizona man dead after insects attack him in yard

(Newser) - The wife of Epigmenio Gonzalez was stung, as were several first responders and police officers, after the 51-year-old Arizona man tried to yank a beehive out from behind a couch in his Yuma yard. But Gonzalez ended up "covered with bees"—and it proved fatal, ABC News reports....

Scientists Make 'Critical' Find on Honeybees, Herbicide

Glyphosate, used in Monsanto's Roundup, may kill off insects' essential gut bacteria

(Newser) - Animals don't seem to be harmed by the world's most widely used weedkiller, but bees apparently don't fall under that protective umbrella. "This is really critical," one entomologist tells Science of a new study showing the digestive system of honeybees (and possibly other bees as...

20K Bees Swarm Times Square Hot Dog Stand

NYPD beekeepers respond

(Newser) - Some 20,000 bees swarmed a hot dog cart near Times Square in New York on Tuesday afternoon, the Guardian reports. But the real news may be that the NYPD has its own beekeeping team. And, per the New York Times , it gets a fair amount of action, with one...

Hiker Lost in Wilderness Survived by Eating Bees

He was found after 6 days on Mount St. Helens

(Newser) - Matthew Matheny went for what was supposed to be a brief hike on Mount St. Helens on Thursday last week—and was airlifted to a Vancouver, Wash., hospital Wednesday when search and rescue teams finally found him. The 40-year-old Warren, Ohio, resident, who was in the state visiting friends, had...

Woman Stung by Bees So Badly Firefighters Ignored Protocol

Victim is expected to survive

(Newser) - "Her face was completely covered with bees." So said a captain with the Orange County Fire Authority of a woman who was stung more than 200 times on Monday. Cpt. Tony Bommarito tells NBC Southern California she was essentially covered head to toe. The scene in Lake Forest...

Babies May Not Get the Concept of 'Zero,' but Bees Do

Researchers amazed that honeybees can grasp the abstract construct of 'nothing'

(Newser) - Dolphins, monkeys, birds, and homo sapiens have a shared understanding of a quite difficult concept, and now honeybees are joining the party. Per a release , that concept is "zero," an abstract mathematical construct that scientists say stumps humans until at least preschool , but which they now note is...

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